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How to Grow Your Online Store with Digital Marketing?

Which Is The Best Platform To Build An Online Store – Lazada, Shopee Or Shopify

2020 has been wild ride for e-commerce, hundreds of millions of people are already shopping online, and there’s an increasing rate in ecommerce adoptionThe online retail industry is highly competitive. If you want to build an online storeit’s essential to know which is the right e-commerce platform for your business. 

What Is the Best E-commerce Platform? 

  1. Shopify – best for getting up and running quickly 
  2. Lazada – platform with large user base 
  3. Shopee – best for beginners to start at low cost 
  4. Wix – the best all-around e-commerce platform 
  5. BigCommerce – best for large volume sellers 
  6. Squarespace – best for highquality templates  
  7. Square – best for selling in person and online 
  8. Magento – flexible platform that gives you complete freedom 
  9. WooCommerce – best for business with existing WordPress site 
  10. Volusion – excellent analytics features 

If you’re finding the right platform to launch your online store, here’s the low-down on the leading e-commerce platforms – Shopify, Lazada and Shopee. 

1Shopify: End-To-End Solution for Business Owners 

Shopify Online Store

Shopify is one of the best e-commerce platforms that allow entrepreneurs and small-to-medium size businesses to build their brand’s e-commerce store fast. If you want an e-commerce store that you can fully manage from backend: from storefront design to content marketing to performance analytics, we recommend Shopify.  

These are the main pros and cons that we think you can expect to encounter if you choose Shopify: 


  • Impressive sales features 
  • Supports multi-channel selling 
  • Easy to customize themes and layouts 
  • Quick and easy setup 


  • Transaction Fees 
  • Can be costly for those starting a new online store 
  • Doesn’t support international currency without third party apps  

 2Lazada: Southeast Asian Giant 

Lazada is the e-commerce leader in Southeast Asia with 137 million monthly visitors. Lazada is owned by Alibaba. That means you will be competing with cheaper Chinese products. However, if your brand offers unique and exclusive products, it’s a good place to start due to its large user base. 

The following are some takeaways with things to keep in mind when choosing Lazada: 


  • Easy in-house shipping assistance 
  • Large user-base 


  • Higher levels of competition with Chinese products 
  • More costly marketplace fees and accompanying payments with each sale 

3ShopeeA Force to Be Reckoned With 

Shopee online storeShopee has a smaller market compared to Lazada, but the main attraction for sellers of Shopee is that it is commission-free, unlike Lazada where you have to pay commission and payment fee per order. Shopee is the go-to platform if you want to start selling online at low cost and make big money. Here’s what we think are the most important things to remember: 


  • Commission-free selling 
  • Free shipping 


  • A smaller market as opposed to that of Lazada’s  
  • No direct communication with the buyerapart from comments and reviews 

Now you may have figured out which is the best platform for your business, here’s what you need to make your online store a success. 

Grow Your Online Store with Digital Marketing Strategies  

If you’re looking for an e-commerce agency that provides A-to-Z support from start to profit, you’re in the right place. IH Digital offers online store setup, creative executions and marketing services under one roof. 

1. Setup Online Store 

To start selling online, the first thing you need to do is to set up an e-commerce store. You can either list your products on Lazada and  Shopee or establish your own Shopify website.   

Each platform has different requirements for setting up a business, so it’s always a good idea to speak to an e-commerce agency like Digital 38 to get professional advice and online store set up. 

2. Enhance Product Listing  

Your success on online e-commerce platform depends on your use of imagery to drive attention and traffic to your product pages. It means you need high-resolution photos, including close-up images and multiple angles that give the viewer enough visual information to make up for an inability to touch the product.  

If you are competing with another company to sell the same product, providing a higher quality photo can make your version of the product more appealing, it entices viewers to make a purchase.   

Our content team is familiar with product shooting and creating visual content in different formatsThe amount, type, and quality of images we use for e-commerce can not only help to support your ongoing visual design efforts but also increase your seller authority by enhancing the perceived value of products. Contact us if you need help in creating visual content. 

IH's product photography

Examples of IH Digital’s product photography 

3. Improve Product Ranking with Keywords  

Aside from producing appealing product photos, it’s also important to have well-written copy. While the image is what gets people to stopthe copy is what convinces them to click through to your page and make a purchase. 

Before getting clicks, you must improve the product listing ranking in search results so that your product can be found easilyTo rank high in search results, you must research keywordthat people are using to search for your productTo convert them into paying customers, you must have certain level of copywriting skills to write concise, engaging copy that clearly defines the product you’re selling and encouragepurchases. 

If you’re having a hard time researching keyword or writing product descriptions that convert, let us help. 

4. Increase Store Exposure with Social Media Marketing  

Once you’ve set up an online store, you then need to think about how you’re going to get people to visit your store. Nobody will discover your online store unless you take the initiative to tell your audience. That’s why online marketing activities is crucial. 

You can do regular postings, advertising or social media campaign to build awareness and brand trust. In Facebook and Instagram, you can take your social media posts a step further by creating shoppable posts that include a link directing consumers to your product page.  

