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Schneider Electric Improves B2B Marketing with WeChat App

Schneider Electric Improves B2B Marketing with WeChat App

Malaysian Household Brand Uses a WeChat App to Enhance B2B Marketing

With brand trust being one of the key factors in advertising and marketing, how can a global specialist in energy and automation maintain its camaraderie with its business partners? For Schneider Electric, their answer was WeChat, a popular messenger app where businesses can set up an app to better manage B2B communications. 

Seeing Malaysia’s top ranking with the highest social media penetration ranking in the world, the Tencent-owned application WeChat began its global expansion in the country not long ago. This opened a number of opportunities for local businesses to thrive in the digital world, particularly for household brands like Schneider Electric. In their case, they took advantage of this opportunity to enhance the way they deal with their business partners.

As the competition gets tighter in the industry, businesses prefer transparency, reachability, and accessibility which appeals to today’s consumers. This is why Schneider Electric Malaysia, a Fortune Global 500 company, devised a strategy where brands, consumers, and dealers can easily monitor, manage, and automate their operations through a WeChat app. 

Schneider launched a WeChat app to promote seamless B2B marketing experience.

By delving into the world of WeChat, Schneider Electric provides easy access to the following areas using the popular messenger app:

  • Product Catalogue
  • Campaigns
  • Partner’s Program
  • Monthly Sales Figure
  • Hotline

With these being said, dealers and end users alike can seamlessly monitor their progress within a single app.

The household brand developed a WeChat App for its B2B Marketing efforts.

With the help of WeChat, Schneider Electric’s business partners and clients can effortlessly register by following these steps:

  1. Tap the Account button from the menu bar.
  2. Tap on the auto message. This will lead you to the exclusive Schneider Electric program for registered users.
  3. Check your registered email* to receive your 6-digit temporary password.
  4. Fill in the username box with the email used during the registration.
  5. Fill in with the 6-digit temporary password then change it to your preferred password.
  6. Choose your preferred language and continue.

After working your way through these steps, you can now access the landing page where the campaign page, product catalogue and the likes are available.

The household brand also made sure to include benefits through Bonuslink which users can enjoy. Bonuslink acts as a card for rebates and discounts and rewards you with points whenever you use the app.

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