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Why Multi-Channel Video Marketing is a Must?

Why Multi-Channel Video Marketing is a Must? | IH Digital

When it comes to content that can engage audiences, video is king, thus making it an essential part of a brand’s overall marketing strategy.  

Videos can be entertaining, informative or both. In today’s connected world, they are also available anywhere, ready to connect with audiences. But how to effectively deliver these to your target audience becomes the tricky part.  

Benefits of a Multi-Channel Approach

If you want to step up your business’ promotion by distributing videos, avoid relying on one platform only. You should be meeting customers on where they frequent and having a multi-channel approach can definitely help you achieve this.   

Aside from amplifying your brand’s presence across various channels, multi-channel video marketing will enable you to reach to more audiences, boost awareness effectively, and even outpace your competitors. 

Case: NEA video campaign on e-Waste Recycling Initiative  

NEA’s e-Waste Recycling TV Commercial
NEA’s e-Waste Recycling TV Commercial

Here is an example from Singapore’s National Environment Agency (NEA) recent video campaign on recycling e-waste that leveraged multi-channel strategies to widen its reach.   

30-seconder videos, announcing the deployment of over 300 recycle bins to encourage Singaporeans to properly dispose of their electronic wastes, were aired on free-to-air channels in the city-state such as Chn5, Chn8, CNA, Suria and Vasantham.   

NEA’s e-Waste Recycling TV Commercial
NEA’s e-Waste Recycling TV Commercial

At the same time, these were published on NEA’s official Facebook and Instagram handles that allowed Singapore’s environmental department to tap markets not usually captured by broadcast TV, particularly the younger demographics.  

 If it is important for the general public to hear your message, then you should consider launching a multi-channel strategy for your video campaign.  

Find out more by contacting our experts.  

How IH Digital Can Help You on Multi-Channel Video Marketing

1. Assisting You in Post and Pre-Production Needs

When doing video marketing, everything starts at video production. Creating a video takes up a lot of time and effort. Even big and established brands needed a dedicated production team.   

This is why they seek expertise of marketing professionals, and you should, too.   

Here at IH Digital, our dynamic creatives team can cover all stages of your video production – from pre-production to post-production, so you can fully maximise their potential.   

We have supported various companies across Southeast Asia produce engaging video contents. Check out our content marketing portfolio here. 

2. Managing Video Media Campaigns  

When doing multi-channel video marketing, there are numerous ad placements and sites you can choose to publish your content.

In order to effectively leverage this opportunity, you need to manage and optimise your video campaigns in a regular basis. 

Our media buying specialists will help you determine the right strategies for your video campaign. 

Launch Your Multi-Channel Video Marketing Plans with IH Digital 

With multi-channel video marketing, your brand can be represented on various platforms, whether they are online or offline.  

Contact our marketing team now.   

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