Instagram shoppable post of Augustinus Bader SG

Instagram shoppable post of Augustinus Bader SG 

Social media ads of Kao Men’s Biore

Social media ads of Kao Men’s Biore #ExtraPowerRefresh Campaign 

Managing your e-commerce company’s digital marketing strategy takes a lot of time to learn and perfect. When you have other essential duties to handle, dedicating the right amount of effort to e-commerce marketing may not be possible.  

And here lies the benefit of hiring a digital marketing agency. We can professionally develop various forms of content, implement and analyse your e-commerce marketing strategy. 

Ready to Start Your E-Commerce Business? 

Regardless of what platform you choose to sell on, your online store’s success largely depends on a proper digital marketing strategy. If you want to drive traffic and sales for your online business, that’s what we can help.  

Starting an online business is not a simple task. It requires a lot of hard work, so let us help you simplify that. Contact us to schedule a consultation with our e-commerce marketing experts. 

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About IH Digital  

IH Digital is an Asia-focused digital marketing agency providing Consultancy,  Strategy, Content, Social Media, Media Buy, Web Development, SEM and SEO.   

 Our team consists of account managers, content and social experts, media buyers and planners, web developers and search experts who are highly experienced in simplifying the complex process of planning and executing marketing campaigns across various channels in multiple languages.  

IH Digital is a member of Digital 38 Group.  


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Social Commerce Marketing: What Do Facebook Shops Mean to Your Shopify Store?

What Do Facebook Shops Mean to Your Shopify Store.pptx

In May 2020, Shopify announced its partnership with Facebook to help businesses launch Facebook Shops. If you are a Shopify store owner, heres what you should know about Facebook Shops and what it means for your Shopify business. This partnership enables Shopify merchants to sell via popular social media platforms. 

If youre already selling products on Shopify, this shop will be new channel to power all of your sales and marketing activity across the Facebook family of apps. You can control the customisation and merchandising for your storefront inside Facebook and Instagram while managing the products, inventory, orders, and fulfilment from Shopify. 

Not sure how to utilisthe Shopify Facebook Channel? Let’s delve into what you can do with Facebook Shops to grow your online business. 

You Can Create Tagged Posts to Showcase Your Products 

Once you have set up a Facebook Shop, you can start tagging products in your post. This ensures that everyone who views your posts will know about the products available in your Shop.  

In the example below from  Nike, users can see the product listings in the post as the products are tagged in the photo. When users click on the tags, they are directly sent to the Facebook Shop to view the product details, and possibly, visit your Shopify store to make purchases.

Remember that you cannot tag a product in a Facebook or Instagram post unless you have your shop set up. If you want to create a shop on Facebook or Instagram, contact IH Digital to get started right away.

Image source: Nike Facebook Shop

You Can Capitalise on Facebook’s Social Engagement to Expose Your Brand

When you create a post tagging your products in Facebook Shops, users can like them, share them with friends, or leave a comment asking a question. These engagements work as a powerful marketing tactic to expose your brand to new audiences in the best possible way – through a friend.  

People are heavily influenced by the opinions and actions of others. When there is real person recommending or leaving positive reviews for your product, new audiences will likely think that your shop sells good products and eventually buy from you. 

However, not all posts can gain a high engagement as you desired. To encourage people to interact with your post, you need to create product images that are eye-catching and engaging. Content creation is a complicated process that might require you to do the product shooting, graphic design and even copywriting. This is why you need a content marketing agency to support you. 

If you need help in producing high-quality and engagement-driven contents, contact us to take up this labor-intensive task for you. 

You Can Reduce Friction in the Sales Process 

Many customers do not like complicated checkout process. The more pages you make customers jump through, the more likely they will change their mind or get distracted and not complete their purchase. So, you have to make the purchasing process as easy as possible. 

Facebook Shop streamlines the customer buying journey from discovery to purchase. Users can browse and shop your products in the same window they are using to chat with friends. When they have decided what to purchase, you can easily send them to your Shopify website to check out – with a call-to-action button, “Check Out on Website”.

Augustinus Bader Facebook Shops

Image Source: Augustinus Bader Facebook Shop

Get Ready to Sell Shopify Products on Facebook Channel 

To expand your online business, you will likely add new channelsSetting up your Facebook Shop is the first step. It helps to get more eyes on your products, boost conversions, and speed up purchasing for your store, which you will not be able to do with Shopify alone. 

Want to set up a shop on Facebook to grow your online business? Contact us today for a consultation.

About IH Digital

IH Digital is an Asia-focused digital marketing agency providing Consultancy, Strategy, Content, Social Media, Media Buy, Web Development, SEM & SEO. 

Our team consists of account managers, content and social experts, media buyers and planners, web developers and search experts who are highly experienced in simplifying the complex process of planning and executing marketing campaigns across various channels in multiple languages.

IH Digital is a member of Digital 38 Group.


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Facebook Shops: The Driving Force of Social Commerce

Facebook Shops - social commerce

In the pandemic, many retail businesses were affected due to stores closing. While the retailers are taking steps to move the business online, a new driver for social commerce launched just in time. In May 2020, the social media giant added Facebook Shops to its business pages and Instagram business profiles, giving small businesses a new e-commerce channel.  

