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How Brands Hit a Home Run: A Socia Media Agency in Singapore Feature


If you want your business to engage in a new way of connecting to your customers, WeChat is the perfect platform to test your ideas. Not only can it reach out to people in a wide scale, it can also connect with people in a very intimate manner. IH Digital, a social media agency in Singapore can help you with WeChat marketing and video marketing in China.

IH Digital, a social media agency in Singapore can help you with WeChat marketing in China.

Through WeChat’s unique features that many Chinese users love, we can help you understand how we can utilize these tools to your brand’s success. One of the most popular features that users enjoy on WeChat is QR Code. This allows online and offline worlds to merge through an amazing mixture of online and offline marketing strategies. And there are a lot more ways to try for your online marketing and digital marketing plans. Let’s look at the popular brands that managed to hold well-received campaigns.


Through huge events that promote the brand’s powerful message, backed by a variety of international and local celebrities, Louis Vuitton Series 2 succeeded in raising brand awareness among consumers and ultimately propelling their already established standing among the inundated industry of luxury brands. The successful social media strategy promoted WeChat sharing on people’s social networks and amplified people’s knowledge of their new products, while creating a different kind of virtual experience – this only leads to more people visiting their live event in Beijing.


Now we see here another good example of employing a simple yet powerful marketing communications tool, QR Codes! Consumers and other users were reached by the brand with content marketing tactics to entice them in seeing the exhibition rather than looking at updates online. They also serve visitors a special treat through games. This allowed people to scan different codes and let them answer a variety of questions while being completely immersed in the exhibition.


The brand continues to gain positive recognition throughout China, since launching its WeChat campaign in October 2014. Our social media agency in Singapore managed The Shilla Duty Free Singapore’s WeChat account and made use of WeChat’s features and video marketing to increase the brand’s number of followers. The user categorization enabled the brand to segment and personalize their campaigns towards men and women. WeChat also allowed the launching special offers that were remarkable in engaging the brand’s followers.

Our social media agency in Singapore, IH Digital Singapore, will steer your business’ resources and employ the appropriate mechanisms to propel your brand in the massive Chinese market. Learn more on how we can help your brand and use WeChat and video marketing as tools for social media for business. Contact us here.