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Weibo Marketing: Select Target Audience by Using “Super Fans Channel”

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Weibo is the largest social media network in China, which makes its one of the best ways to increase brand awareness in the Chinese market by social media marketing. According to the Weibo’s first quarter results, it has 340 million active monthly users. By comparison, Twitter has around 328 million active monthly users. The advertising and marketing revenue of Weibo has increased 71% compare with last year. “Our relentless focus to build the best social media experience in China is reflected in Weibo’s strong performance,” Gaofei Wang, Weibo Chief Executive, said in a statement.

Selecting target audience is one of the advantages of social media advertising. Since 2012, Weibo launched “Fans Channel” (粉絲通), a powerful audience selection tool to target the people who are right for your business. Last year, it upgraded its functions and launched “Super Fans Channel” (超級粉絲通). It provided more data tagging options and delivery methods that meet advertisers’ diversified marketing needs more efficiently.

Here are the three social media marketing benefits to enjoy using “Super Fans Channel”:


Traditional social media platforms mainly use age, gender, location to select target audience. But “Super Fans Channel” provided more targeting options such as user status, topic participation, blog interaction, account relationship and interest data. Based on the insights of Weibo’s big data, “Super Fans Channel” helps advertisers to reach the audiences they want.


There are more than 600 million accounts with 120 million active daily users in Weibo. By using “Super Fans Channel”, you can increase exposure of blogs. Also, your account will be recommended to potential fans to increase the number of fans.


Weibo is the biggest network for social media marketing in China. You can reach more audiences through users’ like, comment and share to boost organic reach.

CASE STUDY: Siam Paragon, a shopping mall in Thailand, put their video in Weibo for social media advertising. With the use of “Super Fans Channel,” they particularly selected “Auto-play when users are connected to Wi-Fi service”,.When the video is viewed for more than 3 seconds, it counted as 1 engagement. This generated more than 3 million views and 2,000 shares for Siam Paragon.

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