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Sulwhasoo Case Study: A Quick Walkthrough of the Consumer Redemption Journey

A Quick Walkthrough of a Consumer Redemption Journey [Sulwhasoo Case Study]

Customers love product samples. By providing them with a chance to test your brand, you are increasing their confidence and loyalty to your brand. Furthermore, you can obtain quality customers through product sampling. Why? Customers will only spend time filling up your online form if they are fully interested to try your brand.

Moreover, it’s found to be one of the effective strategies to successfully launch a new product line.

While sampling programs sound promising, it can also be daunting without a good plan. Incorporating online and offline methods together is tough sometimes. And you will need more than just a website to fulfil the entire redemption process.

Thus, it’s important to thoroughly map out your consumer’s redemption journey from online registration to redemption. Take the case of Sulwhasoo Singapore as an example.

Screenshot of Sulwhasoo's microsite for the Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Serum launch

Sulwhasoo Singapore: Discover the Vitality of Ginseng

Back in 2018, the K-beauty brand successfully kicked off its new Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Serum through a series of pocket events.

Sulwhasoo indeed went all out with a mini facial treatment, beauty workshop, exclusive BeauTea Parlour experience, and a limited pre-order set discount. The skincare brand also managed to carry out a sampling campaign with a microsite and a simplified redemption process.

Sulwhasoo's microsite with clear call-to-action buttons
Sulwhasoo’s microsite with clear call-to-action buttons

A Campaign-Specific Microsite to Complement an Offline Activity

To kick off the campaign, a microsite was developed to provide details about the pocket events. It also contained online forms for the workshop, facial treatment, and pre-order registrations.

Workshop Registration

The microsite online form for Sulwhasoo's make-up workshop
The microsite online form for Sulwhasoo’s make-up workshop

Pre-order Form

The microsite pre-order form for the Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Serum
The microsite pre-order form for the Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Serum

Facial Treatment Registration

The microsite registration form for Sulwhasoo's mini facial treatment
The microsite registration form for Sulwhasoo’s mini facial treatment

A Streamlined Consumer Redemption Journey for Sampling Campaigns

Redemption processes don’t have to be complicated. For instance, Sulwhasoo adopted a simplified redemption system with only four steps:

  1. Online registration through the microsite
  2. Email or SMS confirmation with unique QR code
  3. In-store QR code verification
  4. Reward redemption
Consumer redemption journey illustration by IH Digital
Illustration on consumer’s redemption journey by IH Digital | Icons made by Freepik from

Additionally, the beauty brand used a rewards app to administer in-store verification.

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