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JLL Drives Sales Leads with Meta Lead Ads

JLL Drives Sales Leads with Meta Lead Ads | IH Digital

Learn how Meta’s Lead Ads can help you drive sales leads with this example from property giant JLL. 

For its latest advertising campaign, JLL wants tap markets based in Malaysia who might be interested to learn and invest in London’s trendiest homes. In doing so, the global real estate giant property launched Facebook and Instagram Lead Ads to take a closer into Singapore and Malaysia’s diverse markets.  

JLL Drives Sales Leads with Meta Lead Ads |IH Digital

Lead ads enabled JLL not only to promote their newest real estate portfolio but also to generate sales leads – by gathering relevant information about interested buyers and investors from markets outside London such as Singapore and Malaysia.  

The Power of Meta Lead Ads 

Lead Ads are one of Meta’s most popular advertising solutions. It looks like your average dynamic ads you can find on Facebook Feeds and Instagram Stories. Its function, and impact, on the other hand, are unique compared to other marketing strategies.  

They help brands like JLL gain more knowledge about their target markets. In addition, insights generated from Lead Ads can guide which markets and audiences respond effectively to your ads, products or services.  

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