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Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out For in 2019


As a new year approaches, expect an array of new and exciting digital marketing trends in tow. While many of the trends we’ve seen in the past year will remain relevant in 2019, it’s still important for brands to take note of emerging and still-evolving techniques to keep your digital and social media marketing strategies sharp as ever. Take a look at the four trends to look out for in digital marketing.


The popularity of chatbots can’t be denied. It’s been around for a couple of years but it still shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, according to Business Insider, 80% of businesses intend to use chatbots by 2020.

With its indispensable ability to reach and engage customers any time of the day, chatbots fill in the limitations of the human workforce. Indeed, chatbots are bound to become an important customer service option thanks to their ability to respond faster and smarter.


In 2019, micro influencers will take centre stage. Unlike influencers, who are celebrities or big-time bloggers with a large following, micro-influencers are usually individuals with less than 10,000 followers. Despite having fewer followers, studies have shown that micro-influencers actually generate more engagement per post.

IH-Digital_Digital-Marketing_Microblogger_Microinfluencer A microblogger engagement campaign for Araya Hong Kong

With the help of micro-influencers, brands can harness the power of relatability and higher conversion. How? While engaging a celebrity with millions of followers can help brands reach a bigger audience, not all the celebrity’s followers may be interested in what you’re offering. But if brands tap into the power of a micro-influencer with a specific interest, they are more likely to build greater rapport with those pool of potential customers.


Have you been incorporating video into your content marketing strategy? Now’s not the time to slow down as video remains on top. In particular, live video is expected to lead the way in video content strategies. A microblogger engagement campaign for Araya Hong Kong

Honda Malaysia Facebook Live video at KLIMS 2018 Motorshow
From Facebook Live to Instagram Live, the possibilities are endless for brands to great as creative and as engaging as they can. Other formats that are expected to rise in popularity are 360-degree video content and vertical videos. The latter is especially popular on Instagram. In fact, over 75% of millennials watch videos in this format.


Technological advancements are also seeping their way into digital marketing. One global trend to look out for is augmented reality. Through this immersive technology, brands can incorporate visual elements–such fas their products–onto an actual space.


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SEO Trends of 2018 That You Need To Know

IH Digital_SEO Trends 2018

Another year with the ever-changing nature of SEO, new ranking factors and SEO trends are brought to light with the search engines’ new improvements. Stay on top of the game! Here are the top SEO trends of 2018 to get you geared up in your digital marketing initiatives.

1. Voice Search

This year is no different from the previous one, voice search is still considered to be a big factor in ranking your website in internet searches. With that, making use of a more conversational tone for answering daily queries is a way to go to give your website a boost in rankings. Voice search is one of the mainstream SEO trends this year since we are approaching an era of assistant devices.

2. Mobile-friendliness

Of course, the immense growth of voice-activated searches goes hand in hand with the growing usage of mobile devices. And as the use of smartphones for everyday inquiries continues to dominate web browsing, it is a no-brainer that having a mobile-friendly website is another factor in determining ranking. Also, faster and mobile-responsive websites are proven to be ranking higher in search results.

3. Site Speed

Slow websites are so last year as users need results fast. But don’t fret! SEO Tools like Google PageSpeed Tools has you covered. Faster website speeds have always been a big component in the ranking factor, but it seems to be given more importance now in 2018 since Google has officially announced that website response should be within 3 seconds in order to score higher ranks in search results.

4. Link-less Backlinks

While links served as a ranking signal, most SEO consultants believe that search engines can distinguish link-less mentions of brands and has a great impact in ranking high in search results. Moreover, this trend was confirmed to be used in Bing and some experts say that Google may have been using it too.

5. Relevance of Content

You can never go wrong with prioritizing your content, which is an essential ranking factor and is a great strategy for content marketing. This 2018, it is pivotal for search engines that your content has relevance to the requested searches. Google, for example, uses Latent Semantic Indexing to determine if the content of your website is “comprehensive”.

6. Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) Features

Getting the top rank in the search results in SEO ranking isn’t a guarantee to gain you more online traffic. Now, SERP features give you greater chances to ‘steal’ visitors’ attention and will be a massive advantage to businesses’ online marketing plans.

7. Continuously Personalizing SERP

Now, search engines are utilizing SERPs to be more personal based on the user’s online activities. SERPs are personalized to the user’s interest and search history. Also, SERPs will give more opportunities for websites that have been visited by the user to appear in the user’s search results in the future.

