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UNIQLO Kicks Off First-Ever Multi-Market Brand Campaign #UTPlayYourWorld on TikTok

UNIQLO, TikTok Debuts 1st Multi-Market Brand Campaign

For the first time on TikTok, UNIQLO launched a first-of-its-kind multi-market brand campaign called #UTPlayYourWorld in 2019. Together with TikTok, the hashtag challenge aimed to engage as many users as possible by sharing creative and inspiring moments wearing their favourite UNIQLO UT collection outfit.

UNIQLO launched the #UTPlayYourWorld campaign on TikTok in 2019

The global apparel brand rolled out the in-app challenge on 25th June. By the time, it was available to TikTokers in the US, France, Japan and Taiwan until 11th July. Winners stood a chance to win the Grand Prix as a result, and have their videos played on UNIQLO stores worldwide as well.

Screen grab of the UNIQLO TikTok profile with #UTPlayYourWorld videos
Screengrab of the UNIQLO TikTok profile with #UTPlayYourWorld videos | Image source: TikTok

Eventually, the campaign reached 709.8 million views with popular TikTok users joining in. For instance, here are some known TikTokers in the US and Japan who took part in case you missed it last year.

Sebastian Bails (US) – 10.5 million followers

@sebastianbailsconfidence is key ❤️👌🏻 ##UTPlayYourWorld ##PR♬ #UTPlayYourWorld – UNIQLO UT

OurFire (Japan) – 5.7 million followers

@ourfirewe went to a whole new world 🥳🎡##UTPlayYourWorld ##PR ##ad♬ #UTPlayYourWorld – UNIQLO UT

TJ Black (US) – 4.5 million followers

@cloudtalkEveryone’s been doing clown season but how do we feel about robot mimes? 👀 ##UTPlayYourWorld ##ad♬ #UTPlayYourWorld – UNIQLO UT

Yua Tsuitsui (Japan) – 361.8k followers

@yuatyyy0118##UTPlayYourWorld ##pr ハルクTシャツでダンシング👾みんなもぜひUTダンスチャレンジしてみて!!! ##ゆあてぃー♬ #UTPlayYourWorld – UNIQLO UT

Tigh-Z Mona (Japan) – 34.6k followers

@tighz_mona@中野亜紀🤩✨ ##tigh_z ##ダンスボーカルグループ ##運営さんオススメへ連れてって ##ut♬ #UTPlayYourWorld – UNIQLO UT

Why UNIQLO chose TikTok for its UT Collection Campaign?

UNIQLO targeted the young generation of consumers particularly on TikTok for its appeal to their target audience. Coupled with TikTok’s features, it provided users with a chance to express their creativity. Thus, it enabled UNIQLO to build an authentic and diverse connection with a broad audience.

Screen grab of UNIQLO’s UT Collection webpage

Considering TikTok’s interactive and immersive content experience, the #UTPlayYouWorld campaign has also effectively demonstrated the UNIQLO UT Collection brand philosophy – “Wear Your World”.

Screen grab of UNIQLO’s UT Featured Collections
Screengrab of UNIQLO’s UT Featured Collections |Image source: UNIQLO SG website

Furthermore, UT is UNIQLO’s special collection of graphic t-shirts pop culture icons and influences. Characters like Hello Kitty, Super Mario, Disney Princesses and Villains, superheroes from Marvel, and the upcoming Pokemon collections are some of the prints featured in the UT Collection.

Screen grab of UNIQLO’s UT Collections

UNIQLO: Connecting with Today’s Generation through TikTok

“TikTok empowers everyone to be a creator directly from their smartphones and is committed to building a community by encouraging users to share their passion and creative expression through their videos. We see a huge opportunity for brands to connect with today’s generation and expand their reach by embracing the native, natural and creative form of content on TikTok. We are excited to support the #UTPlayYourWorld campaign and look forward to [continue] supporting the global creative community in the future,” said Masaki Nishida, VP and Head of Monetization for TikTok Japan, in a PR Newswire article.

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Social Media Marketing: Twinning and Uniqlo celebrates Hari Raya

hari raya

Hari Raya is a festival celebrated across the country, not only by its people, but also celebrated by brands and marketers in all industries. In this festive season, we witnessed how brands were involved actively in social media marketing. It is definitely a good period for brands to carry out their digital marketing campaign on social media if they intend to promote their brand and engage supporters.

