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Social Media Marketing: Hop on to Westway’s Free Shuttle Service!

Social Media Marketing - WestWay Singapore - Animated GIF

Westway Singapore broadens its appeal among food lovers by providing a free shuttle service promoted as a social media motion graphic GIF. The animated GIF also doubles as a Facebook wall contest as part of the brand’s online advertising and social media marketing strategy.

By simply completing the statement “Westway’s FREE shuttle service travels on two different routes and picks you up from ____ stops each time!”, participants will stand a chance to win a $5 Nanyang Old Coffee voucher.

Animated GIFs as a social media marketing strategy

With the help of a digital marketing agency, Westway Singapore launches a GIF to promote their free shuttle services as a social media marketing campaign.

This campaign by IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore, used animated GIFs as a social media marketing strategy to promote Westway’s free shuttle service. GIF is a popular and trendy way to capture audiences and has to proven to attract a huge number of engagement and activity from fans.

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