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UOL The Tre Ver Online Marketing with Grab Ads

UOL Tre Ver online marketing on Grab Ads | IH Digital Singapore

More brands are switching to social media and online marketing because a lot of their audience can be found online. There are so many opportunities on social media that sometimes brands don’t know how to break out and explore new online marketing trends. And so, they stick to the usual marketing placements.

We know your target market loves being on social media but it’s also a good idea to reach out to them when they are engaged in other activities such as when they are trying to book a ride. How? Grab Ads has a lot to offer when it comes to online advertising. Don’t believe it yet? Check out this native image advertisement by UOL’s The Tre Ver on Grab mobile app.

UOL Development Group and IH Digital Singapore worked together on creating a native image ad for one of UOL’s condominium development, The Tre Ver,  and published it on Grab app. Users can see this ad while booking a car ride. Each time a Tre Ver ad pops up, users can be directed to Tre Ver’s official website.

Grab Ads Online Marketing

Grab has been the leading app for booking rides and deliveries in Southeast Asia. According to DMR Business Statistics, the average number of daily rides on Grab hits 46 million and there are 36 million Grab users! For brands, this is an opportunity to target more audience outside the social media world. Mobile app users like this one can be your next loyal customers.

Like UOL, your brand can also make use of Grab Ads to drive traffic to your website or simply create awareness. Here are some ways on how you can do in-app ads on Grab.

Native Image & Video Ads

These are standalone images or videos that appear on the user’s home screen when using the app. These ads can direct users to a Grab service or a landing web page.

Rewarded Ads

This is in a form of video ads where users have to finish viewing the ad and will auto-receive a certain amount of points on their Rewards Wallet which they can use later on when booking service with Grab.

Sponsored Places

This ad features your storefront and other important details about your product and brand. This is perfect when you want users to book a ride to your store or event.

Transit Ads

This ad provides the user with promos and deals whenever they pick your store as a destination. Using Grab Ads will be helpful especially when you have a lot of Grab app users going to your store.

Grab Gifts

If you want your target audience to book a ride to your storefront, Grab Gifts is another way to entice them. You may also give incentives to your frequent store visitors with ride discounts.

Vehicle Icon Takeover

Another fun way to advertise with Grab is to design the booking screen with your brand’s logo or theme as the vehicle icon.  This can make your audience curious and helps you drive awareness.

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