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360 Photo

UNIQLO Malaysia immerses their patrons into a different experience through their unique wall contest giveaway. The brand made use of the 360-degree photo feature of Facebook, allowing fans to explore and count gift boxes in their very own shop!

Stop Motion Videos

With its short and fast-loading cues, stop motion videos are effective in sustaining audiences’ attention and making a long lasting impression.

Take a step further and turn it into a wall contest. This does not merely give you higher viewership but also a higher reach if you encourage your fans to like and share the video to their friends.

Liese Malaysia incorporates this specific mechanic to boost their Chinese New Year OOTD stop motion video.

Comment & Win

Panasonic Asia puts a twist in the traditional “Comment and Win” contest type by incorporating an animated GIF to boost their social media marketing campaign. A compelling visual must be considered as top-priority to entice fans to join and increase page traffic.

Count & Win

Honda Malaysia utilised the “Count and Win” mechanism, whereby the fans have to take a close look at the animated GIF in order to participate in the contest. This mechanism works very well in sustaining the audience’s attention.

Pause, Screenshot & Comment

PUB Singapore released an animated GIF for its “Pause, screenshot & comment” Valentine’s Day contest.

The motion graphic consists of a series of static images with Water Wally wearing different outfits. The fans will have to stop the animation, take a screenshot and share it in order to win the contest. On top of acting as a visual, the animated GIF serves as an integral contest tool!

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