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Video Marketing: Get Attention With Event Videos


Do you have a launch coming up, a series of roadshows to tackle or a big on-ground campaign in the making? Don’t let event planning keep you from remembering that video marketing is one of the best ways to round up your digital marketing strategy.

In today’s digital age, video marketing has become all the more important as the battle for users’ attention is more competitive. In fact, the average attention span of a person today is less than 8 seconds.

An event video, which typically covers the proceedings and activities of an event, is a great way to build brand awareness. Besides this, event videos also help extend the reach and visibility of any event. This way, brands are able to bring in the experience to more people, even after the event is done.


At The Straits Times Run 2018 presented by Panasonic Singapore, the top brand for home appliances tapped digital marketing agency IH Digital to capture all the action from the event. The run also coincided with Panasonic’s 100th anniversary. The 2-minute, 30-second event video not only highlighted the run but Panasonic’s numerous booths, activities and more.


Meanwhile, Honda Malaysia leveraged the power of video marketing at the Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show ’18. The event video showcased their Immersive Sensory Room, which bannered the technology that they’re using. Interviews with attendees gave the event video a personal touch.


From award shows to conferences, you need the right digital marketing agency to help create a winning event video. Let IH Digital, a digital agency in Singapore, help you plan and execute your video production. With our experience in producing social and Facebook videos, we will expand your reach and increase your fan engagement on social media platforms. Get in touch with us today!