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IH Digital Helps Educational Institutions Ride on TikTok Marketing Trend

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TikTok Marketing OpportunityPlatform for Micro-Learning  

TikTok has been rapidly increasing in popularity in recent months. One of the great opportunities for TikTok Marketing is the target audience that the platform reaches. With users predominantly in the age group of 18  35 years oldTikTok has become a sweet spot for student recruitment. 

This video app has been  downloaded over 300 million times  in Southeast Asia (SEA), which is nearly half of the region’s 630 million population. In countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore, TikTok is among the top 5 app downloads making it an integral tool to target young audiences across the SEA region. 

The launch of #LearnOnTikTok has seen users increasingly turning to the platform to learn and the popularity of “micro-learning” taking off. Educational institutions saw the opportunity to create engaging organic content as well as invest in launching TikTok marketing campaigns to resonate with the young audience. 

Integrating TikTok in Education Marketing 

With the omnipresence of micro-learning, TikTok presents itself as an all-encompassing platform – the audio, transitions, editing tools – to create content that is truly fun and engaging, making it easy for people to enjoy learning.  

In helping educational institutions tap into TikTok’s edutainment content, IH Digital provides the following marketing solutions.

1. TikTok Influencer Marketing 

With its success built on user-generated entertainment videos, the move to incorporate professionally produced learning content marks a certain degree of difficulty. IH Digital takes this load off you as we will engage and manage 2 TikTok influencers to create edutainment videos for your brand biweekly. 

These bite-sized content can range from teaching viewers a life skill to informing them of little-known facts that will be on-going for 3 months leading up to the enrolment exercise. The videos are then amplified through TikTok In-Feed Ads.

TikTok Influencer Marketing

2. In-Feed Ads 

In-Feed Ads are the ads that appear in between user videos as the audience scrolls through the For You page. With this full-screen, auto-play, and sound-on format, your brand will fit right into the user experience, driving awareness and consideration more effectively.  

If the audience’s attention is not grabbed within the first couple of seconds, your ad will be glossed over as they continue scrolling through the feed. This reinforces the importance of engaging an easily recognizable influencer who has the ability to retain attention with their educational content.  

Perhaps the greatest advantage of all is the option to include a Call To Action button in your ad, where you will be able to drive traffic to your website within the TikTok app itself 

Ready to ride on the TikTok Edutainment Marketing Trend? 

Influencer marketing and In-Feed ads work together to deliver creative and inspiring bite-sized educational content right to your audience. When keeping your audience engaged, conversions will naturally follow.  

IH Digital is a B2B agency in Asia that provides 360° digital marketing services, including SEO, digital advertising, social media marketing, content marketing, and more. 

Interested in riding on the TikTok edutainment trend for student recruitment? Contact us today to schedule a quick chat with our marketing expert. 

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