Facebook engagement is one of the most effective forms of social media marketing. Be it setting up a Facebook contest, eye-catching GIF or an interactive production, it is all able to capture audience’s attention and bring forth the brand’s message easily.

Read below to learn how two brands celebrate this festive season with their supporters while promoting their business through Facebook engagement.


Twinings Malaysia

To embrace this season of Hari Raya, Twinings gave out 25 tea gift sets to 25 lucky participants. Twinings Malaysia engaged their supporters through a Facebook contest. With the help of an online marketing agency in Singapore, a hearty and refreshing GIF greeting was created for the season to attract more audience. All supporters who wish to participate would just have to simply comment what is their favorite tea and why they want to win it and they would stand a chance of winning. This way of social media marketing is able to excite supporters and reward them with their unwavering support.


UNIQLO Malaysia

UNIQLO Malaysia celebrates Hari Raya in an interesting and interactive way on social media. They posted a 360 Image on their Facebook. 360 Image is a type of photograph that allows users to view the scene from all angles: top, low, side and back angles. Raya packets were stuck around the walls in the image and supporters would have to rotate the image and count the number of Raya packets present. This interactive way of social media marketing adds value to the Facebook contest. Participants who answered correctly can walk away with UNIQLO vouchers and get their Raya outfit ready!


Social Media Marketing with IH Digital

If you are interested in creating new, refreshing and engaging digital campaign for your brand, IH Digital, a trusted online marketing agency in Singapore is able to help you out! Whether it is video production or social media marketing, IH Digital is able to cater to your business needs. Inquire with us today and find out more here!






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Content Marketing: Feature UNIQLO SPORTS in digital look book

Content Marketing: Digital Look Book promoting UNIQLO SPORTS CollectionUNIQLOSports Malaysia launched a digital look book webpage for their latest collection as a part of their content marketing and digital marketing strategy

UNIQLO Malaysia made an appealing move on their customers recently by launching an interactive digital look book in their content marketing campaign. The digital look book showcased UNIQLO SPORTS latest collection and has reached out to a mass crowd. The interactive look book is an extension of the current website and was created as a webpage by IH Digital Singapore, a digital marketing agency in Singapore.

A digital look book webpage allows UNIQLO SPORTS to engage their audience visually and to create a brand personality in this online marketing campaign. UNIQLO SPORTS was supported and modelled by Malaysia’s very own national sports players from different sports category. This type of content marketing integrates comfort with versatility. The look book offers a familiar and homely feeling showing that the products are suitable for all types of sports.

Interesting and interactive function and styling were added in the look book webpage to entice audiences; users could just simply purchase the products, by conveniently clicking on the sports product being modelled. User friendly, direct and convenient webpage are important and necessary in making digital marketing successful. This content marketing strategy creates a strong image association and product awareness to the audience.


Benefits of using Look Book Webpage in Content Marketing

Look Book is a digital document that features the product’s collection. It is an effective platform for brands to online market your product in a light hearted way.

1. Entice Audience

Look book is new form of content marketing; it is able to capture audience’s attention with its appealing visuals content. It engages your product with the audience without coming off too forceful. Visuals content enables audience to better understand the product.

2. Build Brand Personality

Look book is a good platform for your brand to tell your story and build your brand personality. It is able show the audience what your brand wants to represent and your brand style.

3. Cost effective and easily accessible

No printing cost is incurred for look books. All you have to do is to create a design and upload it on the internet. Also, you are able to change your content easily at any time. It can be access easily by audience through the internet at all time.


Are you still wondering how to integrate a look book webpage or plan for other kinds of website development in your content marketing strategy? Don’t hesitate and contact us here! IH Digital, a trusted digital marketing agency in Singapore, can help you out by catering to your digital needs!






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Digital Marketing: UNIQLO Malaysia uses GIFs for Wall Contests


Facebook wall contests are highly popular across social media platforms for digital marketing campaigns. It is an essential social media marketing strategy to send your brand message to your social media savvy audience, as well as to drive engagement and potential audiences to business pages. Most marketers often use this tool as an online marketing strategy to trigger brand loyalty by constantly rewarding fans for their unwavering support.

