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Notice: Do Not Entertain Unscrupulous Individuals Using IH Digital’s Name

Notice: Do Not Entertain Unscrupulous Individuals Using IH Digital's Name

It has come to the attention of IH Digital and the entire Digital 38 group that unscrupulous individuals are using our company name in what seemed to be fraudulent activities. 

We would like to inform the public that IH Digital has no office in Batam, Indonesia. Furthermore, we do not pay commissions to individuals who have purchased products of our clients, and that we have not authorized anyone to do such recruitment.

We do not recruit individuals for commissions, and we do not ask prospect employees to pay during the hiring process. In addition, we only entertain applications through our official website,

This is not the first time the Company’s name was dragged into unauthorized and suspicious activities online.

We have previously issued notices and alerts related to these scammers. You can read them by clicking the links below. 

With this recent development, we urged everyone to be circumspect on any individuals pretending or carrying the IH Digital name. 

If you have experienced or encountered these similar activities, we highly recommend you to report it to your authorities. You may also leave us a message through this link.