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Kanebo Allie Microsite Showcases Its Bestselling Sunscreens


Kanebo Allie recently launched a microsite to showcase its sunscreen products in Singapore. Apart from the microsite, the beauty brand also ran social media ad campaigns to increase brand awareness.

kanebo allie sunscreen website singapore
Photo source; Kanebo Allie Singapore

The microsite serves as the brand’s product information source for its social media fans who want to know more about Allie. It displays clear details about Allie sunscreens, including product features and uses. Moreover, the website exhibits product shots, including textures.

And to guide the customers to Allie’s online flagship stores, a link to its Lazada and Shopee Mall stores were also placed on the website.

kanebo allie lazada and shopee mall stores
Photo source: Kanebo Allie Singapore

Kanebo Allie – a Japan sunscreen brand

Allie is an established popular sunscreen brand under Kanebo – a leading Japanese producer of high-quality skincare, makeup, and hair care cosmetics.

Its sunscreen products are available in 3 different variants, such as Tone Up Gel, Smooth Milk & Make-Up Base Gel, which are made up of skin-loving ingredients – hyaluronic acid and collagen.

These high-performance sunscreens come with Allie’s UV-barrier technology – ADVAN – to protect the deeper layer of skin from damage. Allie’s UV products can also hold onto the skin without sliding off due to its super sweat-proof, super water-proof, and friction-proof function.

What is a microsite and why do you need it for your brand?

A microsite is an individual sub-site pivoted on a single campaign. It is often built for a limited time, either as a stand-alone web page or a small group of web pages to suit your needs in accomplishing a specific campaign. They can be used to target specific audiences, build awareness efforts, and drive conversion with a specific call to action.

Here are the 3 key benefits you can get from a microsite:

1. Microsite helps to reach a specific audience

While most websites cater to a specific niche, as your business grows, you may decide that you want to explore your connections with other customers and potential clients. While changing your language or tone suddenly on your main website might confuse your audience, creating a separate, yet connected microsite campaign can help you to look for new opportunities in a safe environment.

With microsite marketing, you can see whether your brand or product appeals to a different vertical, without diluting the existing trust and authority you’ve built for your parent brand. If everything goes well, you may gradually introduce the new aspect of your brand to your parent site.

2. Microsite helps to introduce new products

It’s common for a brand to establish a new product or smaller brand underneath its umbrella. With microsite platforms, companies can build a new campaign for a unique product, targeting a specific market.

If the product campaign is a success, then it’s easy to direct people back to the main website with call-to-action links. Otherwise, if you find that your new product idea is way down, you can remove your entire microsite without making much of an impact on the home site. Brand microsites are an excellent way to experiment with new ideas.

3. Microsite provides a focused experience 

A new launch typically means a new, or a specific, market that needs to be targeted. With a microsite, you can focus all copy and design on one topic, provides them with the content they’re looking for without a lot of unrelated pages that they won’t enjoy. A clear, targeted presentation of a product or service is actually incredibly more valuable to customers who have specific interests.

By providing them only the information they need to move forward to a specific action, a microsite can help boost conversion rates without much distractions like website navigation.

Develop a microsite for your beauty brand for better user experience

If you are planning to launch a new product soon, IH Digital can help you stimulate your audience’s interest with a useful microsite. With this, you’ll be able to grow your brand awareness, as well as drive traffic to your online store with the right call to action.

IH Digital | Asia-Focused Digital Marketing Agency

IH Digital is an Asia-focused digital marketing agency providing Consultancy, Strategy, Content, Social Media, Media Buy, Web Development, SEM & SEO.

Interested to grow your awareness and sales with a microsite? Contact us today for a consultation soon.

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Sulwhasoo Case Study: A Quick Walkthrough of the Consumer Redemption Journey

A Quick Walkthrough of a Consumer Redemption Journey [Sulwhasoo Case Study]

Customers love product samples. By providing them with a chance to test your brand, you are increasing their confidence and loyalty to your brand. Furthermore, you can obtain quality customers through product sampling. Why? Customers will only spend time filling up your online form if they are fully interested to try your brand.

Moreover, it’s found to be one of the effective strategies to successfully launch a new product line.

While sampling programs sound promising, it can also be daunting without a good plan. Incorporating online and offline methods together is tough sometimes. And you will need more than just a website to fulfil the entire redemption process.