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Digital marketing and the need to provide real human experience

Digital marketing and the need to provide real human experience

As more brands compete for the attention of online users, more comprehensive digital marketing plans emerge. One of the digital marketing trends in 2018 is the use of automation in social media platforms. Chat bot is one of the best known example. As much as automation comes very useful, there are yet some significant things to remember not to overlook. This is none other than the real human experience.


Digital marketing automation

The function of digital automation in brands’ digital marketing efforts are undeniably helpful. This helps ensure that audience are attended to. The use of chat bots or automated responses in social media marketing are helpful to some extent. Question however is how effective these automation are when people seek for real people to discuss subjects with?


Social media marketing is an effort not only to provide a visual of the brand. But also to establish an identity that is reliable and with efficient in customer service. Hence, real social interaction with and within the brand’s social media platform is crucial. This is to make the audience feel the sincerity of its customer care services. Make them feel that they are well attended to for their feedback and concerns. And ultimately, that they are not left to discuss matters with artificial intelligence representatives.


Consider the usefulness of digital marketing automation. How can brands on social media platforms make better use of this functions? How can brands use it to provide more digital marketing benefits?


Effective approach to social media management


Weigh the situation

What does your brand need? Does it require human experience? Or would an automated approach be a better option? Study the product or service your brand is selling to gauge the situation.


For brands requiring detailed decision-making, an automated response could be a second option. This is applicable to brands that may highly involve substantial topics such as financial matter, home or insurance. Such brands require a customer service representative that can fully comprehend and respond to the situation. The last thing we want our audience to feel is frustration towards our customer service because this event could arise to a social media crisis situation.


Use the best of both practice

The aim of every digital marketing campaign is to provide audience with relevant information. And eventually turn them to customers and loyal consumers. Hence, the digital marketing plan must involve the aim to provide satisfactory customer service experience. There are digital marketing tools that can help brands use automated responses in a way that is personal. This approach is effective on brands’ social media platforms. Proper social media management is crucial as this can provide customers with their desired extent of individualization and attention.


Value customers’ convenience

Provide customers with all the convenient options whatever way they prefer to connect with you. Keep in mind that digital automation is a digital marketing function. The better way however is to delight customers through human customer care and support. So make way to encourage better fan loyalty.


Considering all the possible options to connect with consumers? IH Digital is a digital marketing agency that provides the best digital marketing strategy to communicate with online users. We can help you plan the right approach to digital marketing automation. Moreover, we implement the best practices covering social media fan management. Our efforts provide satisfactory customer service experience to our clients’ followers. Enquire with us today.

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Digital Marketing: 5 Video Marketing Trends to look out for in 2017

Female vlogger recording video at homeFemale vlogger recording video at home. Close-up of camera screen with young blogger face picture. Fashion, beauty, technology concept

Video marketing involves the use of social videos for digital marketing purposes. Social videos are digitised videos, designed to be seen and shared through social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Just imagine how much you can share with your audience using a minute-long video. You can share about 1.8 million words in that short video. On top of that, 92% of mobile video consumers share videos on their social media platforms. I guess with that in mind, you would not be surprised if Facebook announced that there are about 4 Billion Video Views per day on its social platform. There is no denying that video marketing must be a part of your digital marketing strategy in 2017.

Here comes the question that all business owners are thinking of. How do I make my video start out?

Let us look at 5 video marketing trends for 2017.

  1. Facebook Live
    The raging popularity of Live videos in 2017 is a force to be reckoned with. Brands and marketers alike are embracing this real-time platform as a digital marketing strategy. This video marketing tactic is truly unique as it establishes a connection between the brand and its followers in real time.

    Sulwhasoo Singapore – Grand Opening @ ION Orchard

  2. Interviews
    Interview videos have been around for a long time. They are effective for sharing the brand story and history. This story-telling captivates the audience and the essence of the story can be shared effectively.

    Honda Malaysia – Atsushi Arisaka, Chief Engineer of Honda R&D Asia Pacific Co., Ltd,

    Kao Laurier Malaysia – #LaurierGoGirl with Girl Drifter Leona Chin

  3. Tutorials
    Beauty Makeup Tutorials and Cooking Tutorials are two popular types of video tutorials online. Not only are you showcasing your products, you are also engaging the audience and sharing with them how to use the products.

    Panasonic Singapore – Rainbow Vegetable Sushi Roll

    Laneige Singapore – Eugena Bey’s Beauty Tutorial

  4. Animations
    Animations allow you to present content in a fun and dynamic way. Animated videos tend to be simple, insightful and typically appeal to everyone. Animated characters are fictional and people love the imaginative and creative elements in video animation.

