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Social Media Strategy to Gain On and Connect with Chinese Users


The market in China and the Philippines are significantly different in many aspects even for their economies and local industries. In the face of digital revolution, the difference in the digital market between two of these regions can be observed through a quick look of China’s condition. For brands who want to expand their operations in China, it’s important to take into consideration how volatile the Chinese market can be and how Chinese users are as unpredictable.

It’s better to apply your social media strategy to the users on WeChat and Weibo and other social platforms.

Digital Marketing in China

As you all well know, digital marketing scene of China is far more different than most markets throughout the globe. There are no Facebook, no Twitter and even Google inside the vast country. No internet user has the access to these social media and internet platforms because they are prohibited by the government. This injunction gave way for Chinese social media platforms a great head start and eventually grew into massive social networks that span all throughout the land. It’s better to apply your social media strategy to the hundreds of millions of users on WeChat and Weibo and other social platforms.

Social Environment and Culture

For international brands that yearn to get a piece of the Chinese market, they still need to use digital marketing platforms like WeChat. But even with securing an official account with these apps, setting off a campaign will likely spell into disaster without taking into consideration the diverse culture of China. To make it more complicated, some social platforms and mobile apps are not as open as you would expect. Brands cannot just spread their mobile or video marketing content to all the users. Conversations in apps like WeChat happen in private; even Weibo gets some censorship from time to time.

Brands need to work hard into setting a connection to Chinese consumers but remember, in mobile marketing, it doesn’t happen overnight. Businesses have to find a way to establish an intimate connection with the audience and drive them to a one-on-one conversation. It is only then that you can call your video marketing or social media strategy a success. Eventually, you may now use integrated marketing and initiate O2O campaigns to drive in more store traffic.

Key Functions that Chinese Users Prefer to Use

Because of the absence of other social marketing platforms, the Chinese users have their own set of preferred means to connect with brands. Through word of mouth, consumers are spreading messages throughout their network to endorse products and just refer them to other brands. Social media strategy of brands are centered on this fact. Through WeChat, the millions of consumers in China carry out their purchases through mobile. QR codes can become very handy with brands because of its various functions for daily use. It allows a whole new set of means to engage fans.

Indeed, tapping into the large market of China may become hard on brands well-known outside the country. But with our digital agency in the Philippines, IH Digital Philippines, we can guide you into establishing a foothold in the social market through WeChat – the biggest mobile social platform in mainland China. Get to know us more and learn how we can be of service to you by clicking here.