Thus, it’s important to thoroughly map out your consumer’s redemption journey from online registration to redemption. Take the case of Sulwhasoo Singapore as an example.

Screenshot of Sulwhasoo's microsite for the Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Serum launch

Sulwhasoo Singapore: Discover the Vitality of Ginseng

Back in 2018, the K-beauty brand successfully kicked off its new Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Serum through a series of pocket events.

Sulwhasoo indeed went all out with a mini facial treatment, beauty workshop, exclusive BeauTea Parlour experience, and a limited pre-order set discount. The skincare brand also managed to carry out a sampling campaign with a microsite and a simplified redemption process.

Sulwhasoo's microsite with clear call-to-action buttons
Sulwhasoo’s microsite with clear call-to-action buttons

A Campaign-Specific Microsite to Complement an Offline Activity

To kick off the campaign, a microsite was developed to provide details about the pocket events. It also contained online forms for the workshop, facial treatment, and pre-order registrations.

Workshop Registration

The microsite online form for Sulwhasoo's make-up workshop
The microsite online form for Sulwhasoo’s make-up workshop

Pre-order Form

The microsite pre-order form for the Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Serum
The microsite pre-order form for the Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Serum

Facial Treatment Registration

The microsite registration form for Sulwhasoo's mini facial treatment
The microsite registration form for Sulwhasoo’s mini facial treatment

A Streamlined Consumer Redemption Journey for Sampling Campaigns

Redemption processes don’t have to be complicated. For instance, Sulwhasoo adopted a simplified redemption system with only four steps:

  1. Online registration through the microsite
  2. Email or SMS confirmation with unique QR code
  3. In-store QR code verification
  4. Reward redemption
Consumer redemption journey illustration by IH Digital
Illustration on consumer’s redemption journey by IH Digital | Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com

Additionally, the beauty brand used a rewards app to administer in-store verification.

More Sulwhasoo Digital Marketing Case Studies

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Website Brief: A Must for Every Digital Marketing Agency

Know the factors that should be in a Website Brief | Digital Marketing Agency | IH Digital

Planning is important in any project. Creating your website without proper planning could lead to a waste of time, efforts and money; this is why having a Website Brief is necessary. This document contains the vital parts that you will incorporate to your website. In any digital marketing agency, a Website Brief is given to the client before any project is started. It serves as a guide for the creative and technical aspects of your website. At the same time, it will set clear parameters as to how you want your website to be built.

Overall, having a Website Brief eliminates the risks of having an unfinished website. Prepare the required information to properly fill out a Website Brief. What you put on it will reflect the total look and content of your website. Digital marketing is evolving, your website should too.

Know the factors that should be in a Website Brief | Digital Marketing Agency | IH Digital

Here are the factors you should expect from your digital marketing agency’s Website Brief:


 About the Business

This basically should answer the who, what, when, where, why and how about your business. Clearly lay out all the information about who your company is, what you do, what your vision and mission are, where you are located, why you exist, and when and how you started. This information will introduce us to your business. You can also include your company’s size, the unique selling points of your products and services, and your overall brand value.

Website Objectives

What is the purpose of your new website? Do you want to increase sales? Generate leads? Improve your online presence? Grow brand awareness? Or all of these? Tell us what your website is for and what your needs are so we can develop online marketing strategies suitable for your goals. Achieving the best results from your website can only be attained with clear objectives.

Target Market

Specifically define your target market. To make your ideal clients visit and interact on your website, they must feel that it’s specially designed to cater to their want and needs. Choose particular demographics to target – age, location, gender, and economic status. Don’t leave out the psychographics as well – personality, lifestyle, values, attitudes, and interests.

Competitors’ URL or Reference URL

Provide a list of your competitors’ website links so we can weigh the features and content that work and don’t. This will indicate how you would want or wouldn’t want your website to work. Checking other websites can also give you a preference for your website’s design, layout, colour scheme, images and other features that you didn’t know existed.

Navigation Structure

What will be the pages of your website? Will these pages contain sub-pages? You wouldn’t want to confuse your target users in an unorganized website. Outline this information so we have a clear structure on how your website will work. These pages should be arranged accordingly and aligned with your goals.

Website Features

Special features are unique to every business website. There are some features that won’t work for your website objectives and target market so properly assessing the features you need is fundamental. Newsletter subscription, blog page, visual events calendar, corporate video, interactive map and contact form are only a few of the vast choices of web features.


