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LANEIGE Facebook Live Tour: Pavilion Elite Boutique Grand Opening


LANEIGE Malaysia hosts a Facebook Live Streaming video to tour social media fans into their newly-opened boutique at Pavilion Elite. The video is part of the brand’s social media marketing which showcases exclusive skincare and makeup products that are only available at the latest G5 boutique. This includes LANEIGE’s very own Water Science Mist, Water Pocket Sheet Mask, Water Sleeping Ball, Lip Card, Travel Kits, and Scented Cards.

Highlights of the media event were featured in the latter part of the video as well.

Aside from the live stream video, this digital marketing and social media marketing strategy by IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Malaysia is also accompanied by a Facebook 360-degree photo that serves as a virtual tour and location guide for LANEIGE Sparkling Beauties’ reference.

Optimize your social media marketing through Live Videos

Facebook Live Streaming is a digital tool that is widely utilized by marketers today. It opens business pages to document corporate events, make use of behind-the-scene footages, and create corporate videos to attract social media users onto your business page as well as your products.

Live video is also efficient for marketers in a way that it sends notification to your followers encouraging them to interact and comment the very moment your video is released. This is a digital opportunity for you to increase video reach, engagement, and fans.

Make use of live videos for your next digital marketing campaign! IH Digital is consists of video productionTalk to one of our representatives today experts that can help you from video conceptualization until distribution.

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LANEIGE Singapore’s Make-up Tutorial Video featuring Global Makeup Artist

Social Media Marketing - LANEIGE Singapore - Makeup Tutorial Video

LANEIGE Singapore shares another make-up tutorial Facebook video as part of its social media marketing promotion for “Milky Way Fantasy” Holiday Collection 2016. The makeup demo is led by none other than Cathy Koh, LANEIGE’s resident beauty expert and Global Makeup Artist.

This online marketing campaign by IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore is tailored to highlight makeup products within the Milky Way Fantasy Collection. The tutorial made use of LANEIGE’s BB Cushion Whitening, Two Tone Shadow Bar, Two Tone Lip Bar and Pure Radiant Blush. Cathy Koh also gave useful makeup tips and tricks along the beauty tutorial video for ladies to try.

Beauty Tutorial Videos as a social media marketing strategy

The beauty industry has taken off in such a huge way through social media. Video hosting sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pave way for digital marketing experts to broadcast product demos, behind-the-scenes live coverage and corporate videos directly to the brand’s target audiences.

With video being a popular social marketing medium, it is but essential for every brand to communicate values and messages with only well-thought quality content. Let IH Digital, a trusted 360 digital marketing agency in Singapore help you create video production campaign that can reach and standout from the market. Inquire with us today.


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Digital Marketing: It’s a Milky Way Fantasy holiday with LANEIGE

Digital-Marketing-LANEIGE-Milky-Fantasy-WebsiteWith the help of a digital marketing agency, LANEIGE Malaysia launches “Milky Way Fantasy”, an interactive microsite launching the 2016 holiday collection.

LANEIGE Malaysia launches the Milky Way Fantasy” microsite, an interactive digital marketing and content marketing outlet to introduce the brand’s Holiday Collection this 2016. This microsite by IH Digital, a digital marketing agency, also serves as a dazzling space for fans to play and enjoy while being given the chance to take home a set from the collection.

“Milky Way Fantasy” microsite as the theme suggests, is inspired from the hues of ultraviolet and cool blue tones surrounding the design of LANEIGE’s Milky Way Fantasy Holiday Collection 2016. The online game as a digital advertising and digital marketing strategy also succeeds in giving a galactic vibe from its vivid visual to its game mechanics.

[metaslider id=4552]

To participate, fans will simply have register and play the online game. The goal is to dodge space creatures and meteors which decrease the players’ fuel. Collecting LANEIGE’s Milky Way Fantasy Collection on the other hand, refuels the spaceship, enabling fans to further continue the game. The top 10 sparkling cadet with the highest kilometres reached will win an exciting set from LANEIGE’s exclusive Holiday Collection.

Microsite as an effective platform for your online campaign

Microsites can highlight your product and augment your digital marketing campaign in a way that Facebook Ads cannot. It’s an effective platform to elicit user interaction and convey information in a highly creative manner. What sets microsites apart is the opportunity for brands to establish an exclusive space for users to interact with a campaign like what LANEIGE achieved in the “Milky Way Fantasy” online game.

Start your campaign with IH Digital

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Digital Marketing: LANEIGE Malaysia launches a successful sampling app

Digital Marketing - LANEIGE Timeless Beauty - Facebook App

LANEIGE Malaysia launches a Facebook sampling app called “24H Timeless Beauty” as part of their brand’s digital marketing campaign to promote its newly launched anti-aging products for day and night. The Facebook app highlights the new LANEIGE Time Freeze Firming Sleeping Mask, Face-fit Roller (sold separately), and the BB Cushion Anti-Aging. Together, these products improve skin elasticity, provide better coverage and combat aging, giving you that ultimate Face-Fit effect for a more youthful-looking look.