    MSF Filial Piety – Dinner Time

  5. Stop Motion
    Stop motion video involves the stitching of multiple photographs, providing an illusion of motion. In doing so, the products come to life by moving around on its own. Can you imagine the work that is behind this video?

    LOTTE Confectionery S.E.A – Valentine’s Day Celebration

Start planning your Video Marketing Strategy!

After looking at the different video marketing trends for 2017, think about which video editing style you would adopt for your video production today! Let us help you with the planning and execution of your video production. With our digital marketing agency’s vast experience in producing social videos, we will expand your outreach and increase your fan engagement on social media platforms.

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Get Up Close & Personal: How to Get Loyal Customers


The long days of planning and creating a powerful mobile marketing plan to bring in more audience has been a success. You were able to put across the right brand message you want to deliver through the crowd but it doesn’t stop there. A long-lasting plan is needed to keep the existing leads to your brand and make the most out of it. After all, your business won’t thrive by itself if you don’t secure the loyalty of customers. Even for SMEs, creating consumer loyalty is as problematic as creating new customers in mobile marketing, but it is the cheaper way to generate better sales online. There is a need to constantly reach out to the audience and keep them highly engaged to keep the numbers intact.

Attract Nearby Users

Make use of geolocation to make best use of our mobile app to convince them to come to your business. It is a powerful tool to combine the physical and online setting to one entirely new experience. Take this opportunity to targeted ads since most people on the go would likely check on the presented deals. Put into consideration the likely situation they are in so you can create specialised campaigns to catch their attention.

Invite More with Great Deals

It’s been said that most traffic occurs at 3PM and midnight so adjust your mobile strategies and schedule your post on the right moment with exclusive and irresistible deals. Even as audience, we do love rewards when it comes to our favoured products. Grant your customers with loyalty rewards after a purchase or you can send out coupons and discounts so they will be enticed to come back to your store again, or better yet, offer exclusive prizes such as a round trip to a well-known destination.

Learn how to create a powerful mobile marketing plan to bring in loyal customers.

Invest on Brand Experience

Observe how your consumers act towards your campaigns. Use the gathered knowledge about them to distribute personalised content marketing plans. It must be delivered to the consumers’ feeds and timelines on a regular basis. Invest on original and creative campaigns that add value to user experience and loyalty to your brand. Your customers will not lose interest if you provide them new content in a timely manner.

Interact with your fans through engaging mobile marketing and video marketing posts. What forms a successful branding experience is building the relationship with your audience. There is nothing more potent in creating more sales into your business other than making your fans feel significant and involved. It will surely make them come back; and furthermore, a great and, not to mention, free answer to spread your brand message through their network. Introduce ways for users to partake in engagement posts to give way to creative user-generated content. Their shared photos and videos on timelines will create enough buzz to pique interest among other users.

Make them feel more appreciated through a worthwhile customer service. Mobile marketing allowed a number of ways to directly interact with fans that are having concerns with your products. Ready your digital marketing and video marketing channels to provide additional layers of service support to your fans when they have queries regarding your products and services.

Our specialised team of digital marketing and video marketing specialists are equipped with the knowledge and proficiency to create a more rewarding brand experience with your customers. Find out more on how we can help you and drop us a note here.

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Ride Upon the Rapid Surges of Mobile Marketing


Taking the biggest jump into the mobile drift is going to be what every business will do for the sake of staying alive. This conveys a significant shift in mobile marketing and the arrival of innovative mobile technologies. Keeping up with the tide in digital marketing is not enough if you do not recognise the change, prepare a proper strategy. But if you are serious about your business, do this and you’re off to success. Now, let us check through our list to arm your business with a better point of view of the year’s ongoing mobile trends.

Amplify the Mobile Experience

Marketers have to remember that the mobile shift is largely supported by mobile usage’s huge leap against PC and laptop. Mobile is the future and it is now. Large companies and even a great number of SMEs are developing their own mobile apps or adapting measures provided by apps specifically built to manage their operations. Marketers must get to where the customers are, so investing in mobile delivers a better ground against competitors. Ensure that your audience is getting the right mobile experience. Invest on a mobile app or site that can be easily accessed and navigated through different mobile devices.

Content is King

Marketers know that content is “King” across different marketing practices and this is also true to mobile marketing. Mobile content marketing opens new and better opportunities to engage customers. Mobile is a pervasive, personal platform – wherever the audience is, it’s guaranteed that they are always glued to their mobile devices. Deliver new, engaging, and personalised content to your audience that never stops consuming media. Make use of mobile’s unique features and turn campaigns into interactive mobile marketing to immerse consumers. Video content is big this year, dominating social landscape with Viber and YouTube. Geolocation is helpful for advertisers who want to bring in returns in a local-specific area. It can also be used with unique targeting like how brands on WeChat direct consumers to the nearest shops with location based services. SEO, on the other hand, lets you be on top of search engine results whenever consumers are in dire need of your services.

