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Kingston HyperXgaming Taps Into Naver Ads to Reach Korean Gamers


Kingston Technology’s gaming accessory brand in Taiwan – HyperXgaming launched an ad campaign in Korea with the help of a digital agency in Taiwan.  

HyperXgaming – Naver Search Ad as brand awareness tool

Naver is the No.1 Search Engine Platform over Google in the Korean Market. Almost all Korean people use Naver every day. HyperXgaming taps into Naver Paid Search– Power Link Ad to increase the website visibility to Korea gamers with 3 specific keywords – mouse, keyboards and headset.

Whenever the related keywords are searched on Naver, HyperXgaming website will appear as the top results. This ad can get significant exposure to Naver. with a visual representation of the searched product and description displayed to users through direct search. 

This is how they bring traffic to their HyperXgaming Korean website, where a user can know more about their brands or products.

hyperx keyboard keyword
PowerLink Ad that appears when keyword 'keyboard' is searched.
hyperx headset keyword
PowerLink Ad that appears when keyword 'headset' is searched.
hyperx mouse keyword
PowerLink Ad that appears when keyword 'mouse' is searched.

About HyperXgaming

HyperX is the high-performance product division of Kingston Technology, the world’s largest independent memory manufacturer. Since 2002, HyperX has grown over the years to encompass multiple product lines of memory modules, solid-state drives, USB Flash drives, headsets and keyboards.

What is Power Link and why it’s useful?

Power Link is one form of paid search advertising where you can rank your website high on the Korean’s largest search result page – Naver. This is a Standard CPC text ad, which includes title, description, display URL It is the most eye-catching ad type which allows your products to appear on the first top 10 results.

This particular ad allows you to target the exact users you want according to the search terms you select. By being able to select the right keywords, and you may not have to worry about the competing ads at all.

Tap into Naver Ads for greater website exposure in Korea

If you have your sights set on advertising in South Korea, you won’t find your way into the hearts and minds of your target audience via Google alone, instead, you’ll have to learn to navigate Naver.

As competitors continue to rising, brands are called to use digital ways to promote and expand their market in order to stay ahead of other competitor’s in gaining market share. 

If you are looking to amplify your brand in the Korean market through search engine marketing, let us help! We offer media buy and come with keyword research to identify the most suitable keywords for your brand.

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Naver Blog: The Gateway to Korea Market 

naver blog

Naver Blog is a popular blogging platform in Korea. It is one of the search  services provided by Korea’s number one search engine - Naver that accounts for over 70% of the search market there.

Koreans spend more than 50% of their time on the Internet reading blogs  daily and gathering valuable information - online travel research, product reviews, daily lunch menu, and so much more. 

Naver Blog - a powerful tool to boost a presence in Korea market

It is reported that Naver is having approximately 16 million visits per day. That is why, for a business looking to penetrate Korean market, it is highly recommended for you to make an appearance on Naver to reach a wide audience while leveraging Naver Blog to help you rank well in search engine. 

Having a blog is critical to improve your search ranking because Naver prioritizes user-generated content. Naver Blog provides a content generation platform that allows your page to pop up in the search engine to address the users’ interest. 

When users search a keyword on Naver, the blog segment often appears on the first result page underneath the paid ad. Naver Blog gives what the users want to read, at the same time increase the visibility of your brand.This, as you might expect, drives higher click-through rates for the blog. 

3 Features ofNaver Blog 

1. Blog profile page for increasing brand perception 

In Naver Blog public page, companies can create a comprehensive profile that includes company introduction, history, product or service information and more.  

While it is a common platform for users to read the reviews, it could also be your place to provide a professional suggestion or information of your product to increase public perception of your brand. 

Additionally, the brand experience can be created through the customization of the blog’s background and layout to befit the brand image. This is how a brand could develop a brand image on Korean when they are navigating on your blog.

ATC’s Naver Blog Profile Page
Asia Travel Club's Naver Blog profile page

2. Blog page builder  for approaching potential consumers 

Naver Blog is the where-to-be when talking about content writing. It allows you to generate different types of content to maximize your chances of  appearing on the search results. Every user can access your blog postings that match their search keywords.  

