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Our SEO Company’s Services for Your Video Marketing Success


Video’s rapid pace in its advancement to become the top choice of digital marketing medium for brands is evident in recent years. Trends show how video marketing is taking over social media and search engine results with the large growth of video content consumption. Video statistics provided by Cisco showed that video will constitute 80% of consumer traffic all over the web in the next few years. The buzz has every business market their brands using video. It’s not just a matter of amazing content marketing but also with a proper implementation of video marketing and SEO.

Make your videos sharable throughout the internet using our SEO company services.


Did you know that videos are more likely to rank on Google’s search results than text driven content? This is an utmost importance in SEO marketing especially if you are launching a campaign that heavily relies on video marketing. Google prioritises video in search, specifically quality content than keyword optimisation. If you want your videos to land on the first page of Google’s search results, bear in mind of following the best practices from our SEO company. First, keep your videos short to avoid creating a stale atmosphere with the audience. Second, create rich snippets because it tends to have a higher click through rate than any other organic search results. Add transcripts along your videos to further push it into the top of search results. It will help in supplying information in search engines so they know what kind of content is in your videos.


With video’s popularity across digital channels and social media platforms, it has evidently turned to the most powerful call-to-action in marketing. Your videos may be powerful in search with a likely huge traffic to your YouTube pages but never forget the bigger rewards when you direct users to your sites. This will give SEO for video marketing a huge success when leads result into more conversions in your site.


Once everything is in place, make your videos sharable throughout the internet. With our SEO company, we can show that videos are powerful information and entertainment tool that does not create disconnection from the audience’s content consumption. It offers new things to the audience that text can’t normally present in a limited space. On the other hand, video can show the equal sum of content in just a short amount of time. Create high quality video with rich content, embed it on your site and build links so that your audience will share it to their social networks!

The best video marketing practices of our social media agency in Singapore can drastically improve your site’s SEO and campaigns. IH Digital Singapore’s team of digital marketers is experienced in creating and managing our SEO company’s integrated marketing campaigns, accompanied with our social media marketing and video marketing services. Learn more about how we can use video for SEO and launch your site’s ranking on the search result’s first page. Drop your queries here.