We all know that engagement videos are powerful enough to tell a story differently on social media. From the digital marketing perspective, the potency of engagement videos can usually grasp the attention of social media users rather than image or text alone. GIFs or Graphic Interchange Format are easy to consume for social media users within a spur of the moment. Besides, GIFs have the ability to stimulate emotional impact towards audiences in the imagery world that people wouldn’t have necessarily noticed in still images.

Therefore, the integration of wall contests and GIFs is certainly the best of both worlds to create a successful digital marketing campaign for business pages.

Uniqlo Malaysia recently utilised the ‘Comment and Win’ wall contest mechanism incorporating three GIFs to showcase their latest sports collection for the audience. They used their products to create a sports-related moving image for the fans as a styling guide. The contest encourages participants to find out the sports they are imitating in the GIF, the fans needed to provide their answers and tag three friends. The campaign was successful with its high engagement rate and social actions.

The contest GIF emulating sports in the gym garnered 9,869 social actions.

The contest GIF on the second week imitating football sports with Uniqlo’s sports collection gathered 9,412 social actions.

During the final week of the contest, the yoga GIF posting collected 10,395 social actions being the most participated contest post throughout the campaign.

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Online Marketing: A Digital Magazine to Promote Uniqlo’s Collection


Uniqlo Malaysia took an unprecedented move in its latest online marketing campaign by releasing an interactive digital magazine. By uploading this e-magazine as a Facebook App, Uniqlo Malaysia allows it to reach out to the masses on social media. This content marketing strategy was executed by IH Digital, an online marketing agency in Singapore.

The e-magazine enables fans to find out about the background of the designer, Hana Tajima as well as the inspiration behind her latest collection. With the motivation to integrate comfort and versatility, every garment has been designed with care to convey a refined and timeless feel. Photographs and tutorial videos are embed throughout the digital magazine, providing their Facebook fans with ideas on how they can match the different garments to create different styles and looks.

Using E-Magazines in your Online Marketing Strategy

This online marketing strategy is exceptional as Uniqlo Malaysia managed to share a lot about their products while sustaining the audience’s attention on a social media platform. On top of standing out among the crowd, there are several benefits that came along with this content marketing strategy.

  1. Cost-effective and Eco-friendly

    There is no need for paper and ink for an e-magazine. There is no need for mass printing. You just need to create a copy of the e-magazine and upload it onto the Internet. On top of that, you can easily update your e-magazine. Just imagine the cost and resources you are saving by opting to create a digital magazine instead of a printed brochure.

  1. Breathtaking Reading Experience 

    With vivid visuals and a melodic audio embedded, readers are in for a treat. As seen in Uniqlo’s digital magazine, the collection comes to life. With the designer personally explaining how you can pair up different colours, you can feel her passion in creating this collection. This interactive digital magazine can help your brand convey your brand message effectively.

  1. Greater Audience Reach

    Digital magazines can be easily accessed on tablet, smartphones and other digital platforms anywhere. By sharing your digital magazine as a Facebook App, you can easily reach out to thousands and even millions of social media users. You can even count on your fans to share and promote your e-magazine further.

Enhance your online marketing campaign with IH Digital

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UNIQLO Malaysia celebrates its 6th year anniversary!

Social-Media-Marketing-Uniqlo-Malaysia-Count-and-WinUNIQLO Malaysia releases a Facebook wall contest in a form of a motion graphic, as a social media marketing strategy to celebrate its 6th year anniversary.

UNIQLO Malaysia celebrates its 6 year anniversary by organizing a motion graphic wall contest as part of its social media marketing and digital marketing strategy. This online advertising campaign by IH Digital, a digital marketing agency, aims to reward UNIQLO’s social media fans for their unwavering love and support towards the Facebook page as well as the brand.

The wall contest “Arigato Celebration Count and Win” enables fans to win cash vouchers and prizes from UNIQLO itself. Participants will simply have to count the number of UNIQLO logos featured on the animated gif and share the reason why they like UNIQLO clothing while including the hashtag #6yearsofuniqlo.

Microvideos for social media marketing

Microvideos are a vivid and rich medium wildly popular among social media fans. It is known for its short and fast-loading cues – short enough to keep audiences intact and long enough to make a long lasting impression.

Microvideos such as Biore Malaysia’s Miracle Cleansing Water Launch and LOTTE’s Pepero Day video are great examples to showcase the brand substance that could be injected in just a brief span of time through microvideos.

