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3 Ways to Use Animated GIFs to Boost Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing - 3 Ways to Use Animated GIF to promote business

GIF or Graphic Interchange Format is now highly popular across social media platforms. Not only does it communicate your message across like photos and text alone, it also gives your content a sense of emotion without the added time longevity of videos. GIFs are simply long enough to send across a message and short enough to keep your audience’s attention. This could also help with your social media marketing campaigns.

Adding eye-catching motion graphics to a digital marketing strategy also shows a brand paying enough attention to internet trends. Plus, GIFs are sharable through social networks like Facebook, twitter, and Instagram which give marketers’ higher reach that can translate into future sales.

How to incorporate Animated GIF to your social media marketing strategy

If you are wondering how to utilize GIFs for your business, here are three effective ways for you to try.

  1. Showcasing your product

The short and easily-digestible nature of GIFs makes it a viable tool to highlight your product. While Jpegs and Pngs are also great for putting your product on display, it simply doesn’t have the “wow” factor that animated gifs possess.

Below is Nivea Singapore’s take on a product feature using animated GIFs.

  1. Promotional Material

Animated GIF is also a much less in-your-face way of announcing promotions. The multiple frames allow marketers’ to incorporate different product which creates added impact.

Panasonic Singapore put the GIF promotional activity to the test with its “’Tis the season for gifts galore” holiday promotion to offer rebates and premium gifts upon purchase.

  1. Facebook Wall Contest Giveaway

Show your brand’s fun side by creating a wall contest giveaway in the form of an animated GIF. It simply creates a two-way connection that fans’ simply adore.

As an example, Bovril Singapore shares a motion graphic contest requiring participants to screenshot the paused animated GIF upon reaching BINGO.

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UNIQLO Malaysia celebrates its 6th year anniversary!

Social-Media-Marketing-Uniqlo-Malaysia-Count-and-WinUNIQLO Malaysia releases a Facebook wall contest in a form of a motion graphic, as a social media marketing strategy to celebrate its 6th year anniversary.

UNIQLO Malaysia celebrates its 6 year anniversary by organizing a motion graphic wall contest as part of its social media marketing and digital marketing strategy. This online advertising campaign by IH Digital, a digital marketing agency, aims to reward UNIQLO’s social media fans for their unwavering love and support towards the Facebook page as well as the brand.

The wall contest “Arigato Celebration Count and Win” enables fans to win cash vouchers and prizes from UNIQLO itself. Participants will simply have to count the number of UNIQLO logos featured on the animated gif and share the reason why they like UNIQLO clothing while including the hashtag #6yearsofuniqlo.

Microvideos for social media marketing

Microvideos are a vivid and rich medium wildly popular among social media fans. It is known for its short and fast-loading cues – short enough to keep audiences intact and long enough to make a long lasting impression.

Microvideos such as Biore Malaysia’s Miracle Cleansing Water Launch and LOTTE’s Pepero Day video are great examples to showcase the brand substance that could be injected in just a brief span of time through microvideos.

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Social Media Marketing: Hop on to Westway’s Free Shuttle Service!

Social Media Marketing - WestWay Singapore - Animated GIF

Westway Singapore broadens its appeal among food lovers by providing a free shuttle service promoted as a social media motion graphic GIF. The animated GIF also doubles as a Facebook wall contest as part of the brand’s online advertising and social media marketing strategy.

By simply completing the statement “Westway’s FREE shuttle service travels on two different routes and picks you up from ____ stops each time!”, participants will stand a chance to win a $5 Nanyang Old Coffee voucher.

Animated GIFs as a social media marketing strategy

With the help of a digital marketing agency, Westway Singapore launches a GIF to promote their free shuttle services as a social media marketing campaign.

This campaign by IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore, used animated GIFs as a social media marketing strategy to promote Westway’s free shuttle service. GIF is a popular and trendy way to capture audiences and has to proven to attract a huge number of engagement and activity from fans.

To know more about digital marketing and what it can possibly contribute to your brand, contact IH Digital today.

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Social Media Marketing: Biore launches new Cleansing Water line!