Other than that, you can always update and remind them of the latest promotion or events through your blog.To warm the relationship, you can engage with the Korean users by replying their comments or notes on your blog page. 

If you create great content, the traffic and popularity of your article will increase, which can result in higher rankings on the Naver. This can greatly increase your brand visibility. 

ATC Naver Blog page
Asia Travel Club's Naver Blog page

3. Bloggers collaboration opportunity for brand promotion 

A great way to reach a wider audience and to increase trust in your brand is by collaborating with bloggersMuch Korean company are already doing this by giving away free product, voucher or allowance for bloggers to feature their product or service. 

There are plenty of Naver bloggers who produce share-worthy content and already having large followers who trust their opinions. In that sense, your product or service can go viral under their hands.  

Partnering with bloggers in your niche acts as a great advert for your brand and making yourself approachable . With their intimate connection with the followers, they can give them the confidence to connect with you. 

So, ready to nail Naver Blog? 

Engaging with Korean users is a massive opportunity and being on Naver Blog, you are on the right track. To successfully penetrating the Korean market, you have to update the blog regularly and prioritizing quality over quantity when posting blog posts.  

If writing blogs is time-consuming for you, we can help to maintain your  Naver Blog profile professionally.

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Vietnam’s Highest Skybar Draws Korean Tourists with Naver Ads

Vietnam’s Highest Skybar Draws Korean Tourists with Naver Ads

Koreans love travelling abroad. In fact, South Korea is the second largest outbound market in Asia. In the previous year, South Korea alone recorded 517,000 outbound trips and a huge visitor spending of US$1.2 billion. Additionally, its currency stability makes the Korean market even more a great opportunity for businesses across Asia. And one of the best ways to tap into this lucrative market is through Naver Ads.

Travel brands and destinations are beginning to embrace the power of Korea digital marketing in order to dominate the market. Seeing how tremendous the Korean market is, skybars are also joining the online marketing trend apart from hotels and restaurants. Considering the fact that the majority of South Koreans are online and 82% of them are active on social media, there’s no doubt Korea digital marketing can help you achieve your business goals.

Therefore, in order to reach a large group of target audience and increase brand awareness, Sky36 – the highest skybar in Vietnam utilized Naver Ads in their marketing campaign.

Sky36 Da Nang: Vietnam’s Tallest & Most Modern Skybar

Sky36 is a world-class bar in Da Nang City located at the 35th and 36th floor of Novotel Danang Premier Han River Hotel. It is presently the highest skybar in Vietnam with 166 metres in height. At this stunning elevation, Sky36 provides the most luxurious and extravagant entertainment nightlife experience awaiting hundreds of tourists from around the globe. It consists of 3 levels with an area of 1,000 square meters and a capacity of up to 500 people. This is a hot destination for travelers who come to Da Nang City.

The Naver Ads Campaign: Powercontent & Powerlink

After planning campaign strategy and registering account on Naver, Sky36 started running advertisements on this platform including Powelink and Powercontent:

  • Powerlink – The text ads will appear on the Naver search portal and partner networks simultaneously with the recommended keywords. Keywords are based on the interests of Korean tourists. The text ads then lead to Sky36’s campaign landing page.
  • Powercontent – An article about Sky36 was published on Naver blog about a list of bars and pubs in Da Nang. Written lists, also known as “listicles”, are proven newsworthy and enticing to most readers who want instant, useful travel information.

Want to tackle Korea Digital Marketing for your business?

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KakaoTalk & Naver Marketing: Start Digital Marketing in KOREAN MARKET

Explore Korea Digital Marketing with KakaoTalk & Naver

When it comes to marketing landscape in the 21st century, we would immediately think about digital marketing. Marketing trend in Korea, one of the most developed countries, is not an exception as it is rapidly shifting from traditional marketing to digital marketing to catch up with the change in consumer behavior and the development of technology. As a consequence, Korea Digital Marketing plays a pivotal role to promote products.

What is Korea Digital Marketing and why is it important for business?

