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3 Simple Tricks to Promote Your Pharmaceutical Brand Online

Why Pharma Firms Like Abbott Need a Digital Marketing Agency

With more and more companies getting in on digital marketing, it makes sense that pharmaceutical companies would want to leverage a competitive digital marketing strategy to stand out in the industry. 

The Challenges Pharmaceuticals Face when Marketing Online

Alluring as it may be, pharmaceutical digital marketing can be difficult, even for a big brand like Abbott.  One misstep in marketing and advertising medications online can directly affect a person’s life. This is precisely why regulations are set to gatekeep what is shown online. What’s more, rules governing pharmaceutical digital marketing vary from country to country, making it all the more difficult to digitally market such products overseas. 

How Can Pharmaceutical Companies Enter Digital Marketing? 

Even though pharmaceutical digital marketing poses a difficult challenge, it’s not impossible. Below are the essential steps on how new players can enter the arena: 

#1 Set Your Objectives Clearly

Ask yourself, why does your company want to enter the world of digital marketing? Is the purpose to engage with a wider audience, to sway their decision, or to drive sales? 

Whatever the choice is, you need to set the objective clearly because each objective might require a different strategy and platform. You can either leverage search marketing or display marketing. 

Once you choose your objective, you are now ready to map out your online marketing strategy, which brings you one step closer to reaching your business goals. 

#2 Strategise Your Campaign and Drive Results

There are many ways to increase a product’s awareness. One campaign strategy is how Abbott, a US-based health care and pharmaceutical company, increased its product SURBEX® Zinc’s awareness in Malaysia through YouTube, the top video sharing platform online. 

Using an eye-catching creative as well as strategic media buying, SURBEX® Zinc’s video ad garnered almost 400k views in only two months. Not only did the video catch the viewer’s attention, but it also led the viewer to their website, leading to a substantial amount of website traffic. 

One of the three YouTube ads made by IH Digital for Abbott

Of course, there are a lot more ways to spread products awareness such as content marketing, social media marketing, search marketing, and the like. But all these would not have been achieved without incorporating media planning and buying and content creation ot their efforts. 

#3 Review Your Campaign

After everything has been set and done, it is crucial to see whether or not your campaign reached your target KPI. This analysis leaves room for future improvement. 

Abbott used more than just one way in spreading the awareness of SURBEX® Zinc. To further widen the scope, the pharma brand featured four Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) using the product in an article placed on OhBulan!, a Malay entertainment website. 

An article on OHBULAN! featuring four celebrities using SURBEX® Zinc

Within less than a month, the story had at least 20k views. The result well exceeded the initial target of 15k story views. Afterwards, it proceeded to expand the reach using social media marketing through a Facebook and Twitter shout out. 

The SURBEX® Zinc product review article with a Facebook shout out on OHBULAN!

With the right tools to measure a campaign’s success, you can analyse data for the improvement of your future campaigns.

Are you having difficulties marketing your pharmaceutical brand online? Engage a digital marketing agency now to ease your troubles away. Drop your details here to know more about our services and what we can offer for your digital endeavours.

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Social media marketing tip: Learn from influencers’ techniques

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Today’s social media marketing is continuously evolving. With famous personalities followed by thousands (or millions) of online users, brands can garner quite good exposure from these influencers. Aside from tagging famous personalities, bloggers or celebrities, brands can also learn effective online marketing strategy from these influencers.

Social media marketing trend: The Impact of KOLs and Key Influencers

While most companies focus on social media marketing, learning from key opinion leaders (KOLs) are somehow part of the social media strategy too. Aside from tagging these personalities to create a buzz about products or services, there are more things in store for brands. There are things we can apply to social media platforms while taking techniques from KOLs and key influencers.


Here are some techniques from KOLs and influencers that brands can implement to social media platform:


  • Let your content design strategy create a positive impression

Your brand’s signature look, your target market and your content strategy are key to garnering a loyal fan base and the right set of fans. Bloggers for example, place a huge deal on their profile pages’ aesthetics, be it Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Primary reason is that brands need to compete for the attention of online users in a saturated online space. Quality design, unique aesthetics and most importantly, a well-planned social media content strategy are most likely the factors that affects online users.


  • Value patience and experience in engaging fans


Ask, listen and discuss topics with your fans. This way, your social media marketing can reach the next level – a personal interaction with fans, which is an effective approach to learning more about your fans and drawing positive impression towards your brand.

Bloggers and famous personalities can be noticed to be making time for live chats, Q&A session and live videos to garner opinions, suggestions and create a positive atmosphere around their social media profiles. In the same way, brands can also implement this social media strategy by replying actively in the comments sections of their posts. Engage fans, learn more about them and create an online air that would be most fit to your brand. By doing this, you can create an online marketing strategy and digital media campaigns depending on what you can learn from your fans such as their age, their online activities and interests just by listening and conversing with them.


  • Create a unique strategy for every social media platform or channel


Notice famous bloggers’ Instagram and Facebook, you will largely notice the difference. Posts present on Facebook is not necessarily applicable to Instagram, and vice versa. Channel your assets in a way that is most suitable in every channel. For instance, bloggers think about quality images, grids, and how each of their images will affect their Instagram’s profile’s grid of images. This is not necessarily applicable to Facebook as Facebook is more about the impact of each post in the newsfeed.


  • Social media algorithm is big deal


To make your post visible in the newsfeed, engaging fans during the first hour after posting your content is crucial. Most influencers are attentively responding to their fans while their post is new and fresh. Additionally, social media algorithm now prioritizes quality content, and engagement plays a large role in this. This is especially true for Facebook and Instagram. One of the digital marketing best practices you can take from influencers is to continue a conversation. Be active in encouraging an engaged community. Tip: Boost your post reach as well as page reach.


  • Videos, even a simple one, can be effective


A planned strategy and well-targeted to the right market is the key to effective video . Videos, in fact, is a great strategy to help the audience decide to buy a product or service. Online users don’t expect perfection in social media videos. Hence, it’s a plus for digital marketing efforts as long as the content is useful, meaning and targeted properly.


As your brand plans for social media advertising plans, ensure that your strategy is laid out properly according to the needs of your market while taking into consideration the digital marketing trends useful for your brand. At IH Digital, we plan, strategise and implement social media marketing strategies with expertise and experience. We connect with and manage KOLs and influencers to help brands achieve their social media marketing objectives with ease.