Recognise the mobile marketing statistics and trends for 2015

Lead with Apps and Social Media

Nothing is as effective as and more powerful than social media and video marketing. It has massive audience reach that means steady traffic on your pages, with high user engagement and brand building. People cater to apps in activities such as keeping track of your fitness improvement, monitoring your expenses, or listening to music. You can use this information to target your promotion with in-app advertisements. Conversion rates have always been higher through investing on ads on different social media platforms because they are always logged in to their accounts.

Rise of Mobile Payments

Your consumers are likely to pay through mobile and video marketing. Many businesses have brought in prominent payment firms to entice consumers to buy with their credit cards online. Better payment methods have yet to be made by most business so make the purchasing experience of consumers easier with simple checkout procedures. Bring your brand to new heights with innovative mobile marketing payment methods that combine online and offline landscape into one – a place where customers can fully experience your brand’s in store while doing payments online.

Don’t let your business miss out on the growing trends of mobile and video marketing, and learn how IH Digital can help you keep up with the unpredictable market with our team of certified digital marketing specialists. Drop us a note here.

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Digital Trends: Is Your Brand Ready for 2015?


Digital trends on the rise

The world is fast forwarding as we come to experience the evolution of amazing digital trends such as the social media. One thing to keep in mind as a marketer is to keep up with these trends. As we enter another year, more are to be expected in the digital world. It’s not too late to make a step to ensure that our brand enters 2015 equipped to compete in the pool of rising marketers.

As a brand marketer, you need to think ahead. Not just of your market, but of your competitors as well. The year 2014 made a mark in the fast-rising trends on the social media. Hence, your plans now must include the improvement in your strategy for 2015 with regards to digital marketing and social media planning. The following list of rising trends can help you implement a more efficient marketing plan for the year ahead.

TREND #1: The rise of mobile continues

Digital trends and the rise of mobile

Do you know that people are seen to spend a lot on mobile in the following years? Sure you do! As seen evidently around the world, people get updated about trends, news and connections through a tap on their mobile phone screens. Needless to say, mobile is going to be a good way to interact with your audience in the coming year. So gear up! Make sure everything you implement is mobile-friendly – be it emails, website, apps and images.

TREND #2: More investment on social media advertising

Digital Trends and social media spending

If there’s one thing that you need to keep out of your mind as marketer, it is thinking that “social is a free-place market.” No, it’s actually not. In fact, social advertising spend continues to rise and ad products will continue to be introduced in the digital marketplace. It is not very surprising if by 2015 we see more increase in digital ad spend. Thus, you need to prepare for a smart move when it comes to investing on social advertising. Consult with a social media agency and take on the best digital practice for your brand.

TREND #3: Content still reigns!

Digital Trends content

Content is King! What your audience want is mainly content. Images, texts and videos are all that online users search for and spend time on. Users are becoming a lot smarter these days when it comes to choosing the content that they will view online. So the better the quality and the more relevant your content is, the better your exposure can go on the digital sphere. Remember to make your content informative, meaningful and interesting as it will always be the centre of your digital marketing efforts.

TREND #4: Social videos

Digital trends and social videos

Although YouTube is very famous when speaking about videos, there are more medium for video viewing that are becoming well-known too. Facebook video for instance, was announced to have more views this year than on YouTube. Social videos, either long or short, have a place in the digital marketing sphere in 2015. There will be a lot to watch out for on social video channels such as Vine, Instagram and a lot more. So better keep up with this digital trend and don’t forget to stay in the loop when advertising through videos!

TREND #5: The use of more digital channels other than Facebook

Digital Trends on digital channels

Although Facebook is seen as the top when it comes to social media, other digital channels are seen to be sprouting. And interestingly, these other channels are in fact helping a lot of marketers too. Twitter, of course, is one. But as a digital marketer, you must be able to find out which channel your audience spend most time on. Facebook may get the biggest cut in users’ spending time, but a lot of your audience are also looking for something that is most relevant to them. What you need to do is to look for the best digital channels that can provide the best customisation and personalisation strategies that will work more effectively for your audience. Keeping up with digital trends include targeting your audience right. Try to consider working on other channels too such as Google Plus and other blogging mediums.