Detail the look and feel of your website. The layout, colour scheme, font choices, images, illustrations, graphics and overall styling will determine the look of your website. On the other hand, the movement and sound effects of how the assets on your website work will give your users the feel of your website. We at IH Digital will incorporate the right design and effects to your preferred website – may it be professional-looking, fun, cutting-edge or techy.

Other Requirements

Aside from the creative aspects and the special features, there are more factors that affect a well-functioning website. You might want to consider Content Marketing, SEO, Google Analytics, Social Media Integration, Security and Site Maintenance. All these are offered at IH Digital, as well as 12-Month Hosting, Domain Purchase and CMS Training. And should you have any additional requirements in my mind, we would gladly accommodate you.

IH Digital is a digital marketing agency in Singapore that assures you a Website Brief before any website design service. If you have questions regarding the overall process of creating a website, we are here to assist you. Contact our team of expert web developers today so you can get started on the right website for your business.

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Digital Marketing: Costa Asia Optimizes Website Design for Mobile

Costa Cruises Asia optimizes their website for mobile as part of their digital marketing approach to promote cruise trips in Asia.Source: Costa Asia

Before today, brands were more invested on how their website looks like rather than how it is experienced. Now, many have embraced the integration of website design and user engagement as a digital marketing strategy to take their consumers in a memorable virtual journey. And with over 1.13 billion people accessing social apps daily, it serves as a call for brands to drive their mobile visitors into their website.

What makes mobile optimization an effective strategy for digital marketing?

With the help of a trusted web design agency, Costa Asia, one of Asia’s premier travel cruise lines, embraced the need for mobile optimization by re-designing their website compatible to fit any device. With the newly revamped interface, the website now seamlessly adapts to any desktop browser and mobile device. This provides visitors smooth interaction and optimal engagement when searching for information about trips to different travel destinations that Costa Asia has to offer.

And with localized content available in English, simplified Chinese, and traditional Chinese, Costa Asia’s optimized website design offers diverse but quick and digestible information readily available for Asian visitors and globetrotters everywhere.

[metaslider id=3873]

The adoption of a responsive website design with localized content enables brands to engage and communicate with its consumers in a dynamic way. Developing these multiple language websites cater to different demographics and preferences, helping bridge your different markets. As a result, this digital marketing strategy greatly affects your messaging and marketing communications in its entirety. It enables your users to take part in your brand experience, creating an intimate dynamic that only the brand and its users can understand.

Is your website ready for mobile?

If you’d like to learn more about developing a mobile-friendly SEO website with localized content for your Asian market, IH Digital, a web design agency and digital agency in Singapore, offers a wide range of content marketing and other digital marketing services fit for your brand. Contact one of our representatives for more information about our services.

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Web Design Company Guide: The Cost of Building a Website

web-design-company-building-website-costCreating a successful website will need a web design company that will determine features, functions and design elements based on your brand needs.

Attaining to create a website that will generate result will entail some fair cost. In digital industry and content marketing, clients who want to have their own website designed and built will inquire about the needed cost. Indeed, there are factors that need to be incorporated to the mix to identify the cost of the website. A web design company determines this with a number of features, functions, visuals and design elements based on your objectives and brand needs.

Be sure to consider time and cost when getting a web design company to build a website for you.

Finalise your strategy

At the strategy phase, you learn about the company’s products and services. This is a crucial step to identify the main message where the website will be based on. The focus of the website design will shift on the brand’s competitive selling points online, on video marketing or on social marketing to draw in more customers as more viewers visit the website. Bear in mind that the response of the customers and the team must be collected to incorporate to the strategy. The website complexity will determine how long the strategy will be finalized.

Information blueprint

The structure of your website will be decided by the complexity of its content. Sitemaps and other blueprints are produced in order to help visualise the website’s structure. As defined by the website strategy, outlining the necessary details for marketing communications and ensuring SEO services is properly added will take several days to weeks.

Visual design

After the information blueprint has been agreed on, designing the website is up on the web building stage. In various digital websites and brand platforms, the design of an app or a page is key to engaging customers, especially on mobile platforms. Most users are on their mobile device, so fitting the visuals to a mobile-friendly website design will make visitors’ time easy and worthwhile. Put emphasis on what you want to be recognized at first glance and reposition them according to your plan. Designing websites usually takes longer and a web design company may arrange bigger cost at this stage.