Like other markets, Korea Digital Marketing is performed on social platforms as well as search engines. However, besides universal platforms such as Google, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram, Korea also have their own local platforms with the same functions: Naver (search engine) and KakaoTalk (messaging app). Naver and KakaoTalk are the 1st-ranked search engine and messaging app in Korea which are crucial either in work or daily life. It is reported that Naver is having approximately 16 million visits per day while KakaoTalk is actively used by 49 millions users. That’s why, in order to penetrate into Korean market, we have to consider using these 2 applications.

Naver Marketing

Naver is a substitute for Google in Korea Digital Marketing. In fact, there is Google, but it is just not the biggest player in the competition. Naver dominantly controls the whole market with more or less 70% of market share, followed by Google and Daum with 23% and 7% respectively. Koreans tend to use this tool to search for everything from daily lunch menu to cosmetics review. Additionally, instead of being a pure search engine, Naver also provides a variety of inclusive features including Knowledge-IN, Blogs, Cafes, News, etc. Therefore, to take on Korea Digital Marketing, search advertising on Naver is not to be ignored. In particular, there are some main types of Naver ads that we have to focus on: Website Search Ads (Powerlink ads), Brand Search Ads and Power Content.

Naver Digital Marketing
Naver Marketing Statistics

KakaoTalk Marketing

Since the number of messaging app users has surged over the past few years, messaging apps become essential not only to increase engagement and communication with customers. In Korea Digital Marketing, we also have KakaoTalk as a must-use advertising tool. It enables brands to either put a notice on their timeline or send broadcast messages to their followers on Kakao Plus Friend. Furthermore, running ads is also allowed when they want to gain brand awareness. 

Kakaotalk Modetour
Kakaotalk Expedia

Bangkok “Terminal21” and Danang “Sky36” are working with us for market penetration in Korea. Level up your digital marketing strategy, too, with IH Digital!

Are you in need of agency to assist you in Korean digital marketing? IH Digital is here to help you expand your business.  Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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Naver Marketing : Naver Blogs and the Power of Naver Search

digital-marketing-korea-digital-agency-singaporeKoreans search online for almost everything. This consumer trend is greatly significant for marketers if they want to attempt Digital Marketing in Korea.

Naver Search: What does “Search” mean to Koreans?

A Korean professional working in Seoul is going to meet his friend after work, in Gangnam, the center of Seoul. And unconsciously he searches “Good restaurants in Gangnam”, and reads through the reviews that Korean bloggers have posted on their blogs.

Meanwhile, another Korean professional is interested to buy a luggage for her first overseas trip during her long holiday. She has no time for offline shopping, so she has decided to buy one online. The first thing she did was to search “durable luggage recommendations”. On the search result appeared a list of pretty luggage, where she found her “right one” and bought it.

Koreans search online for almost everything – shopping, food, product reviews and travel ideas, to name a few, basically because Koreans tend to review pros and cons before purchasing almost anything. This unique Korean consumer trend is greatly significant that brand marketers in Korea should not take a second though about taking this into consideration when targeting the Korean market.

Korean consumers search relevant keywords online and recognize the brands that appear often on the search results. This leads to the “Zero/One moment of truth”.

It is therefore significant for marketers to consider Naver Marketing, which covers Naver Search, Naver Blog and Naver Blog Management with the aim of effective Korea Marketing.

Naver Search: A service that goes together with Blog Management

Naver Search aims to provide more convenient, precise and faster search results. Naver analyzes Naver users’ online search environment and patterns to be able to offer optimized search results.

Recently, to counter DAUM’s new Kakao Search Service – a mobile-optimized search service – Naver launched Multimedia Search followed by Regional Search, Tag Search and Real-time Search. The launch of these new search services by Naver was interpreted as a sign that Naver is building mobile-friendly search environment, responding to overall change of online search behavior – from PC search to mobile search.

Blog Management: Paying Attention to Personalized Information, Consumer Behavior, and Consumers’ Interest

Korean consumers search relevant keywords online and recognize the brands that appear often on the search results

Naver is now on its track to change from desktop search to mobile search. Desktop search offers broad information as compared to mobile search, which provides more customized information.

