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Twitter Video Player to Launch in 2015


Twitter Video Player will be up soon

Fresh details have been released in relation to Twitter’s announcement of its plans to introduce a new Twitter Video Player service. Twitter users will soon be able to view videos through the microblogging site’s native video player. This will be launched in 2015 “as part of its bigger strategy to position itself as a media platform.”

Looking forward to tweetable videos?

Before the first half of 2015 ends, you can expect new things to come up on Twitter relating to its new video player service. According to TechCrunch, the new service will host videos as long as 10 minutes without limit on the file size. It will initially support mp4 and mov files. At the moment, it is said to have no ability to edit or schedule the videos within the player. And finally, since the Twitter Video Player will be a native service from Twitter, it will not be supporting videos from other channels such as YouTube.

“In order to provide the best experience for the user we require that all videos be uploaded and hosted by Twitter. The same video that was uploaded to YouTube can also be uploaded to Twitter, but you cannot reuse the YouTube URL with the Twitter video player,” said Twitter in a statement.

Curious about how this new Twitter plan will turn out? Although the page is restricted at the moment, here’s the URL to look forward to just to give you an idea:

Watch out for new digital marketing trends

As the anticipation about tweetable videos rise since the announcement, new digital marketing trends can be expected to surface on the social media. Twitter Video Player may be used by marketers to establish brand presence on Twitter through videos. Although the new service will be advertiser friendly, Twitter might not allow third parties to sell access to the Video Player, or to embed other advertisements, sponsorships, or promotions on it.”

This year, videos are seen to be a big thing in the online marketing industry. With different video player tools across the web such as Facebook and YouTube, we can expect more sophistication in different video channels online. While videos are increasingly becoming popular in different video playing portal, YouTube is not likely to be overthrown as a dominant player in the online video industry in 2015. Although, it is quite interesting to figure out how Facebook and other channels will step in to attempt to rise in the competition.