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Miele Singapore Appointed IH Digital as Media Buy Agency


We are proud to share that IH Digital is the digital advertising partner of Miele Singapore. IH Digital provides Miele with media buying solution across Facebook, Instagram, Google Search & Display and YouTube platforms. 

Recently, we have kicked off Miele’s 11.11 and their ‘Only The Best for The Ones Who Matter’ Christmas campaign to raise brand awareness and to drive traffic to their e-commerce website – Miele Webshop.

Miele’s IG Ads

Miele’s IG Ads 

Miele’s FB Ad

Miele’s FB Ad

The Miele website serves as the brand’s product information source for social media fans and customers, who are interested in buying domestic appliances to learn more.

To capture our audience’s attention and encourage them to click through on the Facebook and Instagram Link Ads to the Miele Webshop, we’ve carefully curated modern, aspirational and futuristic visuals to showcase Miele’s technology.

About Miele 

Miele is the world’s leading provider of premium domestic appliances including cooking, baking and steam-cooking appliances, refrigeration products, coffee makers, dishwashers and laundry and floor care products. This line-up is augmented by dishwashers, washing machines and tumble dryers for commercial use as well as washer-disinfectors and sterilisers for use in medical and laboratory applications (Miele Professional).

Drive product awareness through Digital Advertising 

Whether you want to build brand awareness or drive conversion, IH Digital helps you to plan and implement an effective ad campaign. We offer media buying services on multiple digital platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google and more, to achieve your different marketing goals. 

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About IH Digital 

IH Digital is an Asia-focused digital marketing agency providing Consultancy, Strategy, Content, Social Media, Media Buy, Web Development, SEM & SEO.

IH Digital is a member of Digital 38 Group.

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MCI REACH Encourages Public Participation in E-Listening Point Survey with Social Media Ads

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REACHSingapore recently concluded an ad campaign on social media platforms Facebook and Instagram to encourage public participation in their E-Listening Point Survey.  

The campaign was aimed at reaching out to the general public in Singapore in order to collect public sentiments on the government’s plans in fighting COVID-19The social media ads placed on Facebook Newsfeed and Instagram Stories incentivized participants to take part in the survey by giving away limited-edition prizes. 

Social Media Ads on FB newsfeed

REACH’s Facebook Photo Link Ad  

To encourage form submission, Call To Action (CTA) button was included in the Facebook Link Ad, directing audience to the survey after clicking on the ad.  

Social Media Ads on IG Stories

REACH’s Instagram Story Photo Link Ad  

On Instagram Stories, the ad was displayed in a full-screen format between organic stories to create an immersive ad experience. To access the survey form, users need merely swipe up, at which point they will be taken to the landing page. 

REACH  Singapore Government’s Feedback Unit 

REACH is a department under Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) in Singapore. They facilitate Whole-of-Government efforts to gather and gauge ground public feedback, engage and connect with their fellow citizens, on national and social issues.  

REACH was appointed the Singapore Government’s e-engagement platform in January 2009. They aim to create a level of openness between the Government and Singaporeans, working together to establish continued conversations, community participation and collaboration. 

Run Social Media Ads to reach the public fast 

Posting regularly on social media and expecting to gain massive organic reach is impractical; social media advertising is a must if you’re looking to reach the audience — fast. Like it or not, organic reach is getting harder to drive public awareness. The days of going viral without a little boost might be gone forever.  

In addition to optimizing conversion, it is equally critical to place a webpage link on your ad to send traffic directly to your landing page where they can perform a desired action. This can ensure that the audiences do not drown out your ad post. 

About IH Digital 

If you are interested in running an ad campaign on social media, let us help! We offer media buying services on multiple social media channels to widen your reach to your desired target audience.  

IH Digital is an Asia-focused digital marketing agency providing Consultancy, Strategy, Content, Social Media, Media Buy, Web Development, SEM & SEO.  

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