[metaslider id=4491]

The three products come together hand-in-hand as an effective anti-aging prevention, that can be used as a beauty regime from day to night. LANEIGE highlighted this by using an animated GIF background to give emphasis to the products’ day and night time use.

With the help of a digital marketing agency, LANEIGE Malaysia launches a Facebook sampling app to promote it's newly launched anti-aging products.

Facebook Apps: From online to first-hand experience

IH Digital executed a well-executed content marketing and social media strategy by developing this Facebook App. This way, it provides fans a holistic and unique experience, from registering on the app to actually claiming the product, giving them a first-hand experience of the newly launched products. This method of distributing samples distinguishes LANEIGE Malaysia from the rest.

Creative and unique content a digital marketing strategy

Facebook Apps, Animated GIFs, Facebook Live videos, are great examples of creative ways to better engage with your target audience. If you’re looking to start your own digital marketing campaign, IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore, provides services that ranges from video production, website development,to social media marketing and online advertising. Drop us a message and learn more on how we can help you.


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LANEIGE Singapore – Eugena Bey’s Beauty Tutorial

LANEIGE Singapore introduces its new collection through a tutorial video with beauty blogger, Eugene Bay, as part of its social media marketing campaign.

In the world of beauty, an effective social media marketing strategy often includes skin and makeup tutorial videos with a visually enticing content. Innovative partnership videos are also of great popularity for online marketing nowadays, as bloggers are deemed more influential among the youth than most celebrities.

LANEIGE Singapore took part in this thriving social media trend by incorporating a beauty tutorial video as part of the brand’s digital marketing efforts. LANEIGE sought the help of IH Digital to establish a partnership with Eugena Bey, a renowned beauty blogger in Singapore and to produce a #GetReadyWithMe pre-weekend beauty routine video featuring #LANEIGEXLuckyChouette BB Cushion collection.

The tutorial video also highlighted other LANEIGE skincare and makeup products such as the All day Anti-Pollution Defensor, Water Bank product range, Pure Radiant Shadow and Blush, Edge Drawing Eyeliner and many more.

Plan your social media marketing strategy with IH Digital

Do you think Facebook tutorial videos and live Facebook videos might also work for your brand? IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore can help you plan and produce social media strategies across digital media platforms. We have blogger management and video production experts who can boost the quality of your content to further drive engagement and brand awareness. Learn more about our services here.

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Content Marketing: LANEIGE Singapore Shares Beauty Tutorial Video

LANEIGE Singapore takes their content marketing a whole new level with a tutorial video with their Global Make-Up Artist, Cat Koh

LANEIGE Singaporestepped up their content marketing by sharing makeup tips to get that perfect Summer Babe look. With the help of IH Digital, LANEIGE Singapore produced a makeup tutorial video for their Summer Collection 2016. It also featured LANEIGE Global Makeup Artist, Cat Koh, and her simple tricks on how to get that gorgeous Marine Girl summer look.

The tutorial video highlighted LANEIGE’s Summer Collection 2016 products, which includes Marine Girl Boy Eyeshadow Palette and Sparkling Body Cushion. It also featured some of LANEIGE’s quality products like Two Tone Lip Bar, Cushion Highlighter, and Volume Setting Mascara.

How Video marketing could help your brand’s marketing communications

Video marketing not only elevates your brand’s content marketing. It is also an effective social media strategy that could help drive organic reach and brand awareness. Promotion videos, event videos, live Facebook videos are just some of the examples. This kind of marketing communications strategy will surely have a deep impact on your target audience because of the first-hand experience it showcases. Not to mention, it also strengthens your social media presence and digital marketing.

IH Digital, a digital agency in Singapore, has helped produced tutorial videos and other kinds of video production. If you’re interested to know more about content marketing and video marketing, contact us by clicking here.

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Laneige Gave Mums a Special Treat and What Happened Will Inspire You


Laneige’s Video Production Goes Live on Event

video production | event video | corporate video

During the recent Mother’s Day event, Laneige decided to treat the mothers in Singapore and record these happenings in a special video production with the help of digital agency IH Digital.

video production | event video | corporate video

Inspiration for mothers and their daughters as well as the emphasis on the importance of taking care of one’s self is the core messages in this event. The video production is mainly the coverage of the whole event. And through a thorough video editing, the most vital parts of the program were highlighted inside out. Inspiring messages of daughters to their mothers and vice versa were the most inspiring parts of the event video.

video production | event video | corporate video

By this video production, Laneige took steps to target the hearts of mothers and daughters on Mother’s Day instead of a simple corporate video highlighting their products. Successful enough, Laneige was able to introduce their products effectively to these women of different ages and families during a remarkable event and a marketing video to share the happenings with all women. Through a fabulous event, Laneige made its way to finally incorporate special events with product promotion with the best connection.

video production | event video | corporate video

video production | event video | corporate video

video production | event video | corporate video

video production | event video | corporate video

Watch the special video production below:

Are you interested in creating your brand’s very own marketing video? Do you like to integrate events marketing with video marketing? IH Digital’s services include video development that will best suit your brand’s marketing needs, be it event videos, corporate videos, promotions and product marketing videos. Visit digital agency IH Digital YouTube channel to view our developed marketing videos.