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Animated Video: PUB Singapore’s Content Strategy For “Count with Water Wally” Contests

PUB’s Creative Content Marketing Example That Can Inspire Your Next CampaignScreenshot of Count with Water Wally’s Contest Video

Content marketing is an essential element of any marketing activities. From brand awareness to engagement, there are many goals a brand can achieve through content marketing.

There is so much online content competing for consumers’ attention, but videos are much more powerful in capturing eyeballs. To make sure that your campaign delivers results, it’s important that you create content that is fun, interesting and worthy enough for people to engage with. An animated video, for instance, is often used to take brand awareness up a notch, as well as to fuel audience engagement.

Here’s a great content marketing example that can inspire you.

PUB Released Animated Video For Count with Water Wally” Contests

To increase the awareness about the value of water among Singaporeans, it is significant to hold their interest in the topic. As such, PUB Singapore launched “Count with Water Wally” Facebook contests as part of its content marketing strategy to bring across the organisational message in a fun and engaging manner.

With support from IH Digital, they published a series of animations for the contests. The animated videos offered an opportunity for PUB to entice its audience to watch the animations attentively and to keep their followers engaged.

In the campaigns, participants will simply have to subscribe to the channel, count the indicated objects in the animations and submit their answers in the comment section. Participants are then given the chance to win vouchers or Water Wally merchandise.

A Collection of PUB’s “Count with Water Wally” Contests

1. Contest to remind people to practise good water-saving habits in daily life

2. Christmas contest to encourage people to wash on a full load

3. New Year’s Eve contest

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