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Why Targeted Advertising Is Essential in Digital Marketing?

Digital Advertising

In Southeast Asia alone, there are 40 million new internet users in 2020, increasing the region’s userbase to 400 million from 360 million in 2019, according to Google’s e-Conomy SEA 2020 report.

And such a large and diverse pool of audience can be a challenging task for businesses that want to reach out to their desired target market.  

Advertising is everywhere online, but people have gotten pretty good at ignoring it. To win back their attention, a brand needs to adapt to the digital-viewing habits by remembering what audience buy online, then using this information to sell them what they like. 

This is where targeted advertising comes to help businesses get in front of the right audience.  

Why Targeted Advertising Is Essential In Digital Marketing?

Targeted ads are advertisements published and created specifically for a particular demographic, interest, preferences age, location, gender, or lifestyle, behavior, traits and more. 

Types of Targeted Advertising 

There are several types of targeted advertising. The following are a few common examples: 

1. Social media advertising

Many social media platforms will place ads in your feed or in between stories. They have access to a lot of demographic, and interesting information about their users that can help target different audiences. 

2. Behavioral advertising 

Many sites will use past purchasing decisions to advertise to their visitors. For example, Facebook offers retargeting ads to target visitors who abandoned their shopping carts on your online store. 

3. Search engine advertising 

Search engine ads, such as Google AdWords, target users based on their search engine queries to match the keywords they use with those used by their ads.

Benefits of Targeted Advertising

Know Your Right Audience Through Targeted Advertising

Knowing who you are marketing to could be more powerful than what you are actually promoting. In this article, we will tell you the importance of including targeted advertising in your marketing initiatives. 

1. Cost-Effective Way to Reach Ideal Audience Online

Targeted Advertising is Cost-Efficient

With targeted advertising, you can set your budget and determine the maximum amount that you’re willing to pay when someone sees your ad or takes an action. Another good thing about targeted ads is that people will see ads for products they actually want. 

This strategy enables you to prevent unnecessary expenditures that are often spent for reaching out to the wrong audience.  

To boost signups for BrainHack2021, Defence Science and Technology Agency of Singapore published ads on selected platforms where tech-savvy young adults who want to join in competitive cyber-related events frequent. 

If you need help in setting the right targeting to effectively reach your ideal audience, let us know.  

2. Increase Brand Awareness

video marketing

Furthermore, targeted ads will not only help you narrow down your primary audience but will likely direct you to markets with related interests. In effect, tapping new consumers, and basically expanding your brand’s presence.   

3. Improvement in Conversions and Click-Through Rates

Sell on Google Shopping with Shopify

When customers are shown products they seem personally relevant, they are more likely to click and learn more about them. 

Targeted ads campaign can also showcase your understanding through advertising solutions to the audience’s problems.

Audiences are far more likely to turn to your business if they feel your brand relates to their situations better than competitors.

This is why businesses leverage targeted ads due to their capability to focus on markets that have the highest potential to boost their click-through rates and conversion. 

Get Started with Your Targeted Advertising Campaign

IH Digital is an experienced agency in launching media campaign across various digital platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Grab, TikTok and more. We are a certified Google Partner with proven knowledge of Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads and Google Video Ads. 

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To support different advertising needs in the APAC market, we have set up a specialised media buying team that possesses a solid understanding and knowledge of digital media channels, publishing format, bidding strategy and more.  

Interested in launching targeting advertising for your campaign? Contact us now to get started. 

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