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A website design company can provide hundreds of beautiful designs for website building. However, do you know how receptive your audience can be about those designs? Indeed, beauty is subjective but there is always a way to win the attention of your target market. You can definitely convince your viewers to stay, come back and recommend your website. As a website design company and digital marketing agency, IH Digital is passionate about letting your website reach the best. Thus, we are sharing the best tips that will help your website strategy improve not only in terms of appearance but also to foster engagement and user activity. These essential tips you will learn today so keep reading on.

The Big 5: Design and Content Tips to Attract Visitors

1. Plan the structure

To begin with, your website will only have a clean and organised appearnace if you decide first about the main pillars of your website and organise all content among them accordingly. As vital as the main categories, keep in mind to make the call-to-action options such as social media icon buttons, share and recommend buttons, etc. easily available to your visitors. A good website design company and SEO company will always start with this as this will ensure that your great website aesthetics don’t compensate your user activity priorities, and more importantly encourage them to share your content without being too pushy. And it certainly works!

2. Make it readable

With readability, we mean clear, easy to understand and user-friendly. Great content is a good strategy, but how to navigate through your website to get to your content should be seen clearly on your homepage through clear clickable links, well-readable fonts and good colour choice. Remember that readability is crucial as it will make or break the success of your website.

3. Less is more

You don’t want to confuse your website visitors with too much clickable links, unbalanced colours and texts on their screens. Try to cut your texts and balance colour preferences to avoid too much reading time and create a simple user interface and homepage, more so with the core content pages. Keep in mind that the most important aspect of a good website design is the presentation of your brand in a clean, simple, and organised manner. If you have too much information to categorise, we’re sure there is always a work around to keep them neatly organised on your website.

4. Content is king

Great website design comes with valuable content that is apparent on the surface of the website. First, because even if any content is simply the shortest tagline found on some not-so-important part of your website, it can still impress. Second, because graphics are powerful agents to visual appeal, which convinces your viewers about your brand’s capabilities, reliability and quality.

For images, visual sliders on your website are visually pleasing. It can keep your viewers interested just by looking at the featured images, giving them more ideas about your brand every few seconds as the image changes. For texts, on the other hand, are key factors in conversion. Text content is a significant part of your website’s discovery on the web. As a tip, plan your website SEO prior to building a website. You can get assistance from trusted SEO consultants to help your website be guided about the SEO guidelines without compensating your website content’s quality. Besides, SEO algorithms are now rehashed to cater to people searching for quality and relevant content.

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5. Reach out through mobile

The increasing number of mobile users is just one reason to make your website mobile-friendly. Imagine how much conversion your website can give you if people find it easy to transact, read and navigate through your website via mobile. Almost everyone are on mobile and a lot of them are using smartphones that are used to quickly search for queries on search engines anytime, anywhere. Compared to desktop, mobile phones are quick access. And where people access quickly, you need to grab that opportunity to be part of their quick search.

Make your website design responsive through mobile. It ensures that the website looks great on any device.

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