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Augustinus Bader Receives Organic Media Reviews through PR Campaign

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The official launch of Augustinus Bader in Singapore was announced with a public relations (PR) campaign engaging the local influencers and luxury magazines titles. This PR campaign has earned wide press coverage and contributed to a leap in sales revenue. 

What is Public Relations (PR) campaign? 

Public relations campaign is a series of activities that are plan to accomplish clear objective of a business, be it building brand awareness, announcing company news, earning trust or establishing valuable relationships.  

PR campaign entails a long-lasting effect on your brand reputation and brand image. If done right, your PR campaign can attract the attention of national media, skyrocket your sales, and develop a positive relationship with the public. 

Here’s an example of a successful PR campaign carried out by Augustinus Bader. 

Case study: Augustinus Bader’s PR campaign 

After the hype generated in Hollywood, Augustinus Bader has finally arrived in Singapore with the establishment of an e-commerce website. 

The highlight in this PR campaign is Augustinus Bader’s highlyraved hero products – The Cream and The Rich Cream. They are two innovative moisturisers formulated by Professor Augustinus Bader of Leipzig University, one of the world’s leading biomedical scientists, and the pioneer of a breakthrough medical treatment that activates and orchestrates the body’s innate regenerative processes.  

Augustinus Bader’s products have won accolades from the likes of Victoria Beckham, Diana Kruger and Bobbi Brown.  

Execution of PR campaign  

As part of achieving successful publicity for the hero productsa press kit containing The Cream, The Rich Cream, a press release and a product catalogue was distributed to Singapore’s luxury magazine publications and influencers. 

Earned media of the campaign 

The press release has caught the attention of 8 magazine titles and featured Augustinus Bader in the digital media through articles and social media posts, namely Tatler, Vogue, Her World, Harper’s Bazaar, Nylon, Daily Vanity, 8 Days and Clozette 

Tatler conducted an interview with Professor Augustinus Bader on the topic of epigenetic research. The article goes beyond just featuring products to exploring the scientific principles behind the body’s innate regenerative processes, cementing Augustinus Bader as a thought leader in the beauty industry 

PR campaign Daily Vanity

Daily Vanity’s IG Stories featuring Augustinus Bader’s The Cream 

PR campaign Bazaar

Bazaar’s article featuring Augustinus Bader’s The Cream and The Rich Cream 

PR campaign Tatler

NYLON’s IG stories and article featuring Augustinus Bader’s products PR campaign Nylon

Tatler’s article featuring Augustinus Bader’s The Cream 

Other than magazine brandsSingapore’s famous socialite Jamie Chua posted an organic Instagram story to spread good words about The Rich Cream. She said: “Tried The Rich Cream last night and I’m already very positive about the feel of the quality”. 

PR campaign Socialite Jamie Chua

E-commerce traffic generated by the PR campaign 

Another marker of success for this PR campaign is the substantial traffic directed to Augustinus Bader’s e-commerce store through the articles by Tatler and Nylon statistics revealed that they are the top referrers to the e-commerce store by sessions from September to November 2020. 

Moreover, the e-commerce store also observed an uptick in the number of orders and sales revenue during the campaign period. 

When is a good time to run a PR campaign? 

In principle, you can run a PR campaign whenever you have a clear objective. Below are two concrete situations: 

1. You have exciting news to share 

Media members are always in need of timely stories. If you have something exciting and newsworthy to share such as a highly-anticipated new product launch, then it is a good time to run a PR campaign. 

 2. Celebrate festivals

Even if you do not have an exceptionally exciting piece of news to share, but with a relevant campaign concept, your products can still be positioned in a way that hooks media owners. 

Why is earned media so valuable? 

Earned media is the tactic used to build brand awareness, generate leads, and convert those leads into paying customers. Earned media includes:  

  • Mentions in industry news  
  • Positive reviews from customers on social media  
  • High rankings on search engines  

Why is it valuable? Media publications have thousands or even millions of audiences, thus just a small mention of your company on their media platforms can mean a significant bump in brand recognition.  

Media publications have also built credibility over time, making their organic reviews more trustworthy than sponsored content. 

How do PR and Marketing go hand-in-hand? 

Typically, public relations helps to connect audiences with your brand, and marketing tactics helps to convert a prospect into customer. Using PR and marketing simultaneously can help you to achieve the best possible campaign results.  

Studies have shown that brand consistency can result in over 20% revenue increase, and you might achieve similar result by integrating your PR and marketing strategies. 

Looking to run a PR campaign for your brand? Speak with our marketing specialists for a consultation and quotation. 

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