Biore introduces new products through social media stop motion video and Facebook wall contest for social media marketing.

The no.1 makeup brand in Japan reveals another product line to address skin care concerns of ladies across Asia! Together with IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore, Biore introduces the new Perfect Cleansing Water Oil Clear and an improved version of Perfect Cleansing Water, the Perfect Cleansing Water Soften Up as part of their social media marketing campaign.

Consecutive content marketing strategies were used to achieve brand awareness for the makeup remover products. In line with static visual postings, the brand also holds an animated GIF Facebook wall contest and a stop motion video as part of the brand’s content marketing and digital marketing plans.

Microvideos for social media marketing

Many renowned brands attest to the effectiveness of video production for online advertising. Honda Malaysia and Bourjois Singapore’s microvideo would be great examples as both are well received by the fans and are successful in driving media engagement.

Tell your story through videos! Contact IH Digital today and discover what social media marketing strategy is suited for you.

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Social Media Marketing: Land Transportation Authority Keeps the World Moving

Land Transportation Authority uses animated GIFs and a Facebook wall contest as part of their social media marketing initiative.

Land Transportation Authority or LTA is the backbone of Singapore’s transport infrastructure and systems. Apart from focusing on planning and maintaining transport operations, LTA also seeks to enliven travelers of all ages and to have them look forward towards their day-to-day journey through social media marketing.

In line with their goal to make public transportation and mobility forms come alive, LTA teamed up with IH Digital, a reputable digital agency in Singapore, to create a Facebook wall contest based on daily transport scenarios. The contest was creatively designed as animated GIFs to entice participants as well as to encourage page engagement between the brand and the commuters along the process.

Creative social media marketing

Trying new content styles helps in sharing your message in a more creative way, eventually encouraging more fans to engage with you brand. Animated GIFs proved to be an effective social media marketing strategy for LTA, as the contest received lots of entries and gained more fans of the page.

What’s your next digital step?

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Instagram & Facebook Video Marketing: The Launch of Honda Animated GIF

facebook-video-ih-digital-malaysiaHonda MY’s newly launched animated GIF exhibits innovative Instagram and Facebook video marketing strategies.

Animated GIF is a highly effective form of digital marketing as it enables a brand to tell a story in a more interactive way than static images. The movements and the visually stimulating illustrations give viewers a different perspective and allow your target audience to see your brand in a new light. Additionally, GIFs are very shareable, thereby increasing brand awareness and online activity.

Honda MY, through the help of IH Digital Malaysia, is taking a creative approach to content marketing through illustrated Instagram and Facebook video/animated GIF.

Honda MY’s newly launched animated GIF exhibits innovative Instagram and Facebook video marketing strategies.

The cars were illustrated from scratch, and the animated GIF was launched on the brand’s Instagram and Facebook page.Honda MY’s newly launched animated GIF exhibits innovative Instagram and Facebook video marketing strategies.

Honda MY’s newly launched animated GIF exhibits innovative Instagram and Facebook video marketing strategies.

Honda MY’s newly launched animated GIF exhibits innovative Instagram and Facebook video marketing strategies.

Creating something simple yet creative that can turn viral

Honda’s newly launched Instagram and Facebook video/animated GIF, which displays a throwback of the old Honda Civic models, is used as some sort of a promotion video to engage followers and fans, encouraging them to select a favourite model and leave a comment. The idea behind the launch of the animated GIF is to turn it into a marketing communications tool and interactive teaser to give way to the upcoming launch of Honda’s new car model.

The leading automotive brand partnered with IH Digital Malaysia to enhance the brand’s marketing video concepts and further drive engagement. The use of Instagram and Facebook videos have been creating a lot of buzz lately, and what better way to give Honda MY’s take on the trending news and topics than to create and post an engaging animated GIF and illustrations that showcase the brand’s message.

IH Digital is a reputable digital agency in Singapore that focuses on shaping your brand’s message. If you want to learn more about the significant roles of Facebook video and corporate video production in the Singapore marketing industry, feel free to contact one of our representatives today.