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Digital Marketing: 3 Facebook Live Best Practices To Remember


Did you know that 1 in 5 videos on Facebook is a live broadcast? Facebook Live remains a powerful digital marketing tool ever since it was first launched in 2015 because it’s free, fun and fairly easy to use. Virtually anyone who has an internet connection and a Facebook account can do so without trouble. But how do brands take advantage of Facebook Live’s massive potential for traffic and engagement? Let this roundup of best practices guide you along the way.




One of the most important things to do before you go live is to let people know. Do this in advance in order to build anticipation among your followers. For Eastspring Investments, the buzz for their Facebook Live session about the 2019 Market Outlook was created six days before the live broadcast. The announcement provided ample time for interested attendees to prepare for the broadcast. Moreover, try not to be cryptic when drumming up excitement for a live broadcast. Tell people what the broadcast is about or who will be in the broadcast.


Honda Malaysia’s Facebook Live video at the KLIMS 2018 Motorshow proved to be a success with careful planning and coordination.

Will you be broadcasting from a studio or an outdoor area? Inspect the venue if it’s conducive. Is the internet connection stable? Put your mobile phone in airplane mode so that no calls will disrupt your broadcast. Should you use a microphone? Test your device’s audio if it’s clear and audible. By doing a test broadcast, you can eliminate mistakes that could arise during the live broadcast.


Eastspring Investments made their Facebook Live session all the more interesting by ensuring viewers are part of the discussion. The broadcast, which talked about investment opportunities in 2019, welcomed questions from viewers. While the broadcast wrapped up in under an hour, a moderator was on standby to inform viewers that unanswered questions will be addressed to in private.


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Social Media Marketing: Using Facebook’s Live Photos to Create Interactive Posts



As Facebook rolls out the integration of Live Photos, the feature has become a more interesting way for your business’ Facebook page to pop. It is also a great way to create amazing Facebook content such as “behind the reveal” posts that will help you surprise and grab Facebook users’ attention.



Posting Live Photos in Facebook can create unique and interactive content, which is “Press and Hold Facebook Post.” You can ask people to physically press and hold the image to see what you have inside. Think of all the surprise and fun customers can have with this! This function can make your Facebook videos or images come alive on the newsfeed, pique people’s curiosity and stand out from others.

Recently, we made an impact using Facebook Live Photo for LANEIGE Singapore. Here, fans are encouraged to press and hold the ‘Accept Call’ button in the Live Photo. Then, they can use smartphone to hear a message from their new ambassador, South Korean actress Kim You Jung.

To experience this Facebook ­Live Photo, follow this link on your smartphone: https://goo.gl/7zpnDH

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A photo ad can deliver your brand’s message but with Facebook Live Photo, you get the best of both worlds – a still picture and a video, all presented in a manner that engages the fan. Facebook’s Live Photos can show a video up to 30 seconds long. With this unique content, you are able to incorporate more brand and product information.



The easiest way to take live photos is through an Apple iPhone, but it can only record 1.5 seconds before and after the photos are taken. Another way to do this is to use an app called “intoLive,” which lets you reveal a video up to 30 seconds or select up to 30 photos to create a slideshow.

One catch to Facebook’s Live Photos is that it can only be viewed on the Facebook app. In addition, Live Photos are measured as static images. You won’t see video metrics such as engagement or watch time.



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Digital Marketing: Facebook Live for Honda Malaysia’s CR-V Launch

digital-marketing-Honda-Malaysia-CRV (1040x490)Honda Malaysia streamed a Facebook Live video as part of their digital marketing campaign to promote the all-new Honda CR-V.

Honda Malaysia streamed a Facebook Live video to showcase their all-new Honda CR-V model and its features to their social media fans online. This social video is part of the brand’s digital marketing campaign to promote the launch of the latest Honda CR-V.

From forward-collision deterrence to driver cruising aid, this Facebook Live video managed to encapsulate the new exclusive features of the CR-V model within a mere 5 minutes. With strong visuals and concise explanations, the social media audience is better able to understand the mechanisms behind the new and improved CR-V model and why this car model reigns as the undisputed leader on the roads.

This social media marketing campaign executed by IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore, has reached out to 369,000 online viewers. The social video is very well-received among social media fans with over 1,000 shares and 7,000 likes.

Aside from the Facebook Live streaming, this digital marketing strategy also comprises of two more product videos. These social media videos help to drive the hype surrounding the All-new Honda CR-V. The interviews with local car experts add credibility to the quality of the Honda SENSING features. These videos differentiate Honda CR-V from the rest and legitimise its status as the undisputed leader on the roads.

Optimising your digital marketing campaign through Facebook Live & other Social Media Videos

Video Marketing is widely used in digital marketing in Singapore. The beauty of video marketing lies in the ability to convey brand messages effectively in a succinct and engaging manner. You can share about 1.8 million words in one minute of video.