Site Development

The technical team will now take over the development phase. A front-end coder, back-end coder, system administrator and quality assurance expert will monitor how your website will be built. Each of these roles has the same level of importance but also employs different skillset. Quality assurance and troubleshooting occurs at this stage to check every angle of the website for errors and areas to develop.

Project Management

Now, it is best not to put aside the time given for project management. A person will take over managing the creation of website and will coordinate the development of each factor. In order to make sure everything is going as smooth as planned, managing the whole team takes up a lot of time. Be sure to add it to your list when you consider getting a web design company to build a website for you.

IH Digital Singapore’s website development service will ensure a smooth creation of your site from start to finish. With our 6-step process from research, planning and design to development, testing and maintaining your CMS website, your website will be SEO-friendly, responsive and compatible across multiple platforms and devices. Contact us here to know more!

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Web Building Tips by Website Design Company IH Digital


website design company | SEO company | SEO services

A website design company can provide hundreds of beautiful designs for website building. However, do you know how receptive your audience can be about those designs? Indeed, beauty is subjective but there is always a way to win the attention of your target market. You can definitely convince your viewers to stay, come back and recommend your website. As a website design company and digital marketing agency, IH Digital is passionate about letting your website reach the best. Thus, we are sharing the best tips that will help your website strategy improve not only in terms of appearance but also to foster engagement and user activity. These essential tips you will learn today so keep reading on.

The Big 5: Design and Content Tips to Attract Visitors

1. Plan the structure

To begin with, your website will only have a clean and organised appearnace if you decide first about the main pillars of your website and organise all content among them accordingly. As vital as the main categories, keep in mind to make the call-to-action options such as social media icon buttons, share and recommend buttons, etc. easily available to your visitors. A good website design company and SEO company will always start with this as this will ensure that your great website aesthetics don’t compensate your user activity priorities, and more importantly encourage them to share your content without being too pushy. And it certainly works!

2. Make it readable

With readability, we mean clear, easy to understand and user-friendly. Great content is a good strategy, but how to navigate through your website to get to your content should be seen clearly on your homepage through clear clickable links, well-readable fonts and good colour choice. Remember that readability is crucial as it will make or break the success of your website.

3. Less is more

You don’t want to confuse your website visitors with too much clickable links, unbalanced colours and texts on their screens. Try to cut your texts and balance colour preferences to avoid too much reading time and create a simple user interface and homepage, more so with the core content pages. Keep in mind that the most important aspect of a good website design is the presentation of your brand in a clean, simple, and organised manner. If you have too much information to categorise, we’re sure there is always a work around to keep them neatly organised on your website.

4. Content is king

Great website design comes with valuable content that is apparent on the surface of the website. First, because even if any content is simply the shortest tagline found on some not-so-important part of your website, it can still impress. Second, because graphics are powerful agents to visual appeal, which convinces your viewers about your brand’s capabilities, reliability and quality.

For images, visual sliders on your website are visually pleasing. It can keep your viewers interested just by looking at the featured images, giving them more ideas about your brand every few seconds as the image changes. For texts, on the other hand, are key factors in conversion. Text content is a significant part of your website’s discovery on the web. As a tip, plan your website SEO prior to building a website. You can get assistance from trusted SEO consultants to help your website be guided about the SEO guidelines without compensating your website content’s quality. Besides, SEO algorithms are now rehashed to cater to people searching for quality and relevant content.

Read more: IH Digital SEO Services

5. Reach out through mobile

The increasing number of mobile users is just one reason to make your website mobile-friendly. Imagine how much conversion your website can give you if people find it easy to transact, read and navigate through your website via mobile. Almost everyone are on mobile and a lot of them are using smartphones that are used to quickly search for queries on search engines anytime, anywhere. Compared to desktop, mobile phones are quick access. And where people access quickly, you need to grab that opportunity to be part of their quick search.

Make your website design responsive through mobile. It ensures that the website looks great on any device.

IH Digital is a website design company and digital agency in Singapore. We provide website development expertise and SEO services to help brands reach the top in their industry. IH Digital is also an SEO company catering to brand marketers for ease of access to digital marketing opportunities through the development of a top-ranking website.

Visit our website to learn more information about our services