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Social Media Marketing: How brands celebrate National Day!


On 9th August, marks Singapore’s 52nd birthday and it was celebrated nationwide. The patriotic spirit was felt all over Singapore, from hearing the national day songs on replay to seeing national flags being hung by every household and of course to spotting Singaporeans on streets all dressed in red and white. The festive season is always a good time for marketing, especially social media marketing, as it is able to capture audience attention effectively.

On this national day, we witnessed how brands were actively involved in social media marketing. Many brands fought to carry out enticing digital marketing campaigns on social media to engage their supporters and to promote their brand.

Read below and learn how brands inject the festive spirit into their digital marketing campaign in this national day.


Panasonic Singapore celebrated national day in a fresh and exciting way on social media. In collaboration with a social media agency in Singapore, IH Digital, an interesting national day GIF was created for their Facebook page. The GIF created was not just any ordinary GIF, it was made into a puzzle and the order was jumble up with a hidden message behind it. This unusual way of social media marketing is able to arouse the audiences’ curiosity and capture their attention readily. Audience would have to unravel the puzzle, figure out the hidden message, take a screenshot, write a birthday message for Singapore and share it. This new content marketing strategy is interactive and engaging; it is able to bring forth the fun element and excites the audience.


Filial Piety


To celebrate the nation’s birthday, Filial Piety Singapore gave out $30 worth of Westgate dinning vouchers to 10 lucky winners. Filial Piety engaged their supporters through an interactive GIF and Facebook contest. An appealing GIF was created for their national day Facebook contest. To take part, all supporters would just have to simply watch the GIF, count the number of firework that lighted up Singapore Skyline and share how they are going to spend this holiday with their family on the Facebook post. Just by doing so, supporters would stand a chance of winning the food vouchers. This way of social media marketing is able to engage supporters effectively and to promote the brand.


IH Digital

IH Digital, a social media agency in Singapore designed a National Day GIF on their Facebook page to greet their audience. The heart-warming message embraces and greets their audience. This social media marketing method welcomes supporters and boosts their brand name.


Advantages of using GIF in Social Media Marketing

  1. Fast loading time

GIFs have relatively small working file sizes compare to other file formats. This means when you upload a GIF file on your page, it can be loaded quickly in good quality. It enables users to surf your page at ease.

  1. Convey message better

GIFs are usually eye-catching and it stands out from the rest. By using GIFs, your brand message can be better expressed as GIF shows movement and emotions that a normal image cannot show. The appealing animation of the GIFs can attract a large audience size for your brand. It can also be made interactive to engage your supporters further.

If you are interested in creating a new, refreshing and engaging digital campaign for your brand, IH Digital, a trusted social media agency in Singapore is able to help you out! Whether it is GIFs, motion graphic or social media marketing, IH Digital is able to cater to your business needs. Inquire with us today to find out more here!