At this juncture, customer behavior patterns should be contain deeper, more human and quality analyses, rather than the classic consumer analysis which measures by demographic ways in the past such as age, gender, occupation and the like. Although these basic information are still vital, there are more quality information and data that can lead to better optimization of digital marketing korea actions.

The Search Ads trend, in the same way, did not remain constant. Not long ago, it was enough with simply setting a specific duration that the Ads will run online. Today, however, Search Ads target specified people via RTB (Real-Time Bidding).

When it comes to Blog Management, focusing on blog content itself is essential to make blog visitors – who visited the blog through relevantkeywords search – stay longer on the blog. This will only be possible when a blog is filled with high-quality content. How will you do this without making your blog flood with focus keywords? Three things: 1. Understand the content plan; 2. Mention specific keywords with clear verbs or action such as “travelling in Manila for vacation”; and 3. Mention the keywords frequently but not to the point of destroying your piece. Remember, quality content with relevant keywords always win the search.

Whether your office is located inside or outside Korea, you can market your products and services to the Korean market through Naver blog. Are you interested in Korean Digital Channels, Korean Digital Marketing, Video Marketing and Korean Online Marketing? Check out more about Naver Marketing and Video Marketing here.

Contact IH Digital Philippines to know more about our services like video marketing. For inquiries, click here.

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Naver Marketing: Best Marketing Features


Naver Search Ads(SEM) / Naver Display Ads / Naver Blogs

Naver Marketing is an essential tool and social media platform that can help your brand and business penetrate the Korean market. Video Marketing is also an effective tool when it comes to advertising your brand in Korea. To begin your quest in the Korean digital sphere, know that apart from the globally famous social media platforms, Naver is Korea’s social digital hub that covers a wide reach in the Korean market. Needless to say, your brand will forego a vast and substantial Korean audience when your digital efforts are not sealed with a presence in the Naver community.

What is Naver Marketing? And what are the best features of this platform that makes it easy for brands to target and capture the right audience in Korea? Its best marketing features basically function through effective and efficient ads:

Naver Search Ads (SEM: Search Engine Marketing)

Naver Search Ads connect the brands and brand seekers, sellers and customers. It is essentially a basic Naver ad service, using the search results page to help brands hold a significant presence in the search engine.

This ad can lead targeted users to easily access the brands’ websites. Moreover, you can figure out specific information such as web traffic, keyword efficiency and the most used keywords.

More specifically, Naver Search Ads include:

  • Click Choice – The brand website with short description appears on the search results, but the advertiser only pays for ‘clicks’ (CPC-based).
  • Click Choice Plus – Mobile-friendly version of Naver Click Choice, which also provides a preview of the brand and its official location.
  • Brand Search – The brand contents appears on top of the search result with images, videos and other significant information.
  • Other Ads – Click Choice Product Ad, Power Content.

Naver Marketing is an essential tool and social media platform in digital marketing

Naver Display Ads. 

Naver Display Ads is an ad type that displays animated ad banners on the main page of Naver, which can also be visible via online Naver cafés, establishments, etc. This type of ad is the most impactful to Naver users. Considering that Naver has 1,900,000,000 page views DAILY, this type of can be considered generally one of the most efficient.

Naver Marketing is an essential tool and social media platform in digital marketing

Naver Blogs

If you want to constantly communicate with the Korean Naver users, Naver Blog could be your silver bullet. Koreans spend more than 50% of their internet time reading through blogs and harvesting insightful information – and the Naver Search favors Naver Blog content.

Its content takes priority on Naver search results. With the right and suitable choice of keywords, any brand’s Naver blog content can appear on the first page of Naver Search results.

Naver Marketing is an essential tool and social media platform in digital marketing Naver Marketing is an essential tool and social media platform in digital marketing

Interested in Korean Digital Channels, Korean Digital Marketing, Video Marketing and Korean Online Marketing? Considering the Naver Marketing gives you an edge to these digital and mobile marketing objectives.

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