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A Guide on Marketing Partnership Programme (MPP) Grant for S’pore Hotels 2020

A Guide on STB Marketing Partnership Programme (MPP) Grant for S’pore Hotels 2020

If you’re a Singapore-registered company running hotel(s) as your core business, then the STB Marketing Partnership Programme (MPP) is the best government funding for you. The submission deadline is on 30 September 2020, so before you head on to the application form, read through the basics below to help you prepare in advance.

STB Marketing Partnership Programme Quick Facts

  • Supports hotels in their international marketing initiatives
  • Open to all Singapore-registered company who run hotel(s) as a core business
  • Covers up to 70% of marketing costs
  • Closing date for submission: 30 September 2020

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Marketing Partnership Programme: Singapore Government Grant for Hotels

The Marketing Partnership Programme (MPP) is part of the Singapore Tourism Board’s (STB) COVID-19 Recovery Plan supporting hotels in its international marketing initiatives. The grant’s primary purpose is to aid hotels in marketing and maintaining their international presence and propel tourists’ demand during recovery from the current crisis.

MPP Programme Parameters

Additionally, the funding quantum is based on the size (number of rooms) of the hotel. Here is the list of funding quantum based on tiers for your reference.

MPP Programme Parameters funding quantum tiers singapore government grant
Image by IH Digital | Source: Singapore Tourism Board

Furthermore, hotel groups may submit one application for several properties. The funding quantum will be calculated based on combined qualified funding of each property covered in the submitted plan.

MPP Timeline & Key Dates

MPP Timeline & Key Dates deadline singapore government grant
Image by IH Digital | Source: Singapore Tourism Board

Additionally, approval lead time is between 5 and 10 working days. Other information like awarded quantum, deliverables, reporting and disbursement milestones will be stated in the Letter of Award (LOA) once your application is approved.

MPP Qualifying Costs and Support Level

Here’s also a quick look on the grant’s qualifying costs and support level for your quick reference.

MPP Timeline & Key Dates deadline singapore government grant
Image by IH Digital | Source: Singapore Tourism Board

Note that the qualifying costs must be incurred and paid within the approved Campaign Qualifying Period. This means the duration between the signing date of the STB’s Letter of Award and 31 December 2021, both dates inclusive.

MPP Non-Qualifying Costs

On the other hand, here are the costs not covered by the grant.

  • Creative/Media/PR Agency-on-Retainer (AOR) fees.
  • Manpower costs such as engagement of temporary and contract staff.
  • Product and price subsidies or discounts.
  • STB-supported familiarisation trips and tradeshows/roadshows.
  • Marketing costs already receiving other grants from STB/other government agencies.
  • Accommodation costs

MPP Deliverables

At the end of the project, the applicant must be able to submit the deliverables to be able to claim the funding. The deliverables will be tied to the submitted and approved marketing plans in the application.

Moreover, for partially fulfilled plans, the supporting grant will be pro-rated accordingly.


Additionally, for STB to evaluate the effectiveness of MPP for future improvement, each hotel property is required to submit the below indicators on a monthly basis until 31 December 2021:

  • Marketing Campaign KPIs
  • Number of leads generated
  • Revenue per Available Room (RevPar)
  • Average Room Rate (ARR)
  • Average Occupancy Rate (AOR)

Disbursement of Funds

There will be two stages in the disbursement process to relieve cash flow pressure. These are:

  1. First disbursement – mid-way of the campaign period
  2. Final disbursement – after the campaign

Likewise, the invoices must be audited by a third-party auditor before submitting it to STB.

How to Apply

To apply, simply fill up the application form here:!/5e8a8a0c8890bc00114f3eb4

You need at least 30 minutes to complete the form. Moreover, here are the application instructions as provided in the MPP Application Form:

  1. All fields in the Application Form are compulsory unless indicated otherwise.
  2. Where information is not applicable, please indicate “N.A.”
  3. Have a ready copy of the Company’s ACRA Bizfile to be uploaded.
  4. Prepare the details of your marketing plans and estimated budget as this form must be completed in one sitting.
  5. Ensure that the form is filled up accurately as no changes can be made online after submission. If there are changes to the plan after submission, please email
  6. For more information on the programme, please visit

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