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NSRCC Shows Why Fun Online Contests Can Draw More Followers on Instagram

Instagram Content Marketing: NSRCC Contest | IH Digital

In Instagram, content marketing plays a huge role, especially if you want gain more followers and give your brand’s online presence a boost. And this is what National Service Resort & Country Club (NSRCC) just did in its latest Instagram campaign.  

Fun & Prizes Await NSRCC’s IG Followers  

As one of Singapore’s renowned leisure resorts, NSRCC knows that interacting with their clients and the Lion City’s golfing community is significant to help their brand grow and reach many more milestones. Lately, the country club has been ramping up its presence on key online platforms including social networking sites. 

In order to further boost their brand exposure, as well strengthen their connection with their followers, NSRCC launched a series of online contests on Instagram. Followers of NSRCC stood a chance to win up to $50 worth of vouches at their Fairway Café. All they had to do was to answer a simple trivia quiz, tap the Follow button on NSRCC’s Instagram account and Facebook page, and tag two of their friends.  

The contest, which spanned two weeks, was a success. It helped NSRCC gain more followers on their official Instagram and Facebook handles as well as raise brand awareness.  

Content Marketing: Why It’s Important?  

Content marketing goes beyond plotting out ideas and strategies on the proverbial content calendar. Marketers and business owners alike should know that in order content marketing to be effective, it needs careful planning. The benefits you can get when deploying content marketing campaigns are numerous. They can include building trust among your target audiences, improving conversions, and generating leads and even sales!  

Especially in today’s social media ecosystem where customers are more empowered, and more savyy, content marketing can come in real handy to support your brand’s growth. 

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Turn Your Content Marketing Ideas into Reality  

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