SEO Copywriting: Localizing your content for international markets


For businesses that are thinking of expanding and would want to take advantage of opportunities in foreign markets, they must ensure all their content, especially online, is easily recognized and understood. In SEO copywriting however, it’s not as simple as translating your content to local language. It also entails understanding not only the market’s cultural traditions, but also their unique online journey as well.

Here are 3 ways to ensure your SEO copywriting is optimized for international markets:

  • Tailor your message to fit your audience

Every market has different culture. Even if that’s the case, your key message should stay consistent. To be able to launch a successful digital marketing campaign, businesses should understand that creating local messages will not be as effective, if its core message is not the same. A great example of this is McDonald’s slogan “I’m loving it” and tailoring it to fit any market considering they are present in more than 100 countries.

  • Adapt the tone and culture of your market

Translating your content to a local language is not that easy. To truly get your message across, one must understand it and how it will be perceived by the local market once it is translated. Ever heard of “lost in translation”?

Find a local expert who can tailor your content to local cultural standards. What better way to talk to the locals by speaking and writing like a local.

  • Optimize your website

An important part of a customer’s online journey is their website experience. 70% of the world doesn’t speak English, but only 43% of websites offer localized content and features on their site. With the right digital marketing strategy, this significant number of international traffic could translate to a number of potential customers.

Take Costa Asia for example.

Costa Asia, one of one of Asia’s premier travel cruise lines, embraced the need for mobile optimization by re-designing their website compatible to fit any device. Along with the adaptive interface, Costa Asia localized their English content to both traditional and simplified Chinese to better reach their Asian market.

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Why is localization important?

Tailoring your message will make your digital marketing more relevant and relatable to your target market. By customizing your SEO copywriting, not only do you increase your campaign’s effectiveness, it gives a sense of personal and unique experience for each of your audience.

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