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DoubleClick: How It Helps Content Marketing

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Content Marketing with DoubleClick

DoubleClick Bid Manager is a business owned by Google that is designed for use by any web publisher in their content marketing. In fact, Google itself uses it across its sites too. It is described by Google as “the ad technology foundation to create, transact, and manage digital advertising for the world’s buyers, creators and sellers.” Basically, DoubleClick Bid Manager’s business draws from digital marketing specifically from online advertisers and publishers.

How does retargeting work?

Retargeting is simply placing the relevant ads based on a user’s prior online behaviour, on any device and format he or she might be on. Programmatic Buying Systems are able to evaluate millions of data in real time. This feature helps advertisers to accurately gear campaigns toward the right consumer with great precision.

Through DoubleClick, it can be done in three ways – ad serving, ad delivery and lastly, behavioural targeting. Ad-serving is chiefly for online publishers who want to display advertisements on their website. Ad delivery, on the other hand, is used to allow advertisers to control their ad’s duration and frequency. And lastly, is behavioural targeting, which comes in two categories:

1. Targeting for a website owner. This category allows an online publisher to set a DoubleClick cookie to track a user’s browsing interests. Based on a user’s browsing behaviour, DoubleClick assesses the type of advertisements that will show up. For instance, a visitor scans through a page about fashion; therefore, the adverts relating to clothing style are more relevant than real estate.
2. Targeting in advertising networks. A third-party advertising cookie. Through this category, Google runs Adsense to better gauge the type of advertisement that a visitor might want to see.

How it benefits marketers

Better targeting

Google’s DoubleClick Bid Manager helps customers make better choices when buying a product or service. Through this, marketers will be able to better connect with the right audience at the right time. It can effectively evaluate vast data in real time, fulfilling your targeting needs with more power and precision.

Unified platform

Apart from that, DoubleClick Bid Manager also addresses most online marketing queries on how to efficiently manage their resources through different digital channels. It is now possible to efficiently manage online advertising campaigns in video, display, social, mobile, and different channels through a single, integrated platform. This is the way that the platform can be used to simplify marketers’ social media marketing and digital advertising process. And it is done through unified and streamlined workflows.

Content Retargeting

DoubleClick Bid Manager can help marketers improve their marketing communications by delivering their content and product messages based on customer segments that have shown prior interest. This means higher relevancy, less wasted inventory and dollars, and more high-value consumers who are engaged with you brand.

Content retargeting refers to the extension of classic retargeting beyond product pages, into engagement with content across multiple channels – YouTube, Facebook, Microsites and so on.

Your content marketing strategy considerations can be met across all points the purchase cycle – be it impacting perception high up in the funnel, or precisely delivering ads to re-engage users to convert them into buyers.

Brands often invest huge budgets in content marketing, but often do not consider re-engaging the customers who interact with them. Content retargeting is a powerful way to extend the ROI of content your brand creates.