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Retargeting Ads: Converting “Almost-Customers” Into Buyers

Retargeting Ads

Ever encountered “almost-customers” for your business, whether through abandoned carts or unfinished form fills? Win or bring these customers back with retargeting ads.

Let’s understand the basics of how retargeting ads work to help you convert “almost-customers” into buyers.

What are Retargeting Ads?

Retargeting is an online advertising strategy of targeting ads towards people who visited your website or social media page but left without performing a specific conversion objective (e.g. purchase or sign up) depending on your business goals.

How do Retargeting Ads Work?

How Retargeting Ads Work

When people visit your website and leave, they will still see retargeting ads related to your products or services while browsing other sites or on social media. This is a way to remind them about your products, offers, and attract them back to your site and finally take a conversion action.

There are two types of retargeting: pixel-based and list-based.


Any previous website visitor will be targeted with the help of a piece of code (or known as a pixel) placed on the visitor’s browser. When the visitor browses other sites, a specific ad will be re-displayed based on the visitor’s website behaviour. For example, if a visitor was on your website looking for bags and clicked specific products without purchasing any, then one of your retargeting ads could show up when the visitor goes on other sites to remind him about the product he looked at on your website.


There is existing customer information listed in your database. With list-based retargeting, you can control, include or remove how many or whichever leads are you wish to show retargeting ads. This type of retargeting is not automatic and needs a little more effort in terms of maintaining the list.

Now that we’ve covered the basic understanding of how retargeting ads work, the next question now is what’s in it for your business?

Why do you need Retargeting Ads?

Drive Conversions

Retargeting ads remind someone who engaged with your brand to go back and finish their customer journey. These ads will show up whether they’re on different social platforms, listening to music or reading articles, and move them through the conversion funnel. With retargeting, you can control how you strategize to lead them into conversion. You can segment your visitors and tailor retargeting ads for each group. You may also leverage a specific call-to-action strategy or offer promos. You have the chance to turn it around and convert non-buyers into buyers.

With retargeting, you can also increase sales by cross-selling or up-selling to in-market audiences. 

Improve Customer Relationship or Build Loyalty

You may also simply re-engage these previous visitors to keep strengthening your brand’s relationship with customers.

Get Started with Retargeting Ads with IH Digital

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