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MSF Influencer Marketing for Marriage Preparation Programme Campaign

Influencer Marketing Marriage Preparation Programme

The Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) recently launched an influencer campaign to drive awareness of its Marriage Preparation Programme (MPP). Starting and keeping a marriage are big steps in life that couples need to be fully prepared for. The MPP helps couples understand issues relating to marriage and learn skills to prepare for married life.

Family of Influencers Joined the Campaign

Influencers engaged to spread the awareness of the MPP on Facebook and Instagram shared their opinions and experiences regarding marriage through regular feed posts and Stories, which are effective strategies on both platforms. These posts sparked inspirations, affirmations, and discussions among audiences in online comments.

Case Study: Mizi Wahid Shared How His Family Coped With Covid Separation through Better Communications

In his post, he shared a personal anecdote regarding how the temporary separation of his family due Covid challenged them, but they were able to overcome all of it through more effective communications. He then recommended the MPP to people who wish to learn valuable lessons in how to strengthen various aspects of their married life. A lot of people related to his story that his post gained almost 9k engagements.


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A post shared by Mizi Wahid (@miziwahid)

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SGAG, Mothership Shout Out MSF Mother’s Day FB Live Concert

SGAG, Mothership Boost MSF’s Mother’s Day Event Promotion

Popular content platforms are a consistent source of high engagement for brands wanting to expand content reach. For instance, some Singapore public sector organisations turn to local content creators to help spread the message faster.

Last month, the Ministry of Social and Family Development engaged SGAG and Mothership to publicise its Mother’s Day Facebook Live concert.

The concert titled ‘FFL Homemade for Mums’ starred local celebrities like Liu Ling Ling, Angie Lau, Jason Chung, Kelvin Soo, and many more.

Using IG Stories Engagement-Boosting Features

Through a series of Instagram Stories, SGAG shared the content using features like question stickers and a ‘swipe up’ link.

SGAG endorses MSF event with IG stories
Screenshots of the SGAG Instagram stories promoting MSF’s Mother’s Day concert event | Photo credit: @sgagsg

Some of its talents also participated in the event promotion. This includes @annettelee, @nodiooo, and @syafiqapls.

SGAG talents promote MSF Mother's Day FB Live concert
SGAG talents @annettelee, @nodiooo and @syafiqapls endorsing the event | Photo credit: @sgagsg

Moreover, Mothership took part in promoting the online concert with a string of IG stories as well.

Using the question sticker feature, Mothership received many feedbacks from its followers. As a result, there was a lift in engagement and awareness.

Finally, a ‘swipe up’ link story endorsed the FB Live concert event.

Mothership endorses MSF event with IG stories
Screenshots of the Mothership Instagram stories promoting the event | Photo credit: @mothershipsg

In the end, both SGAG and Mothership truly engaged audiences and entertained them. More importantly, it drove awareness for the event with a “bottom-up” approach.

After all, an additional marketing boost won’t hurt if you’re collaborating with the right channel.

Key Takeaway

Besides directly advertising on your social media page, you can also add extra content reach using popular platforms. Not only it helps you target your audience, but it also gives an extra boost to broadcasting your message faster.

Like SGAG and Mothership, there are plenty of content platforms to choose from depending on your goals. If you’re a public organisation wanting to broaden your reach, this is definitely one of the many ways to go.

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MSF Families for Life Promotes FB Live Video Through SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing by MSF Families for Life - Digital Marketing Agency Singapore

SMS marketing avails a good, cost-effective channel for organisations to reach out to their customers. With a database of subscribers who have opted-in to receive marketing messages, SMS marketing avoids crowded online channels to go direct to audiences’ inboxes.

Promoting a Facebook Live video through SMS Marketing

Recently, the Ministry of Social and Family Development carried out an SMS blast to alert their subscribers of an upcoming Families for Life Facebook broadcast that may be of interest to them – elegantly bridging the gap between the more traditional channel and the online world of social media.

MSF Families for Life using SMS marketing to promote FB Live post
Screengrab of the SMS and Facebook Live post of Families for Life

Presently, the one-hour live video posted on Saturday has over 21,000 views on Facebook with a total of nearly 300 likes, shares, and comments.