Facebook Live Streaming is a digital tool that is widely utilised by marketers today. This digital marketing tactic is truly unique as it establishes a connection between the brand and its followers in real time.

Social videos are digitised videos, designed to be seen and shared through social media networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. This is a great opportunity for you to increase video views, social engagement and of course, your social media fan base.

Make use of videos for your next social media marketing campaign! Let us help you with the planning and execution of your video production. Talk to one of our digital marketing specialists today.

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LANEIGE Facebook Live Tour: Pavilion Elite Boutique Grand Opening


LANEIGE Malaysia hosts a Facebook Live Streaming video to tour social media fans into their newly-opened boutique at Pavilion Elite. The video is part of the brand’s social media marketing which showcases exclusive skincare and makeup products that are only available at the latest G5 boutique. This includes LANEIGE’s very own Water Science Mist, Water Pocket Sheet Mask, Water Sleeping Ball, Lip Card, Travel Kits, and Scented Cards.

Highlights of the media event were featured in the latter part of the video as well.

Aside from the live stream video, this digital marketing and social media marketing strategy by IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Malaysia is also accompanied by a Facebook 360-degree photo that serves as a virtual tour and location guide for LANEIGE Sparkling Beauties’ reference.

Optimize your social media marketing through Live Videos

Facebook Live Streaming is a digital tool that is widely utilized by marketers today. It opens business pages to document corporate events, make use of behind-the-scene footages, and create corporate videos to attract social media users onto your business page as well as your products.

Live video is also efficient for marketers in a way that it sends notification to your followers encouraging them to interact and comment the very moment your video is released. This is a digital opportunity for you to increase video reach, engagement, and fans.

Make use of live videos for your next digital marketing campaign! IH Digital is consists of video productionTalk to one of our representatives today experts that can help you from video conceptualization until distribution.

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Sulwashoo Boutique opens at ION Orchard Singapore!

Social Media Marketing - Sulwhasoo Singapore - ION Orchard opening

Long favoured Korean skincare brand, Sulwashoo, brings holistic beauty to its newly-opened Boutique at ION Orchard Singapore. The grand opening was graced with the presence of much-loved homegrown singer, Kit Chan whose appearance was documented in the Facebook Live video as part of the brand’s digital marketing and social media marketing tactics.

This online advertising live video by IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore also gives viewers a sneak peak of this second boutique’s premium quality lounge and wider spa area where guests can enjoy Sulwashoo’s new Spa 2.0 Program.

What makes Facebook Live video an effective social media marketing strategy?

Running live stream videos on your Facebook business page gives you an instant built-in audience. Going Live automatically sends notifications to your audiences and shows up on your fan’s Facebook newsfeed which help you gain great organic reach.

Facebook live video is also deemed successful in establishing an intimate, authentic connection with your social media audience. It is accessible and only requires minimal to no cost on a marketer’s end.

Team up with IH Digital

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Digital Marketing: Honda BR-V debuts live on Facebook

Digital-Marketing-BR-V-Facebok-Live-1With the help of a digital marketing agency, Honda Malaysia launches its latest model, Honda BR-V, in through a series of Facebook videos and Facebook Live.

Honda Malaysia announces big news to its social media fans – the All New Honda BR-V has finally made its way to Malaysia! BR-V’s arrival was subjected to the brand’s digital marketing and content marketing strategy. Part of which, is a Facebook Live stream video aiming to showcase the model’s first appearance to its fans as well as keep them well-updated with the latest happenings at Honda BR-V’s premiere held at Malaysia Autoshow 2016 last November 10 to 13.

This online advertising campaign by IH Digital, a digital media agency, is also composed of a series of microvideos showcasing its own design features even those apart from its crossover origin, Mobilio MPV.

Facebook Video: An effective digital marketing strategy

Honda Malaysia has long proven the effectiveness of tapping social media fans using Facebook videos. The series of Microvideos launched in time for the announcement of the all-new Honda Civic is a great example with its attained success.

Many marketers continue to choose Facebook Live videos to make their announcements as it can easily spread awareness and encourage fans to engage in real time.

Another great example of this is LANEIGE’s Beauty Roadshow, where the Facebook Live video coverage captured the show and its guests, which featured famous YouTube star, Oon Shu An and South Korean model, Hwang Se-On, among others.

Facebook Live has truly taken digital marketing to a whole new level.

Looking to make your own Facebook Live video?

IH Digital, a digital marketing agency Singapore, has video production experts that could help kickstart your social media marketing campaignContact IH Digital today.

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Digital Marketing: November bonus is on Honda Malaysia!

Digital-Marketing-November-On-Us-Honda-MalaysiaHonda Malaysia releases a social media animated video as a digital marketing and content marketing strategy announcing their November Bonus giveaway.

November bonus is on Honda Malaysia as it releases a new tactical campaign to promote Honda’s year-end holiday rewards. Part of the brand’s digital marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing strategy is a Facebook animated video which highlights exciting deals and offers such as a year-end bonus, pre-loaded Touch and Go card, and exclusive gifts upon purchase of any featured Honda models and variants.