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Uniqlo MY Promotes AIRism Through Interactive LINE Stickers

Uniqlo MY takes an interactive approach to social media marketing

Uniqlo MY introduces a new level of comfort with the AIRism collection, which is packed with quick-dry and cooling properties to keep you dry and fresh. Uniqlo’s take on ultra-comfortable everyday wear comes with anti-odour and heat-release technologies, and has soft texture and permeable and absorbent fabrics. They offer designs that are suitable for men, women, and children.

Uniqlo MY’s interactive approach to social media marketing

It is a common knowledge in the digital marketing industry that exhibiting creative and engaging social media marketing campaigns is an effective way to drive engagement and improve marketing communications. Uniqlo MY teamed up with IH Digital to come up with a social media and content marketing concept and promote the AIRism collection in an engaging and interactive manner. A LINE sticker set, which creatively represents the AIRism collection’s cooling and quick-dry features, was launched. The character embodies the collection’s impressive list of comfort and cooling features.

Uniqlo MY takes an interactive approach to social media marketing

Aside from introducing the AIRism collection to the Malaysian market through the interactive app, the clothing brand amps up their social media strategy by showcasing their creative side to increase the fan base of UNIQLO Malaysia’s official LINE account. Additionally, the LINE sticker set was featured at the LINE Store for additional exposure to non-fans.

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Social Media Marketing: Lotte & Uniqlo Showed Love This Mother’s Day

social-media-marketing-malaysia-ih-digitalLotte and Uniqlo exhibited engaging social media marketing campaigns during the Mother’s Day festivities.

It is that time of the year again where moms from all over the world will likely stock up on their beauty arsenal and receive various types of “thank you” presents courtesy of their loved ones. In the old days, making the special women in our lives feel appreciated on Mother’s Day would simply mean getting her a handwritten letter. But at the present time, the Internet and mobile devices allow us to make real-time, public greetings through social media posts.

How brands can seize the moment

Both big and small families will be celebrating this special day. Kids and adults will be scrambling to figure out what Mother’s Day gift would be perfect for their moms. This comes as great news for brands that are looking for opportunities to enhance their social media marketing strategy and come up with solutions and gift ideas.

In the days leading up to Mother’s Day and on the day of the celebration itself, brands and marketers can take advantage of the surge of online activities by conceptualising content marketing ideas to promote the brand during the festivities. Think about how your brand can take part in making the day extra special through engaging digital marketing and social media campaigns.

Social media marketing to drive engagement

Lotte, the popular confectionary brand, partnered with IH Digital, a digital agency in Singapore, and launched a creative illustration and animated gif on Facebook, encouraging fans and consumers to add a dose of sweetness to the special day with Lotte Pepero.

Uniqlo MY, on the other hand, took to Instagram to boost their marketing communications and social media marketing strategy. With the help of IH Digital Malaysia, Uniqlo MY launched a Mother’s Day video that illustrates the great items you can consider giving your mom. The idea behind the marketing video is to engage consumers and invite followers to join an ongoing Instagram contest for a chance to win a RM150 UNIQLO voucher and a comfort bra, creating a win-win scenario for both the clothing brand and the lucky followers who will win the prize.

“color: #000; font-family: Arial,sans-serif; font-size: 14px; font-style: normal; font-weight: normal; line-height: 17px; text-decoration: none; word-wrap: break-word;” href=”https://www.instagram.com/p/BE7XRIAjUXX/” target=”_blank”>Mother’s Day is coming! Make your mom feel extra special by giving her a RM150 UNIQLO voucher and a comfort bra! Simply follow the steps below! Step 1: Like UNIQLO Facebook and follow @uniqlomyofficial. Step 2: Like this video and upload a photo of your UNIQLO Mother’s Day gift box in the comments below, OR to your Instagram and hashtag #uniqlomothersday. Tell us what are the items that you would like us to fill in the gift box for you and why? Join now for a special Mother’s Day for your mom! Contest duration: 2 May – 15 May 2016

A video posted by uniqlomalaysia (@uniqlomyofficial) on

“//platform.instagram.com/en_US/embeds.js” async=”” defer=”defer”>

In addition to the Mother’s Day contest video, Uniqlo MY and IH Digital Malaysia also launched two promotional videos that highlight the superb comfort and support features of their Comfort Beauty Wireless Bra range. Watch it here and here.

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