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Infographic Video: PUB’s Content Strategy to Educate Public on the Causes of Brownish Water

Brownish Water Infographic Video

To ensure Singapore’s water supply stability, PUB Singapore is actively educating people concerning water quality through educational infographic video.

Infographic video is a popular marketing tool used by businesses to inform their customers about anything from how to’s to product showcases. They are a more effective and interesting way to make difficult and lengthy text-based information easier for customers to understand. Hence, there is no surprise that PUB Singapore included infographic video in its content strategy.

PUB SG Released Brownish Water Infographic Video on Social Media

With support from IH Digital, PUB Singapore released an infographic video on Facebook and YouTube to educate the public about the causes of brownish tap water. The animated video enables PUB’s to deliver complex information in a clear, quick and easy-to-understand format.

By informing the public about the problem of brownish water, it offers PUB the opportunity to position itself as the solution and promote themselves seamlessly. At the end of the video, it demonstrates a direct prompt to call PUB’s hotline to drive conversion.

Infographic video explaining why tap water can appear brownish at times.

Infographic video is not only effective for educating, it can be used for several purposes. You can use infographics to create timelines explain how-tos, introduce a product or service, display a list, brief history of a topic and more.

What Do You Need To Make An Infographic Video?

1. Strategic Research & Planning

If you want to make an infographic video as an effective marketing tool, careful planning and research into consumer needs are necessary. You should provide information that resonates with your audience, know how best to present it to them and ultimately prompt them into action.

We can help you create a strategic content plan to ensure that your video aligns with your marketing goals and engages your intended audience.

2. Professional Team to Execute the Plan Efficiently

Once your content plan is developed, you need a professional content team to execute the plan. There’s a lot of design talent that has to be leveraged, from scriptwriters to animators.

We have the resources for video production and know-how to help you create engaging video content, freeing your time and allowing you to concentrate on other important matters. 

3. Digital Marketing Services to Maximize the Impact of Your Videos

So, your video content is ready and it’s time to get the maximum impact out of it. Unlike simpler content types, which you might simply share with your social media followers, a video infographic requires a comprehensive promotional strategy.

We’ve helped brands run video ad campaigns across digital platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Google and more. To get the most from your adverts you must be clever with your targeting, use the right form of ad placement, and balance your campaign budget based on what you’re looking to achieve. We have a specialised media planning and buying team to support you in the campaign. 

Get Started with High Performing & Engaging Video Content

You may think infographic video content production is rather simple, but it’s not. It requires a lot of planning, resources and marketing, so let us help you simplify that. 

Start building higher-performing, more engaging content today, drop us a message!

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