This video production by IH Digital, a digital marketing agency, is also supported by a Facebook and website post to boost the campaign’s online advertising further.

Video production as a digital marketing strategy

Brands are turning to videos to promote their messages across their social media platform. Whether its animated, live, or stop-motion, videos provide a more visual and engaging medium to share your message to your fans.

Plus, it translates to a high number of engagement between fans and your page, in terms of likes, reactions, views, share and comments.

A great example would be Honda’s #RideTheDream digital campaign, where they launched a series of Microvideos in time for the announcement of the all-new Honda Civic, which was launched via an Facebook Live video.

Other successful digital strategic campaigns by Honda Malaysia which gained a significant number of social action from its fans include, Family Road Trip and the Jazz Santai Photo Contest”.

You too can launch successful digital marketing campaigns like Honda Malaysia! Contact IH Digital, a digital agency in Singapore, to know how.

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How Honda Malaysia Launched a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

In partnership with a digital marketing agency, Honda Malaysia successfully used Facebook Live as a digital marketing strategy for the #RideTheDream launch.

Honda Malaysia has experienced large successes with its recent Facebook videos. The microvideos released for their Honda Civic #RideTheDream digital marketing campaign gained over 760,000 views overtime and over 11,800 engagement, including likes, shares, and comments. The Facebook Live videos released for the launch of Honda Civic and Honda Accord attained huge numbers as well, amounting to over 150,000 views overtime.

Since Facebook announced the launch of Facebook Live, Honda Malaysia quickly adapted the new feature as one of their digital marketing strategy to launch the all-new Honda Civic as part of their #RideTheDream campaign. With the help of IH Digital, Honda was able to harness the power of live video and well-directed microvideos and communicate their #RideTheDream story, while building a unique and intimate relationship with the audience.

Microvideos: A Creative Twist on Videos

Honda Malaysia chose to pique their fans’ interests, by releasing a series of microvideo teasers of the all-new Honda Civic showing bite-sized contents of its brand new and improved features, like the Earth Dreams Technology engine, Remote Engine Start and Walk Away Auto Lock. With these, Honda was able to share key information graciously but straightforward, without revealing too much before the actual launch:

Facebook Live: Connect, Engage, Inspire

IH Digital executed a well-coordinated content marketing and social media strategy for Honda Malaysia, by choosing to launch the All-New Honda Civic in a live, well-directed Facebook Live video. IH Digital did a comprehensive planning, from developing a creative storyboard and script to producing the video using high-quality production equipment, with the help of the professional API provided by Facebook. The planning process was very efficient as the team was able to execute the campaign within a few days without any hiccups.


  • It garnered 4 thousand views in just the first 30 minutes it was up
  • Garnered 5.5 thousand likes, 1.1 thousand comments, and 1.8 thousand shares, in just 24 hours.

Following the huge success of the Honda Civic Facebook Live video, Honda Malaysia released another successful Facebook Live video announcing the all-new Honda Accord. This was done with the help of IH Digital again.

How Facebook Video can help your digital marketing campaign

Connecting with your customers through Facebook Live helps them to get to know your brand better. It is engaging in nature which allow you to interact and build a relationship with your fans. It also serves as a source for future content and engagement.

In search of a digital marketing agency?

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Honda Malaysia’s #RideTheDream Launch Goes Live on Facebook Video

facebook-video-ih-digital-malaysia-1Honda Malaysia showed an effective content marketing and social media marketing strategy by launching the #RideTheDream campaign in a live Facebook video.

Honda Malaysia rode on the Facebook Live video trend and launched the #RideTheDream campaign, which introduced the all-new civic model. Through the help of IH Digital Malaysia, the sleek and innovative design and outstanding technologies of the10th generation Honda Civic were highlighted in a live, high-quality Facebook video, which was presented by Hansen Lim. The #RideTheDream launch and promotion video aims to give viewers a rundown of the new Honda Civic’s bold styling and new technology features, including Remote Engine Start and Walk Away Auto Lock features, among others.

Sharing live streaming and event videos on Facebook is an effective way to generate organic reach, achieve high engagement rate, and drive deeper brand-consumer marketing communications.

The live Facebook video exhibited Honda Malaysia’s optimal content marketing and social media strategy as the launch garnered 4 thousand views in just 30 minutes, as well acquired 84 thousand unique viewers in 24 hours. In the 24-hour period, the Facebook video garnered 320 thousand reach with 5.5 thousand likes, 1.1 thousand comments, and 1.8 thousand shares. Both brands and digital marketing experts have been favouring the Facebook Live feature as it generates high organic engagement rate making it an ideal choice of social media marketing strategy to introduce and showcase the all-new 10th generation Honda Civic.

IH Digital, a digital agency in Singapore, has helped cover numerous launching events via Facebook Live. If you’re interested to know more about our Facebook live events, contact us by clicking here.