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SEO Trends of 2018 That You Need To Know

IH Digital_SEO Trends 2018

Another year with the ever-changing nature of SEO, new ranking factors and SEO trends are brought to light with the search engines’ new improvements. Stay on top of the game! Here are the top SEO trends of 2018 to get you geared up in your digital marketing initiatives.

1. Voice Search

This year is no different from the previous one, voice search is still considered to be a big factor in ranking your website in internet searches. With that, making use of a more conversational tone for answering daily queries is a way to go to give your website a boost in rankings. Voice search is one of the mainstream SEO trends this year since we are approaching an era of assistant devices.

2. Mobile-friendliness

Of course, the immense growth of voice-activated searches goes hand in hand with the growing usage of mobile devices. And as the use of smartphones for everyday inquiries continues to dominate web browsing, it is a no-brainer that having a mobile-friendly website is another factor in determining ranking. Also, faster and mobile-responsive websites are proven to be ranking higher in search results.

3. Site Speed

Slow websites are so last year as users need results fast. But don’t fret! SEO Tools like Google PageSpeed Tools has you covered. Faster website speeds have always been a big component in the ranking factor, but it seems to be given more importance now in 2018 since Google has officially announced that website response should be within 3 seconds in order to score higher ranks in search results.

4. Link-less Backlinks

While links served as a ranking signal, most SEO consultants believe that search engines can distinguish link-less mentions of brands and has a great impact in ranking high in search results. Moreover, this trend was confirmed to be used in Bing and some experts say that Google may have been using it too.

5. Relevance of Content

You can never go wrong with prioritizing your content, which is an essential ranking factor and is a great strategy for content marketing. This 2018, it is pivotal for search engines that your content has relevance to the requested searches. Google, for example, uses Latent Semantic Indexing to determine if the content of your website is “comprehensive”.

6. Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) Features

Getting the top rank in the search results in SEO ranking isn’t a guarantee to gain you more online traffic. Now, SERP features give you greater chances to ‘steal’ visitors’ attention and will be a massive advantage to businesses’ online marketing plans.

7. Continuously Personalizing SERP

Now, search engines are utilizing SERPs to be more personal based on the user’s online activities. SERPs are personalized to the user’s interest and search history. Also, SERPs will give more opportunities for websites that have been visited by the user to appear in the user’s search results in the future.

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