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Yuan Ze University Promotes Online Enrollment with Social Media Ads

Yuan Ze university

With the help of a digital agency in Singapore, one of Taiwan’s private universities – Yuan Ze University – has successfully launched their social media campaign.

Social Media Ads – The conversion-driven tool

Due to lockdown measures amid COVID-19, annual education fairs, seminars, and exhibitions were unable to be held as with previous years. This has thrown Yuan Ze University into a state of uncertainty as their enrolment exercise for the new semester approaches.

With the increasing trend of people staying home during the pandemic, Yuan Ze had to adapt to this new normal by reaching out to their audience via digital platforms instead. Placing emphasis on social media, Yuan Ze hoped to raise awareness of their university and education programs and ultimately drive conversations by garnering online enrolment.

Tapping onto Facebook & Instagram ads enabled Yuan Ze to reach their target audience cost-effectively in a multi-market approach. With social media ads adapted to respective local languages, they were served to potential prospective students in Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand.

hk social media ads

Social ads targeting Hong Kong market

PH social media ads

Social ads targeting Thailand market

TH social media ads

Social ads targeting Thailand market

Social ads targeting Indonesia market

About Yuan Ze – A private university in Taiwan

Yuan Ze University is a private university founded by the Far Eastern Group in 1989. It is the first university to implement the 5-Year Dual Degree System and also the first Bilingual University (English & Chinese) in Taiwan.

Currently, Yuan Ze has five colleges including the Colleges of Engineering, Informatics, Management, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Electrical and Communications Engineering. There are over 8,000 students with a 2:1 ratio between undergraduate and graduate students on the campus. 

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