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NEA Promotes E-Waste Recycling Program via Advertising

NEA’s e-Waste Recycling TV Commercial

The National Environment Agency (NEA) of Singapore has ventured on a media buying campaign, tapping both online and offline channels in the city-state to promote their new e-waste recycling program. 

NEA Ads Launched Across Online & Offline Platforms 

To broaden the reach of their new e-waste recycling initiative, commercials from the NEA were launched on free-to-air TV Channels, and on popular social media platforms for digital ads.  

NEA’s e-Waste Recycling TV Commercial

NEA’s e-Waste Recycling TV Commercial

NEA’s e-Waste Recycling TV Commercial 

These were aired across Mediacorp’s five, free-to-air TV Channels – Chn5, Chn8, CNA, Suria and Vasantham, and at the same time, launched on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. 

Screenshots of NEA’s e-Waste Recycling Ads on Facebook

Screenshots of NEA’s e-Waste Recycling Ads on Facebook

These strategies are just part of the overall campaign of NEA in promoting their e-waste recycling initiative that aims to convince more Singaporeans to properly dispose of rejected electronics and appliances. 

Screenshots of NEA’s e-Waste Recycling Ads on Instagram

Screenshots of NEA’s e-Waste Recycling Ads on Instagram

Since July 1, NEA has deployed more than 300 e-waste recycling bins across the country so it will be easy for citizens to get rid of their unused gadgets and home appliances. They also implemented a point-reward system, which can be converted to shopping vouchers, for those who recycled their e-waste. 

Leveraging Media Buying for Massive Information Dissemination

It is important for government agencies to spread awareness about newly-launched, community-building programs to the general public on a wide scale.  

And having effective media strategies, such as integrating both online and offline channels, can help in getting the message to the right audience at multiple touchpoints.    

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