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Understanding viral content



We have all seen a viral video and probably shared one too perhaps. What makes a viral video worth sharing and re-sharing? Is there a formula that guarantees success for viral contents? As a brand, how are your contents fairing? Here are some tips to make those contents share worthy:

  1. Most viral contents are unintentional. Most viral contents such as viral videos that we are familiar with are made impromptu. When shared, they are unintentional in gaining popularity and are usually surprised at how viral it became. The debate here – should content creators have a pre-determined mindset to create contents that’ll guarantee their content going viral? Is the time and effort spent worth it?
  2. Play on human emotions. Like most viral contents that stir up a wave of sharing frenzy, all share a common factor which is playing with human emotions. What can best attract someone to watch a video and then press ‘share’? Contents that touch on human emotions such as anger, happiness, sadness, surprise, humor, fear, guilt, desire and etc. generally prompt attachment from viewers to the content itself. Contents with elements of humor generally fair better in creating buzz.
  3. Contents need not be big budget. Contents that are produced with big budgets are risking it if their core intention for production is to aim for viral sharing. Only few ever succeeded and it’s really not that predictable.
  4. Viral contents are easily replaceable. Most viral contents, videos in particular do not last long. They are quickly replaced by another viral video soon enough. Even the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ had its phase.
  5. It must be relatable and simple. If the general public gets it, it’s simple enough to be understood by all and the chances of the content being shared and possibly going viral is higher.

In the world of digital marketing, brands are constantly trying to reach their target audience. In that sense, catering contents to meet the needs of target audience will put them ahead of the game in achieving top of mind awareness.

360 degree content marketing agency such as IH Digital Malaysia will be able to help brands connect with existing customers and reach out to potential customers by creating, distributing and amplify share worthy contents.