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Singapore Influencer Mr Brown Endorses Share-the-Care Campaign

Singapore Influencer Mr Brown Endorses Share-the-Care Campaign

To promote the Families for Life Council’s (FFL) “Share-the-Care” movement, the Ministry of Social and Family Development collaborated with Mr Brown (aka Lee Kin Mun) – a well-liked influencer in Singapore. The famed comedian and “Blogfather” of Singapore shared the “Kim Huat and the Ribbon” video across his social media channels, which gained immediate attention with over 100,000 views and 660 shares overnight.

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Kim Huat waits for his bus while working on a little gift. a production of #covid19 #SGUnited #SingaporeStrong #FFLShareTheCare

A post shared by @mrbrown on Twitter (@mr_brown) on

Initiated as part of the #SGUnited efforts, the movement encourages families to bond with one another and other families to show their support for our community’s unsung heroes who are tirelessly battling against the COVID-19 outbreak. These include the people “who keep our community clean and safe or those who help us go about our lives normally such as the cleaners in our estates, bus drivers, school bus drivers and so forth.

The campaign was boosted through influencer marketing, which helped spread the information faster and broader on social media. Mr Brown has a massive fan base of 411.8k followers on Twitter, 103.7k on Facebook, 35.3k on Instagram, and 42.4k on YouTube – a great booster that led to the campaign’s incredible initial results. The video received nearly 11k views on Instagram, 80.7k on Facebook, 7.9k on Twitter, and 4.8k on YouTube.

"Kim Huat and the Ribbon" video by Mr Brown as posted on his Facebook page
“Kim Huat and the Ribbon” video by Mr Brown as posted on his Facebook page

Mr Brown’s short video helps extend the FFL’s invitation to everyone while encouraging them to join the movement. Families are urged to pay it forward with Share-the-Care baskets containing games and a DIY kit suitable for kids, families, and senior citizens.

Watch the full Mr Brown YouTube video here:

About the Movement

Families for Life started the FFL “Share-the-Care” movement in March 2020 to “encourage families to bond with one another and other families in showing support for our community’s unsung heroes.” The council has put together a care basket containing various games and activities such as DIY materials for the FFL Share-the-Care red ribbons, traditional games (five stones, paper ball), FFL Tote Bag, MSF Baby Bonus Parenting Resources (fingerprinting kit, reading and rhyme cards), Dads for Life “Knowing Me, Knowing You” family card game, People’s Association’s Playdate kit containing 7 family games and activities, and National Library Board’s Reading interest profiling toolkit.

Interested families and individuals may fill up this form to sign up. Note that each household is entitled to one basket on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more information, visit this page:

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Content Marketing: Promoting Filial Piety with the will. I promise cards

MSF Singapore amplifies online marketing, digital marketing, and content marketing strategy in promoting Filial Piety the with “I will. I promise” cards.

Filial Piety Singapore is the social media Facebook page created in accordance with Ministry of Social and Family Development or MSF. This content marketing strategy serves as a platform to share and showcase stories of filial piety with the world.

In a continuous attempt to carry the mission of nurturing a resilient and caring society, MSF collaborated with IH Digital, a social media marketing agency in Singapore to execute a new way of delivering a message through combining the modern and old-fashioned style: a Facebook application with readily-available, pre-designed promise card for printing. This aims to further amplify the page’s advocacy as well as the brand’s online marketing, digital marketing, and social media marketing efforts.

MSF Singapore amplifies online marketing, digital marketing, and content marketing strategy in promoting Filial Piety the with “I will. I promise” cards.

With the catchphrase “I will. I promise”, Filial Piety encourages everyone to download a card, write a heart-warming letter to parents or grandparents, and share the message in Filial Piety’s Facebook page as an inspiration to all.

Seeking out ways to amplify your advocacy through content marketing?

Multiple organizations are using social media to promote and share their advocacy to the world. MSF and Singapore Red Cross, for example, chose to approach fans and inspire them through social media and content marketing.

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