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The Awesome Ways Bioré Used Social Media To Launch a New Product

Biore Digital Marketing Product Launch

Whether you’re a multinational company or a humble start-up, launching a new product will always be both thrilling and nerve-wracking. While it often involves a whole spectrum of media, social media has proven to be one of the most important media to focus on because of its sheer popularity. This is especially true if your product resonates with social media’s younger demographic. Such is the case for Bioré, which turned to Facebook to raise awareness for their new product—Bioré UV World’s First Micro UV Defense Formula Aqua Rich Watery Essence.


The brand kicked off their social media campaign by creating a series of teaser posts. The initial teaser video generated remarkably high engagements and more than 4,900 video views.

The excitement for the new product reached fever pitch with more teaser videos that educated fans on what to expect about the new product. Collectively, the additional teaser videos that were posted on Facebook generated more than 3,500 engagements and more than 26,700 video views.

In tandem with their online efforts, the beauty brand also set up a pop-up store in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. Here, customers were able to experience the product and receive free samples and vouchers. The event also featured a photo wall that made the pop-up experience more fun for customers. The Facebook paid ads that ran to shout out their pop-up store event reached over 830,000 users.

To further ramp up their promotional effort, Bioré also created an event video for their pop-up store. The video pulled out the best moments from the event, showcased interesting interviews and most importantly, showed off the new product in use. Besides creating further brand awareness, the video gave their pop-up event more mileage.


From raising product awareness, Bioré next shifted their social media marketing strategy to driving sales. A WhatsApp contest was launched with a trip to Osaka up for grabs. To join, they asked customers to purchase at least RM48 worth of female Bioré products including at least one of the new Bioré UV product at any of the Guardian Malaysia outlets.

The brand also created a short video to tease fans on the exciting prize that awaits them and call for more entries. Supported by media buy, the contest shout-out managed to attract almost 200 more entries.

Bioré also partnered with Watsons for their Town is Beach campaign. For this social media effort, the brand ran a carousel ad that led fans to the campaign’s Watsons landing page.


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Social Media Marketing: 360° Count and Win by Men’s Biore Malaysia


As part of social media marketing, wall contests are an essential tool to drive engagement as well as to build a stable fan base. Whether it’s a sweepstake or a reward-based loyalty programme, the main goal of wall contests is to increase the brands’ social media existence. Besides, the execution of Facebook contest not only plays an important role in boosting the social media engagement for the brand, it ultimately aids in generating sales for that particular business.

Photos on social media are a powerful content marketing strategy to capture audiences’ attention as well as to establish brand loyalty among the fans. As we are accustomed the digital marketing trend, the introduction of 360° photos on Facebook has drastically evolved the content marketing strategy for most brands. Facebook 360° photos enable us to create a 3-dimensional view of an environment. It draws you into a scene and makes you feel like you’re part of the experience. Thus, many brands are gradually approaching to use 360° image as an effective social media marketing tool.

Men’s Biore Malaysia made an impact using 360°   image via Facebook contest. This time, they have utilised the “Count and Win” contest mechanism to let the fans count a number of products placed at various locations. The contest ran for four weeks at four different locations such as futsal field, in a toilet, at a college and at home. With the help of IH digital, a digital marketing agency in Malaysia, the campaign was deemed successful with its high engagement rate and social actions.

Social Media Marketing 360° Count and Win by Men’s Biore Malaysia (4)Location 1: Futsal field with a total of 5.8K social actions

Social Media Marketing 360° Count and Win by Men’s Biore Malaysia (3)

Location 2: Toilet with a total of 4.9K social actions

Social Media Marketing 360° Count and Win by Men’s Biore Malaysia (2)

Location 3: College with a total of 3.8K social actions

Social Media Marketing 360° Count and Win by Men’s Biore Malaysia (1)

Location 4: Home with a total of 3.8K social actions

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Social Media Marketing: Guess Biore’s secret Instagram message and win!

Social-Media-Marketing-Biore-Malaysia-Instagram-ContestBiore Malaysia announces its Instagram account through a teaser wall contest, part of the brand’s online marketing and social media marketing strategy.

Biore Malaysia announces its Instagram presence through the launch of a social media teaser wall contest, an online marketing and social media marketing strategy created to promote the brand’s new account as well as welcome fans into Biore’s Instagram page.

“color: #000; font-family: Arial,sans-serif; font-size: 14px; font-style: normal; font-weight: normal; line-height: 17px; text-decoration: none; word-wrap: break-word;” href=”” target=”_blank”>Now, you don’t see it. But later, you will! Biore Beauties, harness your Instagramming skills and unveil our hidden message to stand a chance to be 1 of the 10 lucky winners to take home a Biore hamper worth RM100! Follow these steps to join: 1. Follow us, @BioreMalaysia. 2. Play with instagram filters to reveal our hidden message. 3. Regram the photo. Include our “hidden message” in your caption and tell us why you should win a Biore hamper worth RM100. 4. Tag us, @BioreMalaysia in the photo, so we can keep track of your entries. Keep in mind that regrams with the most creative captions are more likely to be chosen as the winners. Contest runs from 27th October – 9th November 2016. Good luck!

A photo posted by Biore Malaysia (@bioremalaysia) on

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The caption “Now, you don’t see it. But later, you will!” captures the simple mechanics of the wall contest. Aside from following the new Instagram account, fans are encouraged to experiment with Instagram filters to reveal Biore’s hidden message written at the wall contest post. Regrams with the most creative captions are more likely to be chosen as winners.

Instagram as an online advertising and social media marketing platform

Instagram for Business is becoming a social media marketing tactic essential for business growth. The social media platform already has 500,000 active advertisers and has launched several business tools such as Insights analytics, longer video feature, and algorithm feed which permits advertisers to monitor business growth, create richer content, and observe viewership respectively.

User’s ability to regram also gives the platform an edge as it helps brands widen their post reach, possibly targeting potential fans.

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Social Media Marketing: Biore launches new Cleansing Water line!

Biore introduces new products through social media stop motion video and Facebook wall contest for social media marketing.

The no.1 makeup brand in Japan reveals another product line to address skin care concerns of ladies across Asia! Together with IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore, Biore introduces the new Perfect Cleansing Water Oil Clear and an improved version of Perfect Cleansing Water, the Perfect Cleansing Water Soften Up as part of their social media marketing campaign.

Consecutive content marketing strategies were used to achieve brand awareness for the makeup remover products. In line with static visual postings, the brand also holds an animated GIF Facebook wall contest and a stop motion video as part of the brand’s content marketing and digital marketing plans.

Microvideos for social media marketing

Many renowned brands attest to the effectiveness of video production for online advertising. Honda Malaysia and Bourjois Singapore’s microvideo would be great examples as both are well received by the fans and are successful in driving media engagement.

Tell your story through videos! Contact IH Digital today and discover what social media marketing strategy is suited for you.