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Top 5 Telegram Channels Every FMCG Brand Should Advertise In Now


Telegram has gained its position in the leaders’ list – Top 5 Networking Apps in Singapore 2020. With the rapid growth of 3 million new signups during Facebook and Whatsapp outage in 2019, Telegram rivals Facebook-owned apps in becoming the biggest distributional channel.  

Reaching audiences on Facebook is becoming increasingly difficult as Facebook will filter your posts in users’ feed. On Telegram, there is no such filter. It allows consistent content distribution to 100% of the subscribers with instant push-notifications, thereby leading to higher viewing rates.  

Today, Telegram is widely adopted by young Singaporeans, aged 18 to 35. Users can subscribe to ‘Channels’ created around specific themes, and it becomes a tool for creators to share content to subscribers.   

Telegram Top 5 app in SingaporeTop 5 Free Networking Apps in Singapore 2020 

Why sales-driven messages work particularly well on Telegram? 

Users like to receive content that is directly beneficial to them such as chances to redeem a sample or to snag an attractive deal.  

But what really makes sales-driven messages work particularly well on this platform is the push notifications function. In short, Telegram excels in prompting action 

By integrating promotional messages and push notifications that reach users personally and directlya sense of urgency is createdtriggering the user to take action.  

This is unique from the other widely-used social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, where content tends to revolve around lifestyle and soft-sell type of messages, thus making Telegram a valuable platform to develop on top of your existing social media pages. 

Top 5 Telegram Channels for FMCG brands  

There are numerous Telegram Channels available now, each with very targeted audience segmentation, but we have identified the Top 5 Channels that FMCG brands should consider advertising inLet’s dive in now. 

1. SG Student Promos 

A dedicated group for targeting students by offering affordable deals, so that they never have to burn a hole in their pocket.  

2. SG Food Deals 

This channel is the place-to-be for F&B brands dedicated to pushing out food deals, promotions and discounts for local foodies. 

3. SG Budget Babes 

Budget Babes is a female-centric channel where beauty brands can drive redemption of new product samples and encourage e-commerce purchase with discount codes. 

4. SG Parenting Things 

If you are selling kid products or family-oriented products, this is where young parents are looking for value-for-money deals. 

5. SG Fitness & Health 

This channel is where the health and fitness conscious crowd gather. If you are targeting this type of audience, share away from your fitness discounts and news! 

Top 5 FMCG Telegram Channels

Top 5 Telegram Channels for FMCG Brands 

Boost your conversion rate on Telegram 

When we talk about driving conversions, Telegram is the platform to be considered. While it’s not the top social channel of today, do invest in this powerful social platform of tomorrow and win the race.  

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