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Thailand’s OneSiam Rolls Out Memory Lane with Weibo Campaign

Thailand’s OneSiam Rolls Out Memory Lane with Weibo Campaign | Digital 38

Thailand’s iconic mall, OneSiam, is taking us in a nostalgic and heartwarming trip down memory lane in its year-ender Weibo campaign.  

OneSiam capped off 2020 with the help of popular Chinese microblogging platform Weibo to promote its events, promos and updates for December to its Chinese visitors and fans.  

They launched ads on Weibo highlighting the mall’s festive mood for Christmas, and to announce their special guest of the season – Usagyuuun Rabbit. In addition, OneSiam leveraged Weibo ads in promoting a safe shopping and malling experience.


OneSiam’s Weibo campaign, in turn, enabled them to reinforce their brand presence in the ecosystem of Chinese social media as well as to continually, safely, and effectively connect and interact with their followers despite lockdowns and other mobility restrictions brought by COVID-19.  

Why Should I Pay Attention to China Digital Marketing? 

Sina Weibo is the full name of Weibo, one of the most famous Chinese social media platforms. Dubbed as China’s Twitter, Weibo functions as a microblogging platform. Its features and abilities have helped Chinese audiences not only in Mainland China but also in different parts of the world interact with each other. And in Thailand, Weibo is a growing trend

Studies showed that the rising prominence of Chinese pop culture in several Southeast Asian markets like Thailand have also paved the way for more and more Thai internet users exploring Chinese social media apps and platforms such as Weibo. No wonder some brands, like OneSiam, tapped on Weibo to open up more opportunities that could support their growth.  

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