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The execution of a well-developed SEO strategy is key to increasing your website visibility on search engines like Google. Optimising site SEO can grow your traffic and allow for more quality leads. You need an SEO strategy that is tailored to your business goals, put together by an experienced SEO agency.

How To Choose An SEO Agency In Singapore?

To choose an SEO agency in Singapore that’s right for you, here are the 3 things you should look for in an SEO agency:

  1. Experience in SEO marketing
  2. SEO Consultancy & Services
  3. Strong transparency and reporting
  4. A complementary range of expertise

IH Digital is an SEO agency that uses a data-driven approach to deliver SEO solutions to brands of all industries. If you’re looking for an SEO agency in Singapore, you can trust us to get you started.

Why Choose IH Digital as Your SEO Agency in Singapore?

1. Experienced SEO Agency

We are experienced in planning and executing SEO campaigns for brands in numerous sectors, including health-care, automotive and financial. With a regional headquarters in Singapore and with offices across the region, we provided SEO campaigns to clients both locally and abroad.

2. Comprehensive & Professional SEO Services

SEO services from IH Digital provide you with the essentials – from site audit to keyword research and content creation. We analyse your current website performance, identify issues and weaknesses before crafting an SEO strategy that fits your business needs. Our account manager will conduct meetings and calls with you to keep the business alignment communicated between you and our team.

Here are what we can do for you:

1. On-Page SEO

SEO agency SIngapore content writing

Content writing to improve website SEO

2. Off-Page SEO

SEO agency Singapore social media marketing

Social media promotion for website content

3. Local SEO

SEO agency Singapore local SEO

Google My Business Listing on Google Maps

4. E-commerce SEO

SEO agency Singapore e-commerce seo

SEO-optimised Shopify website

3. Accuracy & Transparency in SEO Reporting

We will provide reporting for you every month so that you can have a transparent and clear overview of your campaign. The SEO Report consolidates multiple points of data from platforms like Google My Business, Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Based on the reports, we will recommend improvements to further enhance your website’s performance.

4. Diverse Digital Marketing Service

If you don’t have a website yet, we can help you build everything from web design to web maintenance. Our website and search marketing team will set up the Content Management System (CMS) and integrate SEO to increase website traffic.

With our in-house media team, we can incorporate social media marketing or search engine marketing in your SEO campaign to bring you closer to your goals. We are a Certified Google Partner that can provide full transparency and accountability on your Google ads spend.

Google Partner

Looking for an SEO Agency in Singapore?

Schedule a meeting with our SEO expert to create a personalised SEO strategy that supports your business goals.

Find out more about how we do SEO marketing.

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SEO Marketing: Effective Way to Drive Quality Leads

SEO Marketing Effective Tool to Drive Quality Leads

If you have taken the time and effort to create a website for your business, you would want it to be easily found by potential customers. While there are many ways to draw their attention to your site, one of the best ways is to focus on Search Engine Optimisation (or “SEO” for short) marketing. 

What Is SEO And How it Works?

SEO is the practice of optimising your website to increase its ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs). It involves improving your website design, content and management to make it viewed more favourably by search engines. 

Search engines are serious about improving the user experience. They want to display the sites that are not only relevant to users’ keyword queries but also user-friendly and can provide visitors with a positive experience taking into consideration factors such as loading speeds and lack of annoying pop-ups.

The better visibility your pages have in search results, the more likely you are to garner attention and attract potential customers to your website. That’s what makes SEO marketing important.

How IH Digital Helps You Do SEO Marketing?

Search engine optimisation is a long-term and ongoing process. If you have little or no experience in web design or coding, SEO can be challenging to accomplish. By entrusting your site to a professional SEO marketing agency like IH Digital, you are making the right step to begin having prolonged success online.

1) Site Audit & Issues Fixing

We will start by evaluating your current site and its SEO performance. A website SEO audit is like a health check for your site. This is the best way to identify what your current strengths and weaknesses are before formulating and implementing a new SEO strategy.

We use it to check how your web pages appear in search results, so we can find and fix weaknesses or errors to prevent them from keeping hurting your search rankings and user experience. 

Seo marketing crawl issues

Websites can be hit by numerous issues impacting SEO performance

2) In-depth Keyword & Competitive Research

We will take what we have learned from the site audit and competitive analysis to formulate an SEO marketing strategy for your site. Part of this strategy includes identifying the right keywords that your target audience uses to search for your services and products.

3) Competitive Content Development

Search engines like Google give preference to content that is deemed to be “high quality”, which means they have to be up-to-date, unique, and helpful to visitors. If your website content is relevant and valuable for your users, the search engine will reward your site with a higher ranking in its search engine page results (SERPs).

Our SEO team and content marketers can help you create compelling content that answers searcher’s query, while strategically incorporating the high-traffic keywords in the content. At IH Digital, we are able to create content using a diverse set of regional languages, enabling us to assist clients with multilingual websites.

Eastspring Investments website SEO marketing Terminal 21 website SEO marketing

Brands like Eastspring Investments and Terminal 21 optimise their websites in multiple languages. IH Digital has capabilities to assist you with SEO for your multi-language websites too.

4) Strategic Google My Business Listing

Google My Business (“GMB”) is a tool that can improve your local ranking on Google. A GMB listing enables your business to show up on Google Search and Google Maps, giving your potential customers a dynamic overview of your business to help them quickly find, learn about, and visit your website. Our local SEO service covers claiming, optimizing, and maintaining your Google My Business listing.

GMB SEO marketing

5) Monthly SEO Performance Review

SEO requires continuous review and optimisation.  We use analytics to determine the effectiveness of our on-going SEO efforts. We will share you informative and easy-to-read reports monthly to give you a better insight into how your website SEO is performing and will advise improvements to further improve the search rankings.

Searching For An SEO Marketing Agency?

If you need the support of an SEO agency to optimise your website for search engines, we can help.  Contact us today  to schedule a consultation with our SEO expert.