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Check out PUB Singapore’s Latest Online Marketing Strategy


Driven by the successful “Unscramble with Water Wally” YouTube Contest, PUB Singapore did the same for its Facebook page by organizing a series of motion graphic wall contests as part of its online marketing and content marketing strategy. This social media marketing campaign by IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore aims to reward PUB Singapore’s social media fans for their active participation as well as increasing the public awareness of water sustainability in Singapore.

PUB Singapore released a series of animated GIFs using the “Pause, Screenshot & Comment” mechanism. The motion graphic typically consists of a series of static images, repeated in a loop. The fans will have to stop the animation, take a screenshot and share it in order to win a pair of Golden Village Movie tickets. On top of acting as an attractive visual, the animated GIF serves as an integral wall contest tool too.

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Stop the GIF at the appropriate attire and stand a chance to win a pair of movie tickets compliments from Golden Village Mr Popcorn!

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Help Water Wally save water by washing on full load. Stop the GIF when the washing machine is fully loaded.

It was an effective online marketing strategy. By using an animated GIF for its wall contest, PUB Singapore was able to promote water conservation in a fun and engaging manner. Its social media fans were enticed to watch the animations attentively and engage with the page actively.

Planning a Wall Contest for your Online Marketing Campaign

Facebook wall contest is an effective online marketing strategy if you are looking to promote your brand and reward fans for their unwavering support on social media. Explore different contest mechanics with IH Digital! Let us help you in capturing your audiences’ attention and efforts.

Here is another successful wall contest that IH Digital executed!

UNIQLO Malaysia 360-degree photo Count and Win Contest

Making use of the newly introduced 360-degree photo feature of Facebook, UNIQLO Malaysia immersed their social media fans in a refreshing experience. The fans were able to explore the entire shop virtually while taking part in the contest.

If you are looking forward to planning for a wall contest that could jump start your brand, team up with IH Digital. Check out our wall contest portfolio now!

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PUB Singapore: Unscramble with Water Wally!


In 2014, PUB Singapore jumped on the bandwagon by publishing videos on YouTube as part of its online marketing strategy to increase the public awareness of water sustainability in Singapore. With the support from IH Digital, an online marketing agency in Singapore, PUB Singapore built up its YouTube presence and released several well-received animations, featuring the adorable Water Wally.

In conjunction with releasing these engaging videos, PUB Singapore organised several different contests as part of its content marketing strategy to bring across the organisational message in a fun and engaging manner. In doing so, PUB Singapore encourages its social media fans to watch the animations attentively and engage with the page actively.

Driven by the success of the previous campaigns, PUB Singapore has worked with IH Digital in releasing a new series of animations for the “Unscramble with Water Wally” contest. Participants will simply have to subscribe to the channel, look out for the hidden letters in the animations, unscramble them and submit their answers in the comments section. Participants are then given the chance to win CapitaLand Mall Vouchers and Water Wally merchandise. This digital marketing campaign aims to reward the subscribers for their active participation and increase public awareness of Singapore’s efforts in ensuring water sustainability.

In this animation, the letters appear each time Water Wally picked out an object in the mall.

In this Christmas themed animation, Water Wally is seen unwrapping his presents. The letters appear each time a present is unwrapped. This animation also served as a seasonal greeting to its viewers.

In this animation, Water Wally is seen enjoying his picnic at one of the water bodies in Singapore. Together with the iconic smooth-coated otters, this animation accurately depicts Singapore’s unique landscape with residential estates near the water catchments. The hidden letters are shaped like clouds for the viewers to spot and unscramble.

Video Production for Online Marketing

Animations present dynamic content in a fun and engaging way, allowing the brands to share their messages and create a long lasting impression.

Eucerin’s illustrated animation and MSF’s filial piety illustrated animation are great examples to showcase how brand messages can be injected into animations.

Planning for a video production for your upcoming online advertising campaign? Let IH Digital help you with the production process. Inquire with us today.

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PUB SG: Learning Video Production in Singapore


PUB SG’s video production in Singapore

In its aim to widely impart its vision to ensure Singapore’s water supply stability, PUB Singapore is actively educating people concerning water sustainability by getting them involved in the process through educational videos.

IH Digital / PUB Singapore
IH Digital / PUB Singapore

With today’s increasing audience over the social media sphere, videos can be tagged as one of the best medium to deliver clear and striking messages. With a strategic approach from capturing the audiences’ attention through branding to the proper execution, an effective video production in Singapore can be achieved. In June 2014, PUB Singapore – with support from IH Digital as its trusted digital agency – has finally laid out a newly revised YouTube channel following an up-to-date strategy covering a revamped layout, design, video titling and tagging.

The game plan targets increased searchability and SEO for the YouTube channel as well as each video. To do this, IH Digital helped in retagging and retitling of all existing 140 videos, establish presence in Google+, restructure the YouTube channel layout and revamp the channel art design for the YouTube page, among others. These actions were well-researched and strategised by IH Digital’s social media strategists prior to implementation. Additionally, IH Digital ensures that all steps positively impact the objective by continuously providing support in analytics on a monthly basis.

IH Digital / PUB Singapore YouTube Channel
IH Digital / PUB Singapore YouTube Channel

Since PUB Singapore’s rebranding efforts, it has quickly made a mark in the social video realm in a few months’ time. In less than three months, the YouTube channel is seen to be progressively and positively growing!

With an aim to effectively increase awareness about the value of water among the people of Singapore, it is significant to hold their interest to the topic. On this purpose, PUB Singapore’s YouTube channel has quickly succeeded in as early as the initial phase of revamp. During the last three months, the Estimated Minutes Watched (total of minutes of videos watched) is seen to have increased positively – which goes to show that users’ interest are correspondingly increasing. Likewise, the total number of subscribers went up from 269 in June to 408 in September.

Why was the social video effort deemed effective even in the early stage? Because the objective of educating people about water sustainability is finally happening as seen apparently through the figures in the last two months – wherein the number of Likes on videos has consecutively increased since June. This implies that the increase in the number of subscribers and the number of views might have boosted the users’ interaction within the content – which is essential for PUB Singapore to gain momentum through social videos. But it certainly does not end there. Continuous efforts are underway to improve figures and eventually reach its ultimate goal – to get people involved in this awareness initiative.

What is expected in the following months? PUB Singapore YouTube channel is envisioned to improve further in the following months in terms of audiences’ interactions, views and subscriptions. With the success of the initial phase, it is interesting to observe how successful it can become once the laying out of the cutting-edge video contents following a new strategy is finally implemented in the next few months.

Visit PUB Singapore YouTube Channel: sgPUB