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Social Media Marketing: Eat Healthy with Panasonic & be rewarded!

Social Media Marketing - Get rewarded for healthy eating with Panasonic

Panasonic Singapore wants to reward its fans for healthy eating! The tech giant launched an island-wide promotion in line with its social media marketing campaign to promote their Veggie Life products. The contest titled: “Get Rewarded with Healthy Eating was announced via their Facebook App, which was launched to help promote healthy eating and living.

The Veggie Life salads are formulated by nutritionists by mixing freshly packed vegetables that provide nutrients to ensure optimal health benefits. It comes in three mixes: antioxidant mix, nourish mix, and vibrant mix.

By simply purchasing and collecting the labels from any Veggie Life salad mixes, fans will get a chance to redeem prizes from Panasonic Singapore. Veggie Life Cultivation Kits, Salad Dressings, Mobile Boosters, Microwaves, and Air purifiers are up for grabs!

Social Media Marketing: your gateway to brand awareness

From social platforms like Facebook and Twitter to media-sharing platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, it’s no surprise that people across the globe are exposed to social media everyday. But as a business, how can you leverage on social media to help put your brand out there?

Since clutter in social media continues to increase, it’s easier for brands to lose focus from their goal of establishing brand presence and loyalty with their fans. Marketers have continued to bombard their fans with content and hard selling their products instead of creating value and developing relationships.

But with the right social media marketing strategies, you can build a strong and lasting connections with your customers online which could eventually translate offline. Not only that, you build your brand’s credibility which not only grows your business but also increases your value in every customer that you reach.


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