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How Google+ Can Help Your Social Media Marketing


The Google+ Landscape

As a marketer, you might be aware that Google+ is currently making huge steps upward the social media marketing realm. In fact, it has recorded around some 300 million+ followers in-stream active users. A study by Janrain says that Google+ in fact has continued to grow stronger through time. It has made its way to the second largest social network despite being a newcomer in the social media industry, making it one of the best platforms to distribute digital advertising content.

More reasons to establish presence on Google+ are increasingly becoming to be relevant in social media marketing these days. In terms of its traffic, users and active brand pages, the social networking platform continues to post noticeable improvements. In 2014, 22% of online adults use Google+ on a monthly basis, a figure the same as Twitter; and more than Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn. Moreover, 42% of Google+ users use the platform to interact with brands’ content. This is a great avenue to perform your marketing communications strategy when users are known to be using Google+ to interact with brands. And most significantly, 70% of the Top 100 brands are using Google+.

Google+ also generates nearly as much engagement per follower as Facebook and nearly twice as much as Twitter. It shows that Facebook (being on top) generates 0.073% engagement. It was followed closely by Google+ at 0.079%, while Twitter gets 0.035%. That said, it is only right to establish presence on Google+ as it posts to be an opportunity for most brands to show off their social media strategy in a pool of consumers waiting for quality content.

What makes Google+ work for most brands?


For the most part, Google+ is a big help to your brand’s website and digital marketing efforts through searchability. As Google is most widely known for search, the platform uses its social media feature to favour Google+ active brand pages linked to its website. In essence, when you use Google+ for your brand’s social media marketing, you not only need to look at engagement, you also need to review how the links from your Google+ page affects your website’s traffic. It is quite important to note that Google refers to most quality traffic with 2.45 pages per visit.

Your brand’s information on your About section is searchable within Google+. Not only that, these information appear in the search engines too especially when information are provided properly on the page. The number of Google reviews and more will also appear on your page’s About section. See below Oasia Hotel Singapore’s search result, for instance:

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Additionally, the content you post on your brand’s Google+ page may also rank on Google Search results. How? Basically by generating interaction on your specific post (which, by the way, has a unique URL for each post) you can easily make your individual post rank on the search engine. What does this mean for your brand? Well, nothing much. It’s just biggest favour from the digital universe that you can get towards the success of your content marketing efforts. Remember, Google still tops in terms of search.


With the rise of video content marketing as an internet marketing medium, what’s more to ask for when your brand’s YouTube videos can be easily shared on your Google+ page? Plus, when you post a video directly as content on your page, you instantly get it up on your brand’s YouTube page at the same time! Here’s an example showing Panasonic Singapore’s YouTube videos readily available for viewing right on its Google+ Page:

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Emails are as important as any notification you get on Google+. Good news! Google+ Pages are now integrated with your email account, including a follow button and recent posts.

Be part of the trend

Did you know that Google+ actually suggests and automatically includes hashtags when appropriate? So when creating your content and social media marketing strategy make sure to include the best keywords that will work for your audience.

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