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Goldheart Jewelry works with talented visual artist Limzy


Singapore’s popular jewellery chain, Goldheart Jewelry, collaborated with the talented visual artist Limzy to tell the story of Enchantine and Prince Edward, through a series of watercolor artworks entitled “The Fairytale of Enchantine.” This influencer marketing campaign was in line with Goldheart’s launch of their Enchantine romantic collection.

Goldheart Jewelry, together with a trusted digital marketing agency in Singapore, tapped Limzy to help bring Enchantine and her story to life. Limzy took inspiration from Goldheart Jewelry’s Enchantine romantic collection and created a visual feast using her signature style of combining vivid watercolors with blooming flowers.

“The Fairytale of Enchantine” tells the story of a beautiful girl who lives in a garden among the flowers, named Enchantine. Although a cheerful and young soul, she oftentimes feels lonely. She then embarks on a journey, learning more about the world beyond her garden, but also finding love along the way.

Read the full story on Goldheart Jewelry’s Facebook:

Goldheart x Limzy:

Also part of the influencer marketing campaign, Goldheart Jewelry launched the #HappilyEverAfter Facebook wall contest. Fans were called to share the best expression of love they have ever received or experienced and comment it on the post. The chosen #HappilyEverAfter story will win a romantic 2D1N staycation for two at the beautiful Klapstar Boutique Hotel. On top of that, the winning pair will receive a unique Limzy artpiece from “The Fairytale of Enchantine.”

Influencer marketing: choosing the right talent for your campaign

Many businesses today are embracing social media influencers as a digital marketing strategy to help extend the reach of their brand messaging. By creating content for their massive base of followers in different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, influencers not only promotes the product but also boosts credibility of the brand.

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Social Media Marketing: Goldheart Jewelry gives away with style!


Classy and sassy, that’s what a happy woman has to be. That is the brand message that Goldheart Jewelry adopted for their latest social media marketing campaign. Of course, it is undeniable that their digital marketing strategy was classy and sassy as well. Working with IH Digital, a digital marketing agency, Goldheart Jewelry used both a stop motion video and an animated GIF to give away the latest MODE Gold Sassy It Bag pendant to their social media fans with style.

In this stop motion video, Goldheart Jewelry showcases the different designs of the pendants in an engaging manner.

With the pendants seen moving around on its own, this video managed to bring the products to life. This motion graphic technique involves stitching of multiple photographs to create an illusion of motion. Can you imagine the work that is behind this video?

Goldheart Jewelry uses an animated GIF for its “Pause, Screenshot & Comment” giveaway contest.

The social media fans will have to stop the animation at their desired design, take a screenshot and share it in order to win a MODE Gold Sassy It Bag pendant. On top of acting as an attractive visual, the animated GIF serves as the wall contest tool too.

With the use of two different types of visuals, Goldheart Jewelry managed to execute their social media marketing campaign in a classy and sassy manner, just like how they imagined their happy customers to be.

Use of Stop Motions and Animations in Social Media Marketing

Motion Graphics and animations bring your products to life in a brief span of time. They are effective in sustaining your audience’s attention and conveying your brand message. They are social content that are sharable through social media platforms like Facebook, making your content viral and giving you a higher audience reach. The best part is they are versatile! From being a visual to being a contest tool, motion graphics and animations can be them all. Start exploring how you can use them effectively in your social media marketing efforts today.

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Goldheart Jewelry: First IG Contest A Hit



Goldheart Jewelry

Singapore, 16 December 2014 – Goldheart Jewelry shines on as it succeeds in acquiring more followers through its very first contest on Instagram. The brand’s Instagram page followers have increased 78% within barely two weeks’ time. It went up to a total of 690 from the pre-contest count of 386.

Goldheart Jewelry Instagram Contest

Running from 31 October to 14 November, Goldheart Jewelry’s Favourite Pure Love Moment Photo Contest on Instagram was well-received by its audience. In effect, its Instagram page garnered 304 new followers during the contest period. Submitted entries can be viewed via the hashtag search tool.

How the photo contest was implemented was indeed trouble-free for participants. Simply by using the hashtags #favouritepurelovemoment and #goldheartjewelry with a caption in an Instagram couple-themed photo will give participants the chance to take home the posted $500 Goldheart vouchers. The contest, exhibiting clear social media marketing plan, gained vast attention with some participants making use of their previously posted Instagram photos and placing the contest hashtags as comments to join in.

Featuring Inked Fingers’ beautifully presented Pure Love Photo Diary, the contest was implemented in line with Goldheart Jewelry’s launch of the new wedding bands collection, Sainte Pure. Through this photo contest, Goldheart Jewelry has successfully positioned its brand and products as a leader in the Love and Romance segment.