Facebook Shop is an e-commerce platform that enables businesses to easily set up an online store on Facebook’s family of apps. That means your shop is accessible on both Facebook and Instagram and can be discovered at scale through posts, stories and ads.  

Facebook and Instagram Shops become a new ecommerce channel. Source: Facebook. 

How can your business benefit from the launch of Facebook Shops? 

Here are some features we find beneficial for businesses utilising the shop. 

1. Ensure brand consistency with shop customisation 

The shop consists of a product catalogue. You can use the ‘Shop’ section to list the products you want to feature on the catalogue. Then, organize them into different collections to enable shoppers to browse products by category. As in physical stores, feature your bestsellers here to attract buyers to shop from you.  

Other than that, it allows you to customise the look and feel of your shop with a cover image and branding colours through the Shop settings. Consistent and strong branding enables your business to stand out in the sea of competitors online. 

2.Turn followers into buyers in one app 

In addition to shop customisationFacebook Shop makes it easy for billions of users to discover, browse, and buy your products in the apps they use daily. In other words, you can acquire new shoppers and grow your brand’s audience from two popular social media platforms. 

Converting a community member requires a lot of effort. However, adding a shop directly to your business page makes it easier for your community to buy your products. Your followers can browse all your products from the shop. 

If you have a good number of followers, then you can benefit from turning your followers into customers through the shop. 

3. Stay connected with customers via Facebook’s messaging app 

Just like when you are in a physical store serving the customers, you can easily connect with the customers through WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram Direct to answer questions, offer support and more.  

Sharing your products directly foster stronger customer relationships and potentially drive sales through conversation. 

Get your business ready for Facebook Shops 

Facebook Shop is one platform that gets more attention on your products, drives conversions, and speeds up purchasing for your store. Setting it up is the first step before you get your products out there and promote themTo add a shop, you must have a business page.  

Want to set up a business page to start using Facebook ShopContact us here where our marketing team is ready to help you out. 

About IH Digital 

IH Digital is an Asia-focused digital marketing agency providing Consultancy, Strategy, Content, Social Media, Media Buy, Web Development, SEM & SEO.

Our team consists of account managers, content and social experts, media buyers and planners, web developers and search experts who are highly experienced in simplifying the complex process of planning and executing marketing campaigns across various channels in multiple languages.

IH Digital is a member of Digital 38 Group.

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Social E-commerce Marketing: Use Instagram to Promote Your Shopify Store

Instagram ecommerce marketing for Shopify-01

The on-going ecommerce boom sees businesses of all sizes flocking to set up online stores using services like Shopify to capitalise on consumers’ increasing propensity to shop online. One key element for a successful ecommerce venture is effective social media marketing to promote the store. 

Ecommerce marketing on Instagram can be a sales powerhouse for Shopify stores. This platform generates a higher engagement rate compared to other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. 

Instagram Shopping: Direct traffic to Shopify stores

Instagrais making a serious push into ecommerce with the launch of its tap-to-shop feature Instagram Shopping in October 2017, opening the possibility of selling through Instagram for thousands of Shopify merchants. 

It allows businesses to promote Shopify products on Instagram by tagging the product in post and stories, linking users to their Shopify store’s product pages. This feature is available across a wide range of markets globally and is a great way for brands to showcase their products to an engaged audience. 

In November 2020, Instagram added a ‘Shop’ tab on the main navigation bar as an ecommerce marketing tool that enables Shopify stores to capture customers directly from the Instagram app.  

Instagram shop tab for ecommerce marketing

Instagram ‘Shop’ tab replaced ‘Activity’ tab I Image source: Search Engine Journal

Instagram Posts motivate purchases 

Among Instagram users, half follow at least one business. Businesses that post content regularly are not only able to build connections with their audience, but are able to drive conversions as well.   

60% of users say that they learn about a product or service on Instagram and that they had been inspired to take an action, such as visiting a website, searching, shopping or telling a friend.  

Who should use Instagram as ecommerce marketing platform

Instagram provides an excellent opportunity for companies trying to reach a younger demographic. Compared to Facebook which is preferred by matured adults, Instagram has a younger user base where up to 60% of users are in the 18-34 year old bracket.

This app is all about discovery, young adults use Instagram to keep up with celebrity news, trends, to discover new products, and for lifestyle tips. And since Instagram is a visual-dominant platform it would be suitable for beauty and fashion brands targeting younger audiences. 

IG Users in Oct 2020

Distribution of Instagram users worldwide as of October 2020. Image source: 

Implement Instagram marketing to boost your Shopify sales 

Keen on driving conversion for your Shopify stores?  

Schedule a consultation with our digital marketing experts to learn how we can help promote your Shopify store on Instagram. 

About IH Digital 

IH Digital is an Asia-focused digital marketing agency providing Consultancy, Strategy, Content, Social Media, Media Buy, Web Development, SEM & SEO.

Our team consists of account managers, content and social experts, media buyers and planners, web developers and search experts who are highly experienced in simplifying the complex process of planning and executing marketing campaigns across various channels in multiple languages.

IH Digital is a member of Digital 38 Group.