Search Engine Optimisation for Medical / Healthcare Sector

Search Engine Optimisation For Medical Healthcare Sector

Be There When Your Customers Search for Your Products and Services.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the most effective medical marketing methods to increase website traffic, enquires, leads generation and patients.  We provide end-to-end Google SEO marketing for medical marketing support for clients in English, Bahasa, Thai, Chinese & Vietnamese languages.

Our healthcare & medical sector team specialise in Google SEO, SEM, Business profile (Map), medical content writing, and Social ads. Working with more than 20 hospitals across South-East Asia, our content writers are familiar with Healthcare (HCSA) guidelines and delivering results for clients’ campaigns.

IH Digital is a Google Partner since 2012 & API certified for both Google & Meta. We are certified in Google Search, Ads, Analytics, SEM Rush and Yoast SEO (WordPress Plugin).

Our medical SEO and related services include:

       Website Development and Google SEO in Asian Languages

       Medical Content Creation

       Google Business Profile / Google Maps

       Google SEM and Display Ads

       Social Ads – Meta Ads and YouTube

       Weibo Marketing

What is Search Engine Optimisation and Why Do You Need It?

SEO is a type of marketing to aims to make your website easier for audiences to find when they do search online for products and services that you or your competitors offer. It includes, amongst others measures: 

  • Fixing website technical issues that negatively impacts Google ranking of the website,
  • Discovering keywords that your customers use when searching online, and 
  • Putting up keyword-optimised, quality content that your customers find useful.

Medical products and services are high-involvement purchases for customers. Thus, they will spend much time researching online to get the relevant information that they need. By scoring better in Google’s search algorithms, your website will appear higher in search engine result pages. This enhances its visibility and increases traffic to your website. 

Paid social media and Google ads are useful supplements to SEO in medical marketing and can get immediate results. However,  these generate results only when campaigns are actively running. Conversely, SEO is “always-on”. Optimising your website for search results will take a longer time, but it can also deliver better results more consistently. This is because leads generated through organic search tend to convert at a higher rate.

Want to Gain an Edge vs Your Competition in “Always-on” Online Presence?

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